Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

Remembering those who kept us free.

Postings and comments delayed slightly.


Murder Free Since....Nevermind

  • Authorities are investigating shootings that left a 15-year-old boy dead and four other people including a 16-year-old girl wounded on Sunday, police said.

    The boy, 15, was killed and a 16-year-old girl was grazed by a bullet in the 1600 block of South Saint Louis Avenue in city's Lawndale neighborhood about 6:35 p.m., police said.

    Police said the teens were in a gangway when a gray sedan drove by and someone inside opened fire.

    Both were taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where the boy, who was shot in the back, was pronounced dead. The female suffered a graze wound to her back.
  • At least 18 people have been wounded in Chicago shootings throughout the Memorial Day weekend, with eight victims shot in a five-hour spate of violence early Sunday.

    But there have been no fatal shootings since Friday evening, making this year’s holiday weekend much less violent than last year’s so far.

    Last year, 43 people were shot, four of them fatally, by Sunday afternoon of the long holiday weekend, which is widely viewed as the unofficial start of summer...
McCompost was overheard to utter, "It isn't the weather!"
  • For some 20,000 cyclists expecting to bike for a cause Sunday on Lake Shore Drive, slippery conditions were a possibility as one of Chicago's rainiest springs neared a close.

    [...]But within hours of the end of the event, it was raining — again — in the Chicago area, a pattern that has made this spring one of the most rainy in nearly 150 years, according to meteorologists at the National Weather Service.

    From March 1to May 27, Chicago has seen 13.72 inches of precipitation, which is 4.64 inches higher than normal, or what is called "climatological normal," said Ricky Castro, a meteorologist at the Romeoville-based weather service.
Sure it isn't.

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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Concealed Carrier Defends Self (UPDATE!!)

  • A 16-year-old Chicago boy was shot and killed this morning after attempting to rob a 24-year-old man in the parking lot of a bank near Madison Street and Austin Boulevard in Oak Park, according to a news release from the Oak Park police department.

    Police said that the 24-year-old man, who is from Chicago, has a valid conceal-carry permit.

    "The pair apparently exchanged gunfire before the alleged robber reportedly entered a waiting car and fled into Chicago," the release stated.
The wounded teen fled to Chicago, where he died, so we're not sure who's going to pick up the statistic. We don't know about you, but we'll help clean up bodies like this 24/7 if we have to.

Buy this guy a beer and a new box of ammo and send him on his way. Well done.

UPDATE: This is just hilarious if true:
  • SCC,

    You aren't going to belive this, or maybe you will. This 16-year-old armed robber was saved by Officers on the west side not even two years ago using a tourniquet to stop him from bleeding out. To think, he had two whole years to "turn his life around" and maybe become an altar boy or something.

    Oh, and his accomplices took him home and dumped him on his own front lawn to die. Couldn't even abandon him at a hospital. What a great childhood.
We're just shaking our damn head.


Knife Attacks - Grant Park

Anyone know what group was playing down in Grant Park this past evening? Because about 2100 hours, the Zone lit up with calls of a group of 20 or 30 youths running around slashing concert goers. We just wanted to see if there were any t-shirts for the band.

Wilding - it's just not for breakfast any more.


Speaking of Signs...

We were headed out of town recently (no, not this weekend), and we were driving down the highway. You know those mile marker signs on the roads in and out of town?

They used to be spaced every half a mile, right? You can easily see a half a mile, maybe more, on a clear day and on any semi-straight section of highway.

Now there are mile markers are every quarter mile. Who came up with that bright idea? How many scarce tax dollars were wasted employing some connected relative to print quarter-mile and three-quarter-mile signs and install them up and down the highway? That's like installing signs in firehouses in non-public single occupant washrooms.


Saturday, May 27, 2017

Social Media Again

You'll never guess what the most recent assailant of officers left lying around:

And a juvenile record longer than most peoples' arms.

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Manpower "Surge"

  • Chicago streets will have an extra 1,300 cops on patrol each day of the Memorial Day weekend, as the Chicago Police Department beefs up normal police presence with special units, traffic enforcement and more officers in the city’s parks and beaches, officials said Friday.

    The stepped-up patrols are an increase even from the number of officers deployed last year, when CPD put an extra 880 officers each day of the long weekend only to see six people killed and 63 shot from Friday evening through early Tuesday. As with most holidays in the summer months, CPD officials solicited volunteers to cover extra shifts over the weekend and canceled time off to ramp up staffing.

