Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Tribune - Explain This Please

So we're paging through the Tribune website yesterday and came across the article about a recent payout to people (or folks) who admitted to shooting a gun off the back porch on New Years Eve. We aren't going to go over the case, but for some reason the comment section was wide open (to paying subscribers) and a dozen or more people had taken advantage of it.

We also read the latest about Freezer-girl. And we noticed that the comment sections were closed.

The Tribune helpfully linked to other articles about Freezer-girl as part of their "gin-up-the-outrage" tour and guess what we found? Not a single article - out of six or seven posted on a near-daily basis for a week now - had the comment section open.


Why is that? We're just curious. We know that reporters are, by and large, liberal types. And they slant their coverage the way they wish it to go. And many of our readers have noted over the years that any article that can paint the police in a bad light has open comments while anything that might disrupt the perennial victim narrative never seems to have comments enabled. But this one really takes the cake.

Would they care to admit why?

UPDATE: The Tribune published an article just five hours ago and guess what? The comments are open for the first time! The headline?
  • Kenneka Jenkins case highlights mistrust of police
Seriously. As if the police had anything to do with a drunken teenager renting a room with a stolen credit card, plying her with liquor, X and who knows what else, made her stagger off away from her "friends," who then obstruct the police who were looking for her. What a bunch of assholes.


Is Crime Up or Down?

  • The city of Chicago is on pace to surpass 800 carjacking incidents this year — more than double the number in 2014 and 2015 combined.

    “It’s brutal out here,” one Chicago police official tells CBS 2.

    2 Investigator [...] interviewed recent carjacking victims. One of them, Ian Collins, recalls being pistol-whipped after leaving a River North bar.

    He eventually recovered his car but, without health insurance, he is struggling to pay his more than $12,000 in medical bills.

    He’s not the only victim dealing with the aftermath.

    Citywide, the number of carjacking incidents has soared. There were around 300 in 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2016, the number jumped to 663.

    Now, in 2017, there has been another big increase. There were 550 through the first eight months of the year, putting the city on pace to exceed 800, according to Chicago police data.
It's almost like there's something.....some policy or whatnot, that has emboldened the thieves that prey upon the car driving public. 
  • Cops chase? No worries - just keep driving. They'll stop.
  • Still chasing? No worries - just sideswipe some innocent party. They're required to stop.
  • You actually get caught? No worries - Kim Foxxx will only approve the misdemeanor.
  • You caught an actual felony? Naughty car thief! But still, no worries - Tim Evans has gotten rid of all bonds.
  • You get transferred to Cook County Jail? Still no worries - Dart doesn't want you there. I-Bond and Electronic Monitoring.
If you want to see an increase in bad behavior, reward it. And remember, as soon as they fix the Chicago Police, everything will be grand!

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Retiree Update

From an e-mail for some readers who were asking about it via the Krislov lawsuit:
  • Judge Cohen was furious with the City’s claim that it will take about 19 weeks for each year 2014, 2015 and 2016 to complete each audit, and that one cannot be started until the preceding year is completed. He chewed the city out for its slow reconciliation;

    rejected the city’s submission that it will take 19 weeks for each year , one after the other, (i.e., more than a year to complete 2014-2016) to get the audit and reconciliation done for each year;

    and was bothered as well by the Funds’ lack of concrete responses about the plans for 2018.

    He ordered everyone back on 9/26 at 10:00AM, to report on both, or he will order a full hearing on the city’s actions. We’ll see. He also ordered the Funds (although not the City) to copy us with all communications sent to participants regarding retiree healthcare. You can let us know if you receive anything from any of them, including the City.

    The main focus is still on our pending petition with the Illinois Supreme Court, which we filed on September 7. So the City and Funds’ responses should be due September 28. We’ll likely want to reply; we’ll keep you posted.

    We continue to believe that the most compelling group of you are the class 3a people whose City work did not qualify them for medicare coverage, and we are considering taking another shot at asking for an injunction against the City or Funds adversely changing the existing plan during the litigation. This popped up because the Municipal and Laborers Funds’ attorneys said that their funds were not required to provide coverage, municipal was especially noncommittal. I reminded Judge Cohen about his declaring that it is the funds’ who have primary obligation to provide healthcare coverage to annuitants, and they appear to be disavowing any such obligation. We may file something on this before the 26th. Those of you who are in the class 3a and don’t qualify for medicare might want to show up for the September 26 hearing.
Hope this answers some of the questions. We don't have the answers and the only real answers are going to come from the lawyers, so drop them a line at


Welcome Home Eddie!

  • Former Chicago police Sgt. Eddie Hicks was arrested in Detroit Tuesday morning, nearly 15 years after he fled on the eve of trial on federal drug conspiracy charges.

    Hicks, 68, has been the subject of an international manhunt since 2003, according to the FBI. He appeared in federal court in Detroit on Tuesday and was ordered held until he can be brought to Chicago to face the charges.

    A 29-year veteran of the police force, Hicks was charged in Chicago in 2001 with running a crew of rogue officers who robbed drug dealers, pocketed the illicit cash and sold the stolen drugs to other pushers. Hicks fled the country on the eve of his trial in 2003. At the time, authorities said he was presumed to have traveled to Brazil.
Better start naming names there Eddie. Who you were kicking up to, who was covering for you and who got word to you to leave town. Either way, you're probably going to prison for the rest of your life.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

This Moron Again?

This appeared on 016 District PDT's not too long ago (click for larger versions):

ISR's again? Fine, whoop-de-doo. But a month later, this crossed a line (we've blacked out the names):

That's fifteen names broadcast to co-workers (and archived to FOIA-able databases) to what end? Oh yeah, to attempt to embarrass and humiliate - the mark of a true tool of a supervisor. And it appears to skirt the boundaries of State law, specifically 65 ILCS 5/11-1-12:
  • A municipality may not, for purposes of evaluating a police officer's job performance, compare the number of citations issued by the police officer to the number of citations issued by any other police officer who has similar job duties. [emphasis added]
So if someone would like to bring this to the attention of Lt. Kohnen, 016th District so as not to jeopardize his career options, he'd might appreciate the heads up. The Acting Superintendent might want to re-send that "No Quotas" AdMin Fax message again.


New Blog - Bucktown Crime Data

There's a new blog on the horizon, Bucktown Crime Data.

The author has been a correspondent of ours for a while now, and is the person behind a lot of the graphs and spreadsheets we post occasionally. He's branching out. And while his blog may concentrate on the Bucktown area (014), we're hoping that he'll continue with the number crunching and statistical analysis that allows everyone to spot the trends Rahm pretends aren't existing.

The link is on the right hand side, right under Good luck to you.


Nepotism Alive and Well

  • Could the daughter of one Democratic political powerhouse replace another as Illinois attorney general?

    It’ll happen if the City Council’s elder statesman has his way.

    Cook County Democratic Chairman Joe Berrios said he got a courtesy call over the weekend from Ald. Edward Burke (14th) to let him know that Burke’s daughter would be circulating nominating petitions to run for attorney general.

    Berrios initially identified the daughter as Jennifer Burke. Neither Jennifer Burke nor her father could be reached for comment. They work together at the law firm of Klafter and Burke.
Burle must have seen what a great job Lisa did covering up and failing to investigate all of her dad's crimes, so Burke decided he's gotta get a piece of that covering up his assorted legal missteps as outlined in Cooley's book "When Corruption Was King."


That Didn't Take Long

  • Police in Rosemont on Monday said the investigation into the death of Kenneka Jenkins, the teenager who was found dead in a hotel walk-in freezer Sept. 10, would remain in their hands despite requests from activists that an outside agency become involved.

    A statement from Police Chief Donald E. Stephens III released Monday night said, “this investigation has been and remains the utmost priority for us.”
Given that the former mayor, current police chief and convention center all share the same name, not to mention all of the Outfit characters running around, having the feds come in was certainly not in the cards. But it's still the right call.


Monday, September 18, 2017

Bad Idea Moves Forward

  • Chief Cook County Judge Timothy Evans on Friday announced he is replacing the half-dozen judges who preside over bond hearings at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse–a sweeping change and the latest move to reform the cash bond system that critics say leaves poor and minority defendants locked up on low-level charges.

    The move by Evans comes two months after he issued an order, which takes effect Monday, that bond court judges are required to set bail in amounts defendants can afford to pay.

    “As we continue our efforts to enhance the pretrial process in Cook County, this new division will play an important role in upholding the court’s focus on justice and fairness,” Evans said in a statement emailed to reporters Friday.
What about the fairness to crime victims?

Bond is supposed to be an inconvenience - you show up at each and every court date OR you lose the money, securities, property used to secure your appearance. It isn't what you can afford - it's what the Court feels is necessary (via pain of forfeiture) to force compliance.

Any "reporters" asking how many people are currently on Electronic Monitoring that Dart can't find? Here's a hint - well over 500 and closing on 1,000.

Any "reporters" asking how many people are currently let to bond for what used to be known as "forcible felonies"? The number is "many thousands."

And are there any "reporters" asking how many warrants are currently in the Cook County system for persons who decided to sleep in and miss court? We'll give you another hint - begin at 10,000 serviceable warrants and start guessing north of that number.

But hey, let's just start asking criminals, who are as honest as any Cook County politician, how much they can "afford" and let's see how high those numbers can go.....along with the crime rate.

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Rahm has all his media pets pushing for Amazon to locate their new "HQ2" here in the Windy City. The Sun Times actually ran an editorial that we laughed at.
  • Chicago is Jeff Bezos’ kind of town, though he may not yet know it.

    Our city was founded on a swamp by entrepreneurs every bit as audacious as Bezos, the founder of It was built by people of every color and background who worked hard, smart and long. It looks back for inspiration, in the same way Bezos looks back to Thomas Edison and Walt Disney, but leans into the future.
Really? Because the "other" narrative is that Chicago is a racist town, built on the back of exploited minorities, who still can't get a fair shake. At least, if you read Mope-rah, Dope-rah and all the assorted grievance-mongers on a daily basis.
  • If Bezos chooses Chicago for Amazon’s second headquarters, known as “HQ2,” the company will need to do no more than live by its own corporate values — and both it and the city will thrive. Amazon represents the next chapter in the kind of quintessentially American disruptive innovation that has been Chicago’s whole story. Amazon, a company taking on the world, would find an ideal home in Chicago, a commercial hub for the world.
Someone is about to say "Chicago values" and we're going to have to slap them in the head.
  • Amazon requires a quick commute to an international airport. Obviously, Chicago’s got that.