    “CPD will not tolerate violent behavior, and if you choose to put others in danger by your actions, you will feel the full weight of CPD and our partners in law enforcement,” Supt. Eddie Johnson said, reading from a prepared address to reports at police headquarters Friday.
And rest assured, if you misbehave, the CPD will yell, "Stop!" in a loud voice. And if you continue to misbehave, CPD will yell, "STOP!" even louder.

The cooler weather will undoubtedly have an effect on the totals. Tune into for the official weekend tally.

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Surprise Surprise

  • A man who works for the anti-violence group CeaseFire is among a group of alleged gang members rounded up Thursday as part of a two-year investigation by Chicago Police and federal authorities.

    Federal prosecutors announced Friday that Francisco “Smokey” Sanchez has been charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a felon. Sanchez is a “violence interrupter” for CeaseFire and is part of the [g]angster [t]wo-[s]ix [n]ation street gang, according to law-enforcement sources.

    Sanchez, 50, is among 48 alleged gang members facing federal or state charges, the U.S. Attorney’s office announced.
This is what happens when you pretend that career criminals have something of value to contribute to the on-going crime problems - you know, like liberals think.


Firehouse Signs

This sign has started appearing in Chicago fire houses:

This is being posted in single occupant bathrooms not accessible to the public.

Why? Just another waste of taxpayer money for some inane government over-regulation.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Chicago Shrinking

The only major US city to lose population - and the rate is increasing:
  • Chicago was the only city among the nation's 20 largest to lose population in 2016 — and it lost nearly double the number of residents as the year before, according to newly released data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

    It's the city's third consecutive year of population loss. Chicago's population fell by 8,638 residents between 2015 and 2016, to 2,704,958. The year before, it declined by 4,934.

    The population of the greater Chicago area, defined by the Census Bureau as the city and suburbs extending into Wisconsin and Indiana, is also declining. Numbers made available in March showed a drop of 19,570 residents in 2016 — the greatest loss of any metropolitan area in the country.

    Illinois' population fell by more than any other state in 2016, down 37,508 people, according to census data released in December.
Why would anyone want to leave this....this....this Paradise? The dems in Springfield just voted to raise taxes again, Rahm is about to re-instate the head-tax, Prickwrinkle can't wait to tax anything that might have sugar in it, except for those already receiving massive taxpayer subsidies, not to mention 4,400 people got shot here last year.


Chicago Dodged a Bullet

Figuratively speaking of course:
  • There were 27 world records set at the Rio Olympics last year – from swimming to weightlifting, archery to cycling. These were as thrilling as they were expected. “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” is the Olympic model after all – Latin for “Faster, Higher, Stronger.”

    Now comes perhaps the most enduring world record of the Games: Just seven months after the torch was doused, the host country is already acknowledging the entire operation was a terrible, perhaps criminal idea. It has left them debt-ridden and without a clue what to do with already decaying facilities.

    Never faster has been the condemnation for hosting. Never higher has been the local outrage. And, maybe, never stronger is the lesson for the rest of the world to avoid ever getting into business with the International Olympic Committee.

    “There was no planning,” Leandro Mitidieri, a federal prosecutor in Brazil, said this week at a public hearing about the Olympic disaster, according to the Associated Press. “There was no planning when they put out the bid to host the Games. No planning.”

    And what of the majority of the facilities the country built to appease the IOC, a major part of the $12 billion cost of hosting the Games?

    “They are white elephants today,” Mitidieri said.
$12 Billion? Wasn't Shortshanks spouting off about $4 billion? Even with the existing infrastructure (a couple stadiums), there was no way that Chicago would have survived an Olympics with all the attendant bribery, thievery and corruption.


Great Narrative

This one is making the rounds (click for the full sized version):

Nice to know Kim Foxxxx is taking everyone's word except the police.

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Nice Neighborhood

  • Chicago cops are warning residents about a series of six armed robberies that took place in nearby Lincoln Park on Monday and Tuesday. Three of the hold-ups happened during the 10 p.m. hour on Tuesday.

    In each case, a group of offenders approached victims on the street and demanded valuables at gunpoint. The men threatened to shoot their victims if their demands were not met, police said.
Someone in the comment section said it ended up being 8 robberies in under 12 hours.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Remember - A Car Isn't Deadly Force

  • A Chicago police officer was run down by the driver of a stolen SUV.

    It happened just before midnight at Odgen and Trumbull. The officer was approaching the vehicle on foot when the driver hit the gas and knocked him down.
  • A Chicago police officer was injured after being struck by a car speeding away from an attempted traffic stop Tuesday evening, police said.