    Amazon requires close proximity to major highways, and Chicago’s got that.

    Amazon requires 8 million square feet of space, [...]

    Amazon requires a “highly educated labor pool” and a “strong university system,” and Chicago is powerfully strong on both counts.
Um, yeah. The airport leads the nation in delays most years. The major highways are potholed disasters that exist only to be repaired on a rotating basis. 8 million feet of office space is available because companies are leaving. CPS graduation rates keep rising only because of CompStat type accounting numbers and something like 75% of "graduates" can't read at their grade level. The numbers point to a massive failure of leadership, infrastructure and corruption.
  • Amazon also is looking for a “stable and business-friendly climate.”

    Yeah, that one gave us pause.
It should give everyone pause - especially a company looking to make money.
  • Then, of course, there is the crucial question of the quality of life, which frankly is Chicago’s ace card. If it is Amazon’s aim, as the company’s request for proposals says, to set up shop in “a community where our employees will enjoy living,” Chicago is hard to beat. We are a proudly multicultural city of great diversity and tolerance, and rich in culture both high and low, from festivals to theater to professional sports to museums to the symphony to art galleries to bike rides along the city’s stunning lakefront.

    Quality of life? We hardly know where to start. We’ll have to write more on that later.
Meaning, "Pay no attention to those pesky 500-to-700 murders every year for the past three or four decades (minus one year). Those wilding teens knocking over little old ladies on the north side? Not an issue! The others riding the Red Line up from the south side to beat up the alternative lifestyle folks in and around Wrigleyville? We call those folks the "Rahmish" after our lovely mayor. And four people slaughtered by rifle fire? It's "cultural!"

Would it be nice to have a big company like Amazon here with the potential tens of thousands of jobs? Sure. But let's not pretend that their corporate and legal teams are looking at exactly these types of issues. Amazon might be better off west of O'Hare where land is cheaper, taxes are lower and Chicago is an exciting place held at arm's length.


St Louis Riots

  • Following the acquittal of former police officer Jason Stockley for the shooting for Anthony Smith, St. Louis officials spoke out about the verdict, and appear to be promoting civil unrest or worse.

    “I want you to prepare and brace yourself for what’s about to come,” an activist said at a press conference after the verdict. “We’ve said it before. When we don’t get justice, we will get peace. Prepare yourselves.”

    St. Louis Alderman John Collins-Muhammad then got up to speak.

    “Until Black people in this city get justice. Until we get a seat at the table. There will be no peace in this city,” he said. “Everywhere you look, black people are being shot down by police, cops get off, get a pay raise, and nothing happens.”

    “We want justice today. We want justice for every black man, every black woman that has died at the hands of police, that has died at the hands of a racist white privilege system and institution set up for the black man and black woman to fail. No more of that! That will change, right here today!”

    “JUSTICE OR ELSE,” Alderman Collins-Muhammad screamed as he finished.
Really? Because everywhere we look, black people are being killed by.....other black people. And not by a little ratio either - something on the order of 50-to-1 in most places. And of that minuscule percentage, something like 99% of the deceased were shooting, stabbing or otherwise attacking police.

It isn't just judges finding Officers have acted within the scope of their authority, granted by law. It's juries, too. Also, outside agencies including the actual Department of Justice.

Here's a strange thought - even though we and officers across the nation complain about the quality and quantity of training received by those in our profession (the result of ruthless budget cuts by know-nothing politicians), maybe, just maybe, Officers as a whole, know far more about what the law says and what the law allows than some two-bit pandering, asshole politicians and uneducated activist might think they know? Maybe Officers are ::OMG:: getting it correct 999 times out of 1,000?

And while Officers strive (and continue to strive) to get to that impossible perfect score of 1,000 out of 1,000, the "community" throws its support and faux "outrage" behind:
  • a heroin dealer in St. Louis, 
  • a strong armed robber in Ferguson,
  • a over-weight cardiac-challenged "loosie" salesman in New York, 
  • a multiple convicted felon with a knife in Baltimore,
  • a knife-wielding property-damaging, high-as-a-kite lunatic in Chicago,
  • a suicidal woman in Texas with a Court ordered warrant whose own family couldn't be bothered to come up with a measly $500
Is anyone else as tired of this as so many regular people are?

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    500....and Counting

    The four-bagger this Friday evening pushed Chicago over the 500 mark for the ....well, probably like 80th year in a row or something. HeyJackass has the totals at 506 although the Department is hiding a few, insisting it's "only" 496.

    Has Rahm even had a year with less than 500 homicides?

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    Sunday, September 17, 2017

    Investigate What?

    The "cult of victimhood" and "blame anyone but me!" circus is in full swing, and we can only thank the media for shining a spotlight on it so everyone can see it in all its twisted glory:
    • A memorial to honor the life of a West Side teenager found dead in the walk-in freezer at a suburban hotel turned into a protest march and a plea for federal authorities to take over the investigation.

      About 100 people, led by the mother of Kenneka Jenkins, 19, who was found dead last Sunday inside the freezer at the Crowne Plaza O'Hare & Conference Center in Rosemont, gathered Saturday in Douglas Park.

      From the park, about 30 people snarled eastbound traffic on Roosevelt Road as they marched east to the FBI's Chicago field office on a sunny afternoon. Through chants, group members said they were dissatisfied with hotel videos released by Rosemont police on Friday.

      Activists threatened 30 days of protests outside the Crowne Plaza hotel if they weren't given the "full" version of the tape, saying they had only seen small, possibly doctored versions.

      "We're here at the FBI building asking for a second look," activist Mark Carter told reporters among a crowd of supporters at the front gate of the FBI office on the Near West Side.
    First of all, death investigations aren't wrapped up in 48 minutes (with 12 minutes of commercials.) Toxicology reports take weeks at times, video has to be located, viewed, archived, witnesses have to be interviewed (many of whom are NOT cooperating with Rosemont police for some odd reason). Then there's the mystery of who rented the hotel room, who bought the liquor (and maybe drugs) that may have been ingested by underage individuals.

    So what is the FBI going to investigate? Everything known at the moment points to an accidental death driven by all sorts of bad life choices. There are no Civil Rights issues, nothing like a Mann Act violation, no kidnapping. There isn't even a hint that Rosemont is doing anything except conducting a death investigation under their rules, policies and the law. Hell, Andrew Holmes went on TV and told everyone exactly what he viewed on the video to the dismay of the family attorney.

    Occam's razor is a philosophic principle that states in part that if there are two explanations, the simpler one is usually the correct one. But not in the "blame anyone but me!" school of thought, fed by media attention, YouTube and FacebookLive bullshit.

    Aren't there a crapload of political corruption cases that ought to be investigated locally?


    Interesting Idea

    Not much good coming out of Baltimore lately - except this maybe:
    • Baltimore will consider offering a property tax break to local police and firefighters.

      The Baltimore Sun reported Monday that officials believe the relief would entice more emergency responders to live in the city. It would also help the city financially while fostering more trust between safety officials and the public.

      The tax break would be $2,500 for a public safety employee who owns a home in the city. It would include sheriff's deputies as well as police and firefighters.
    It might - MIGHT - expand the pool of applicants up from the miserable showings of the past ten or fifteen years. It would have to be doubled though.


    Anyone See Divvy's Books?

    • In 2016, the city of Baltimore partnered with Bewegen Technologies to launch North America’s largest electrical-assisted cycling (or pedelec) bike sharing program. The system is located in Baltimore’s metropolitan area with over 25 stations available. Fast forward one-year later, this grand "sharing economy" experiment in America’s most dangerous city has imploded due to what the company's CEO says is a level of theft he has never experienced before.

      As of today, Baltimore officials have suspended all operations of the bike fleet until October 15, 2017. According to the Baltimore Sun, the temporary shutdown is due to “thieves ripping the bicycles out at an unprecedented pace”, said Alain Ayotte, CEO of Bewegen Technologies, the Canadian manufacturer. The manufacturer of the $2.36 million Baltimore Bike Share system said his company has "never experienced the level of theft" that caused officials to announce a temporary shutdown of the program to allow additional locking devices to be installed to the bike docks.
    We're seeing less bikes in docks and more Divvy vans picking up damaged bikes at locking stations. We're also seeing Rahm continue with the Bike Lane spending spree (over $100,000 per mile?) Is Chicago making any sort of money on this? Is any reporter looking into this or are they just waiting by the phone for the next hit piece authored by City Hall?


    Saturday, September 16, 2017

    Quadruple Homicide

    • Four people, including a woman police believe was pregnant, were killed on Friday night in a rifle attack in the Brighton Park neighborhood.

      The shooting happened about 8:40 p.m. in the 4700 block of South Fairfield Avenue, police said. Three males, ages currently unknown, and a woman were inside a vehicle when someone inside a white SUV opened fire on them with a rifle, police said.

      Responding police officers found their bodies inside the vehicle and they were pronounced dead on the scene. Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi said the woman was believed to be pregnant, but police won't know for sure until the autopsy.
    And how prevalent are the rifles in the hood?
    • The Brighton Park neighborhood and the nearby Back of the Yards neighborhood have been the scene of dozens of rifle shootings that have occurred since early 2016.

      In February, the Chicago Tribune reported that gangs in the two neighborhoods were increasingly using rifles styled after AR-15s and AK-47s. At the time, there had been more than 30 shootings believed to have been tied to semi-automatic rifles in the two neighborhoods over the last year.

      At least 46 people were shot in those attacks, 13 fatally.

      The shooting happened near the office of Ald. Raymond Lopez, 15th, who sparked a firestorm this past spring when he said "no innocent lives were lost" after two people were killed and eight others wounded when two masked gunmen with rifles opened fire on a group congregating at a makeshift memorial for a man who had been slain in an earlier shooting.
    People (or folks) don't want to hear that truth Ray. You should know that. You get elected on lies constantly, blaming the police, society, racism, guns. Never ever tell anyone that they're responsible for their lot in life. Look at that fake priest at St Sabina - never anyone's fault except white people, police, racism, police, Trump, white police, economy, police - he's like a two trick pony.


    Where Will Lisa Go?

    After not bringing a single case of political corruption to justice, Lisa Madigan is moving on:
    • Attorney General Lisa Madigan will not seek re-election in 2018, she announced on Friday morning.