    Officers attempted to perform a traffic stop in the 100 block of East 75th Street in the city's Park Manor neighborhood about 5:02 p.m., police said. The vehicle officers were pulling over struck an officer as it fled the area, police said, and a person is in custody.
  • A person was shot by Chicago Police after an officer was pinned by a vehicle Wednesday morning in the Austin neighborhood on the West Side.

    The incident happened at 11:15 a.m. in the 1600 block of North Leclaire Avenue.
The damage to the pinned Officer's leg is said to be "severe." And then the Sun Times quotes Special "Asshole" Ed and his new "Non-Use of Force" policy that may have just cost this officer his leg and his job:
  • If was not known if, aside from the stolen vehicle, if the suspect was armed, Nagode said.

    Last week, as the Chicago Police Department announced a new use-of-force policy to focus of de-escalation and the sanctity of life, Supt. Eddie Johnson touched on the possibility of an officer being injured by a vehicle.

    “If a vehicle is coming at an officer and that’s the only threat of force, the officer can get out of the way of it,” Johnson said.
Really Asshole? And what if he can't get out from between two cars? A car used as a ram kind of lacks the finesse of a knife or gun attack - the car moves violently after impact and the operator, concentrating solely on escape, isn't exactly following the Rules of the Road.

Four coppers injured over three days by criminals who know EXACTLY what officers can and cannot do, and they know we cannot chase and they know we cannot shoot without suffering the danger of losing our jobs. There isn't a downside for the criminal at any level. You've conceded the battlefield. Well done.

So Fuck You Ed. Fuck you, fuck your bullshit Use of Force, fuck your cheating girlfriend and her cheating buddies. This one is solely on you, Rahm, Kimmy, and your fucked-up, non-policing, throw the coppers under the bus to cater to the criminal class. You're a Grade A jagoff and the Department will be far better for your leaving.


Hi Jason!

We wouldn't want to be anywhere this guy...or have been anywhere near this guy the past few months/years:
  • Federal prosecutors threw around names of three West Side politicians Tuesday during the fraud trial of a woman accused of blowing state grant funds on shoes, cars and other personal expenses.

    Franshuan Myles is fighting mail and wire fraud charges this week in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Elaine Bucklo. The feds say Myles, the head of Divine Praise Inc., misused $60,000 her organization received from the state in 2011 that should have been spent on summer jobs for participants of the Illinois Youth Recreation Corps program.

    The names of Ald. Jason Ervin, state Sen. Kimberly Lightford and former state Sen. Annazette Collins all surfaced on the second day of Myles’ trial at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse. Ervin and Collins received money from Myles, and Myles paid for an intern in Lightford’s office in the summer of 2011, according to testimony in the courtroom.

    None of the pols has been accused of criminal wrongdoing
We think the SunTimes left out the word "yet," The probably have to pretend that there aren't "un-indicted co-conspirators," "cooperating individuals" or maybe few open wires still gathering information.


Live in the Ghetto!

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel Wednesday proposed using $3 million in city money to encourage 100 police officers, firefighters and paramedics to buy homes on the South and West sides of the city.

    The program — which would allow public safety officers to purchase single-family or two-flat homes in Auburn Gresham, Austin, Brighton Park, Chatham, East Garfield Park, Englewood, Gage Park, Greater Grand Crossing, Humboldt Park, New City, North Lawndale, South Lawndale, West Englewood and West Garfield Park — is designed to increase public safety and support continued economic development, according to a statement from the mayor's office.
Does this program include 8-foot fences, topped with barbed wire, pressure activated mines, sandbag emplacements, crew-served weaponry, steel windows, doors and gunports? Not interested.

Wait, this is a 10-year "forgivable" loan?

We'll just hold out for the County offer - free homes:
  • Free homes would be given to teachers, police officers and firefighters under a new proposal introduced by Cook County Board Commissioner Richard Boykin if they commit to work — and live — in what he calls “endangered communities.”
How about in exchange for a fully funded pension?


Closed Investigation

  • The Chicago Police Department’s probe concluded that there was no misconduct on the part of Officer Charles Artz or any other officer involved, according to CPD spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi. "The investigation into the funds raised by Sgt. Artz and his team was closed and found no wrongdoing of any kind on the part of the officers involved,” Guglielmi told Chicagoist by email.
So a good deed actually went unpunished, contrary to the old saying.



  • WEST BRANDYWINE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Two counselors working at a facility to help recovering drug addicts were found dead from what appears to be a lethal overdose of heroin and fentanyl, the Chester County district attorney's office said.