      “After serving as Attorney General for over 14 years, today I am announcing that I will not seek reelection,” Madigan said in a statement. "I still have much work to do on many important issues, and I will continue to give my best to the people of Illinois and the Office of Attorney General every day through the end of my term in 2019."
    So after covering for her father for the past 14 years and continuing on for another 2 years yet, what awaits the "qualified only by last name" Attorney General whose biggest accomplishments remain a "dangerous toys lies" released every Christmas shopping season?

    We're betting it's another statewide office or possible judgeship.

    Governor? Mike leaves office and boosts Lisa into a position to cover up the rest of his crimes as he fades slowly into the background?


    Where the Money Goes

    • A Chicago Public Schools principal has been barred from an alternative high school operating in the Cook County Jail following allegations that she falsified student data.

      Sheriff Tom Dart issued the ban Wednesday, saying he agrees with a report by the CPS inspector general that recommended Sharnette Sims be fired. He said starting Thursday, Sims won't be allowed to enter the jail.

      In the report, Nicholas Schuler called York Alternative High School "a credit mill."

      Schuler says York routinely granted attendance and course credit to students who had left the jail or been moved to solitary confinement where they couldn't attend classes. One student who was released from jail and killed a week later was still listed as attending classes.
    Not only do the dead vote in Cook County, they attend CPS classes, costing the taxpayers even more money.

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    Don't Mess with Grandpa

    • An elderly grandfather threw a man off his roof, ending an hours-long standoff in which the agitated suspect jumped from home to home in a southern California neighborhood on Tuesday.

      The suspect was on top of homes in a La Puente neighborhood for hours, refusing commands from deputies and crisis negotiators asking him to come down.

      Capt. Tim Murakami, of the Industry sheriff's station, said the standoff ended when 83-year-old homeowner Wilford Burgess "got tired of his games and pushed him off."
    There's video at the link, which is funny as hell.


    Friday, September 15, 2017

    10% Sustained

    COPA is rolling out and the word on the street is that they are under the gun for a 8-to-10% sustained rate of complaints. This is before they have even been activated as the lead agency. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a quota. And cops are going to pay in suspension time, employment and even jail time.

    The article is a marvel of leftist bullshit:
    • As Chicago's new police oversight agency prepared to begin operations, its chief administrator led a graduation ceremony for some 40 staffers newly trained in investigating alleged misconduct by officers.

      The event last week took on the feel of a pep rally as Sharon Fairley summoned each trainee and gave brief, encouraging descriptions of those who will staff the Civilian Office of Police Accountability when it opens Friday.

      She described one as a "female Sgt. Friday" who seeks "just the facts" while praising employees for their tenacity, inquisitiveness and unwillingness to settle for anything but the truth.

      Those are qualities rarely ascribed to the new agency's predecessor, the Independent Police Review Authority, which was led by Fairley and where some of those same trainees worked. That agency's tenure will end after a decade marked by questionable investigations, long delays and rare attempts at disciplining cops.
    "...the feel of a pep rally..." You mean like before the big game? Because that is exactly what this is to them - a game. And as we stated before, the prize is how many heads they can nail to the wall. And if you read the entire article, you'll see that we were 100% correct - the effort to discredit IPRA is full speed ahead in order to establish instant "credibility." IPRA is castigated time and time again in the article. And as predicted....:
    • The agency has also reopened controversial cases closed before the McDonald scandal, though COPA spokeswoman Mia Sissac could not say how many.
    We'll tell you right now, the SOS scandal is back in play, probably Broken Star in 015, almost anything attached to 025, and a few Englewood scandals, though curiously, nothing in Housing.

    And what's with this leftist crack from the head of a city agency?
    • In an interview with the Tribune at COPA's newly expanded headquarters in West Town, Fairley grew most animated when asked if the disciplinary system victimizes police.

      "Oh, give me a break!" she said.

      "We are at a real crossroads in our city, and they are a member of this community," she said. "Just because we're holding them accountable in a way they haven't experienced before, they're squealing. I can't be sorry for that."
    In this hyper-sensitive political age, any copper making a snarky generalization that has even a hint of a disparaging undertone would be crucified on the 24-7 news cycle. But Fairley is permitted to equate coppers legitimate objections with "squealing?" What else squeals?

    FOP, you're going to let this stand?

    If that doesn't tell you exactly where Fairley and her merry band of hangmen are coming from, we don't know what will.


    Garry in the News

    • Before Sandi and Jesse Jackson Jr. drag former Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy and a seeming cast of thousands into their divorce case, let's find out what the Jacksons think it will add — in private.

      That's the order of the Washington, D.C., judge tasked with handling the disgraced former power couple's increasingly bitter split.

      Judge Craig Iscoe says Jackson must make a sealed filing explaining what he thinks McCarthy and two other men he wants to depose can reveal about the breakdown of his marriage. And the judge says Sandi needs to explain what 12 would-be witnesses she'd like to put under oath — including Jackson's blonde onetime travel companion — would add.

      Sandi is fighting the attempts to subpoena McCarthy, who has repeatedly said he has no idea why he is being tied to the case. Lawyers for Sandi last week characterized her estranged husband's attempts to subpoena the former superintendent and two other men as being done for the "purposes of harassment or to bring the parties negative publicity."
    Well, we can think of at least one reason that a husband, serving time in Federal prison, would want to subpoena multiple male subjects in a divorce proceeding.

    In other news, is Garry going to run for mayor?
    • First there were buttons. Now there's a campaign committee.

      Paperwork was filed with state elections officials Wednesday to create "GMFM — Garry McCarthy for Mayor Exploratory Committee."

      The purpose of the committee? "To explore the prospect of the candidacy of Garry McCarthy for Mayor of Chicago," according to the form filed with the Illinois State Board of Elections.
    Without even digging for skeletons, McCompStat is a DOA mayoral candidate. The only role he could possibly play is "spoiler" to draw votes from somewhere else. Hell, we covered his liberal (and documented) use of the "n" word during his time in New York. That would be plenty to drive the "community" vote Rahm's way in a 2-or-3-way race with no dominant black candidate.


    Thursday, September 14, 2017

    Still Killing Crime

    • A Jeep Grand Cherokee stolen at gunpoint from a 33-year-old woman in Avondale on Friday was recovered on Monday after three people riding in the car crashed it on the Near West Side.

      Officer Christine Calace, a Chicago Police spokeswoman, said that around 8:45 p.m. on Monday, Near West Police found the woman's car after three men riding in it crashed it in the 400 block of South Damen Avenue, near the CTA's Illinois Medical District Blue Line station.

      Calace said that the three men fled after the crash, running to the CTA Blue Line. They were arrested by other officers at the next L stop.

      Three "people of interest" were taken in for questioning and two of the three people were charged in the incident — receiving misdemeanors for trespassing, Calace said.
    Here's a funny little statistic compiled by some of our fans (click for the larger version):

    The Wards that went biggest for Foxxx are among the biggest in terms of increased car-jackings. Not all, but enough to make you wonder at the odd coincidences one finds by looking a little deeper than the numbers Rahm's tools feed the media, who lap it up.


    Sun Times Butthurt

    The FOP 2nd VP got tired of OFficers being confronted at home by reporters, so her fired off a letter to the Slum Times:
    • It has come to the attention of the FOP that you have gone to the homes of department members in the course of pursuing stories for your publication.

      This letter is to notify you to cease and desist this practice. The proper and traditional means of contacting department members is through the Chicago Police Department. Police officers have always had an expectation of privacy in their homes. Their private residence should remain free from media access. Your use of this tactic is unprofessional and unethical, and is further illuminative of your publications’ general bias against the police.

      I am informing my members not to speak to either of you, or any Sun-Times reporter, if they come onto their private residence. I am further advising them to call the police and sign complaints for trespassing if you refuse to leave.

      Martin Preib
      Second Vice President, FOP
    • The tenets of journalism, especially investigative journalism, call for reporters to interview the people they’re writing about to get their sides of the story.

      Sometimes, it’s an email. Sometimes, it’s a phone call. Sometimes, it’s a trip to their home or office. Many times, it’s all of the above.

      Make no mistake, Mr. Preib, this publication calls it like it sees it when it comes to the Chicago Police Department.
    Which is telling. They certainly don't call it as everyone else sees it in terms of crime, regularly omitting descriptions of offenders. They accept Rahm's bullshit numbers as real despite mountains of evidence (much of it published here) that refutes what they are spoon-fed. We've outlined dozens, if not hundreds, of instances of corruption that their so-called "investigative journalists" ought to be investigating while two of their reporters (Main and Spielmann) "borrow" without attribution dozens of other stories. And far too often, the Slum Times tells one portion of a story (the titillating portion) to paint a certain slant while ignoring the other portion (the clout that allowed the misconduct to occur/continue).

    Common politeness would dictate that an Officer's home is out of bounds - and that includes posting pictures of the house and address. Spouses and children don't need to get dragged into nonsense. If an officer isn't commenting, it's most likely because of Department policy or advice of Counsel. If an officer wants to comment, we're sure they'll find a way to contact a reporter.

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    Unions Prepare to Sell Out

    Not ours. Not yet:
    • Union leaders are closing in on an agreement with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that could pave the way for increased health care premiums for more than 10,000 city tradespeople, a powerful labor leader disclosed Tuesday.

      Chicago Federation of Labor President Jorge Ramirez refused to say how much more employees would pay, or if labor would demand a no-layoff/no privatization guarantee in return along with a continuation of the prevailing wage paid in private industry.

      He would say only that negotiations “concentrating on health care” are “getting productive” and he hopes to finalize an agreement “sooner rather than later.”
    The paper quotes Rahm's "won't someone think of the taxpayer mantra again:
    • “As we negotiate new contracts, I expect … to see savings in wages and benefits, health care and other places,” Emanuel said then. “And I expect them to be a partner in trying to find the savings.”
    - forgetting that city workers are taxpayers, too.

    And we don't know what Ferguson was promised to be Rahm's hatchet man, but it must have been extensive:
    • Ferguson has been highly critical of Daley’s decade-long commitment to pay a prevailing wage to members of the building trades — a wage no other major city pays.

      The inspector general has urged Emanuel to shorten future contracts and include a “mandatory mid-term re-opener” triggered by a “fiscal emergency” or whenever the city’s operating revenues drop below a “certain negotiated percentage.”
    Which we will guarantee, here and now, will occur every single year from here onward.

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    CPD's most famous bride-to-be is not happy.

    Here's the link to the Better Business Bureau's site with her complaint and the business's reply to her.

    Not mentioned at the BBB site is the complaint filed with IPRA regarding Fenner's conduct and continuing disturbance on scene.

    How many Rule violations since promotion is this now?


    Wednesday, September 13, 2017

    Captains List - Contest Time!

    Someone accidentally hit "publish" in the Administrative Fax messages, releasing a full list of "qualified" candidates for Captain (click for larger versions):

    The list was almost immediately pulled from existence. Supposedly, there won't be any captains made before next year, but who knows? By that time, Wheezie might be eligible and they'll have to amend it anyway.

    What's curious is that not all of these "eligible" candidates actually went through the interview/vetting process. In fact, if you actually got interviewed, chances are you're on the bubble. That little tidbit slipped out of a tipsy high-ranking HQ denizen (who was violating the Department rule on alcohol consumption) the other night at a party (we were drinking Shirley Temples.)

    (Forgot the Contest Part)

    CONTEST!!! Name the entire first class of captains from the existing eligibility list. A few are going to be "Gimme's" but a few not so easy. The "class" should be 45 names given the current number of captains and the supposed "need" to go to one captain per watch.

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    People Leaving Chicago?

    • Many Chicagoans are apparently busy moving… out of the city.

      According to a new report from moving company United Van Lines, Chicago was listed as no. 1 on the list of top cities residents are leaving.

      Chicago was followed on the list by numerous cities in the Northeast, including New York City, Nassau-Suffolk and Boston.

      The report, which was based on data collected from customers of the moving company, analysed domestic moves during “peak moving season,” or May 1 through Aug. 31.
    And guess who moving out the most?

    Families. With kids. Future taxpayers.

    Before the end of October, you're going to see a report from the schools. And that report is going to say enrollment is down again this year somewhere between 7,000 and 9,000 students. That follows a drop of 11,000 last year. But somehow, the CPS portion of everyone's tax bill keeps going up.


    Importing Voters?

    A rumor popping up that Chicago is playing host to a few planeloads of hurricane refugees.

    We're all for assisting our fellow man in times if hardship, but if true, why all the hush-hush, dead-of-night type nonsense?

    And who's paying for all this? The feds? Are Rahm's people skimming federal dollars for connected pockets?

    The "voters" headline up top is just a sarcastic swipe at Rahm.


    Com Ed No-Go Zones?

    Anyone know anything about ComEd establishing "no-go" zones for their work crews? Places they aren't permitted to go without Guardian Security or someone similar watching over them and their equipment?

    Just trying to confirm it.



    • Three Chicago men were charged with armed robbery after they accidentally ran inside a suburban police department while trying to avoid being captured, authorities said.

      Eddie K. Hill, 24, Cordell C. Prince, 21, and Aries A. Rickenbacker, 22, were each charged Saturday with armed robbery and numerous other charges, including armed violence, defacing a firearm, aggravated unlawful use of a weapon and unlawful restraint, the Lake County Sheriff’s office said.

      Lake Bluff police said the three men robbed a Verizon store, located at 235 S. Waukegan Road in Lake Bluff's Carriage Way shopping center, at gunpoint around 4 p.m. Friday.
    A quick google search shows a few Highland Park robberies involving three guys and a gun. The addresses we saw for the offenders were from points even farther south than Englewood.

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    Tuesday, September 12, 2017

    OT Out of Control

    • The Chicago Police Department is on pace to spend nearly $200 million on overtime in 2017 — 40 percent more than last year’s record spending — despite a two-year hiring surge tailor-made to keep pace with attribution and bolster the force by 970 officers.

      The Chicago Sun-Times reported earlier this year that police officers racked up $30.9 million in overtime during January, February and March alone — cold weather months when crime typically is lower.

      That was a 26.6 percent increase over the $24.4 million spent on overtime during the same period last year, when City Hall set a new record by spending $143 million on police overtime.
    But Rahm promised (again) to hire nearly 1,000 cops to alleviate the overtime expenditures, right?

    Well, about those numbers - he lied. Again:
    • Nearly one year into Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's promise to increase the Chicago Police Department force by 1,000 cops, the city had gained just 37 officers, according to data secured by CWBChicago via a Freedom Of Information Act request. And since his promise was made, 17 of the city's 22 police districts have lost manpower, not gained it.

      On September 21 last year, Emanuel promised that the city will replace every cop who retires and will further increase the department’s manpower by 1,000 cops overall before the end of 2018.

      But the city's own data--comparing manpower on the day of Emanuel's promise with the day of our request for information (July 21)—shows the city is falling far short. Graduations have barely kept pace with retirements and promotions, the numbers show.

      Since Emanuel made his promise, Chicagoans have been awash in a seemingly endless river of footage showing the mayor at CPD graduation ceremonies. and jogging with legions of new recruits. But, as of July 21, all of the hype had resulted in a net gain of just 37 cops.
    The Crime in Boystown blog has a bunch of helpful charts and figures - actual REAL journalism - outlining where the Districts have lost manpower and certain units have gained it. The Detective Unit gained the most, but nearly all of that increase comes at the expense of Patrol.

    But Rahm's lapdog media will continue to cover for his incompetence, running the hit pieces he feeds them and ignoring the massive screwing taxpayers are getting day in and day out.

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    Lieutenant Escapes Injury

    • Someone shot at an off-duty Chicago Police lieutenant on the Near West Side on Sunday night.

      Eddie Winters, a veteran police lieutenant and former state representative, was in his car near Hoyne Avenue and Madison Street about 8 p.m. Sunday when someone fired 23 shots at him, according to Ald. Walter Burnett Jr. (27th) and police. Officers said Winters' vehicle was damaged in the attack, but no one was injured.

      The shooting happened near the Chicago Public Library's Manning branch and just two blocks west of the United Center, 1901 W. Madison St.
    Twenty-three shots is either an extended magazine type weapon or multiple weapons. An arrest was quickly made, but.....
    • Police responding to a call of "shots fired" chased accused gunman Bruce Burns, 25, to his home in the 1800 block of West Monroe Street, where he was arrested about 8:15 p.m., according to police and prosecutors.

      When police found a loaded .38 caliber handgun with six live rounds during a patdown, records show, Burns reportedly said, "I have a gun, but you know how it is. It's dangerous out here. I'm not on no bulls---. I'm just a regular guy."
    A fully loaded revolver? We're guessing this might not be your primary suspect. In the meantime, the lieutenat is getting a lot of praise from the community as a stand-up citizen and a go-to guy. Hopefully, he wasn't targeted as some have suggested. That would be very bad on many levels.

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    Wreck in 014

    • A Chicago Police officer was among four people injured late Sunday in a rollover crash that may have been alcohol-related in the Logan Square neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

      About 11:10 p.m., a squad car responding to a call for service with emergency equipment activated was traveling east in the 2500 block of West Fullerton when it was rear-ended by an eastbound 2002 Dodge Caravan, according to Chicago Police.

      The Caravan then crashed head-on into a westbound 2002 Ford Focus, police said.
    You've got to be pretty intoxicated to run into the back end of a squad car that is responding to a different call. Best wishes to the Officer on a speedy recovery.


    Monday, September 11, 2017

    Sixteen Years Past

    Such a horrible day.


    Another Hit Piece

    Yeah, we read it. Rahm's lapdog media tossing another hit piece out there as Contract negotiations are underway. This time about boozing coppers. Funnily enough, they concentrate on some connected cops, including one who drove Shortshanks around. Now why do you think that that particular DUI went away? Or any of a dozen more we could name, but won't. Connections maybe? The reporters don't mention that.

    Alcoholism is a disease according to the medical community. It is supposed to be treated as an illness and those who suffer from it deserve sympathy and understanding - until one reaches the point that a reasonable person would have taken action to correct the illness, but didn't.

    Or if you're a cop. Then you're expected to deal with all the stresses, all the second-guessing and armchair quarterbacks, the gunshot wounds, the maimed victims, the dead bodies, the beaten children, the traffic accident carnage, the same dysfunctional societal problems over and over and over.

    And how widespread is this "problem" that the Slum Times saw fit to devote the front page of their Sunday paper and two full pages to it?
    • ...400 Chicago cops investigated by the department from 1997 to 2014 for alcohol or drug use...
    First up, the Slum Times adds drug use to alcohol use to inflate the numbers - a typical statistical trick to push an agenda.

    Second, it averages out to a whopping 23 cops a year, with no note if any are "repeat offenders." You know, the clouted ones who feel they're untouchable and get tagged multiple times. No word on how many are in "not drug/alcohol affected."

    Finally, if it is 23 cops a year in a Department of 10,000 cops (we're rounding here), that works out to 0.0023 of the Department or (multiplying by 100) 0.23% -- twenty-three-hundredths of one percent.

    And to handle this "massive" amount of rampant alcohol abuse, the Department has THREE counselors at EAP, a number deemed woefully inadequate by the Department of Justice. And seeing as how Rahm is joining forces with Lisa "can't find political corruption" Madigan to sue the Feds to impose a Consent Decree, we're wondering if he's also going to raise the number of EAP counselors to treat officers in need, of is this all so much smoke being blown up everyone's asses?

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    Another Great Idea

    • The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) announced on Friday afternoon, September 8, that it will stop documenting people as gang members, and will purge its gang member database in October, right after Danielle Outlaw is appointed as the new Police Chief.

      The move appears to be done in the name of political correctness. Many agencies throughout the nation have gang member databases, and they are an invaluable investigative tool for officers, including officer safety.

      The gang database would alert officers when they were out with a known gang member, and that database is now going away.

      The database was also used to send social workers to try to work with the gang members to get them out of gangs.

      The PPB said that the practice is being discontinued after strong concerns were brought up by residents about the gang member label, which have “disproportionately affected minorities,” according to OregonLive.
    So the big brains in Portland decided to take away a tool that might help steer the affected parties away from crime instead of maybe addressing the issues that led to the "affected minorities" turning to the gangs in the first place. Things like:
    • missing fathers;
    • lack of family structure;
    • no stigma attached to substance abuse;
    • out-of-wedlock children without a support system;
    • conflict resolution;
    • regular, steady employment;
    • delayed gratification
    The gangs supply all of that and more. How about addressing those problems and not pretending a problem doesn't exist? Or is that "racist"?

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    Memorial Ride

    One of the last chances to ride before the weather turns:

    We have no other contact info, so ask around.


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