    It happened at the Freedom Ridge Recovery Lodge on Freedom Valley Circle in West Brandywine Township.

    According to authorities, medics were called to the facility, which is a private residence used as a halfway house, around 2:15 p.m. Sunday.
That fentanyl is a wicked high.


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cop Injured in 025

Assailant shot.

Cop pinned by vehicle (that cannot be a weapon).

Updates as able.

Prayers for the injured Officer.

UPDATE: Conflicting info on injuries - shot, run over, multiple cops?


Well Lookie Here

  • The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled Monday that Pittsburgh Police officers don't have to live inside city limits.

    The decision overturns a long-standing city residency requirement upheld in January by a 4-3 ruling in the State Commonwealth Court.

    Attorneys representing local police argued now and in the past that officers should be allowed to live outside the city for their own safety. KDKA reports that included the freedom to be more selective when considering area school districts.

    Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto said in a statement Monday that he disagrees with the high court's decision.

    "We want our police officers to continue to live in the neighborhoods and communities that they serve," he said. "We defended the will of the residents of Pittsburgh, all the way to the Supreme Court, believing that the law that allowed Pittsburgh to become a Home Rule Charter city should have taken precedence."
And they beat it over Home Rule?

This comeback from the local communists is hilarious:
  • Brandi Fisher, director of the Alliance for Police Accountability, echoed Peduto. She said having officers live in the city creates a sense of community.

    "Building real relationships happens when you can see people at the store, when you live in the same neighborhoods, in the same communities," Fisher said.

    It's ironic, she said, that officers would choose to live outside of the city to access better schools and housing.

    “It just goes to show a mentality towards the people in the city," Fisher said. "If your feeling is that its poor housing, poor communities, poor schooling, then you already have ... some sort of disdain in the way that you’re looking at these communities.”
So, "We've done everything in our power to neuter the police, make your job as dangerous as possible, demonized you from the elderly all the way down to the children. We've ruined the schools, taxed you to the eyeballs and celebrate when you get shot, maimed or killed. Now you cops have the audacity to want a better life? You better sit right here in Shits-burgh and be miserable with all the rest of us!"

Aldercreatures are selling out the formerly "quiet" neighborhoods favored by cops, firemen and other city workers.

This is a non-starter in Springfield, but we've said it before - everywhere a local FOP has sued, they've eventually won.

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Clear Enough?

So certain exempts are still pushing numbers at their staff meetings. Some have made supervisors leave their cell phones away from meetings, and some use a dry erase board so all evidence of the illegal orders can be concealed from Special Ed's staff. So this came out:

That seems pretty straightforward. Any idea if Esca-merit got the memo?

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Summer Wilding Season

This story came and went pretty quickly...almost like Channel 7 didn't want to broadcast it too much:
  • A man says he was attacked by a group of teen while walking near Chicago's iconic Buckingham Fountain, resulting in fractures to his face.

    The attack left Jay Parsons with a facial fracture and injuries to his hand. He's still trying to make sense of it all 24 hours later.

    "I'm still pretty shocked. You go to these busy areas, tourist areas. You don't expect to get hit and then it happens," Parsons said.

    Parsons said he was walking on the lakefront path north of Buckingham Fountain around 6:20 p.m. Sunday evening. He said of 10 to 12 high school-age teenager, boys and girls, were walking towards him as a group. One of them peeled off from the pack.

    "I heard him say to his friends, 'Hey, I'm going to go swimming now.' And he kind of ran off to the side, and then he must have peeled back, and that's when he hit me," Parsons said.
Neither the victim nor Channel 7 managed to get a description of the attackers. Channel 7 also couldn't be bothered to post any links or photos of the video that numerous passersby managed to record of the attackers. Funny how that happened. In any event, Wilding Season is here and visitors to the city would be well advised to prepare (and arm) themselves accordingly.


Gentrify? De-Gentrify?

  • Concerned about a nearly 50 percent surge in home prices along the wildly-popular 606 trail, a pair of local aldermen have a plan to stop that gentrification dead in its tracks.

    At Wednesday’s City Council meeting, Aldermen Proco Joe Moreno (1st) and Roberto Maldonado (26th) want the city to impose dramatically higher demolition fees along the trail and impose a new “de-conversion fee” whenever developers try to turn multi-family housing into more lucrative single-family homes.

    Housing prices west of Western Avenue have increased by 48.2 percent since ground was broken on the 2.7-mile urban oasis, according to a study by the Institute for Housing Studies at DePaul University.

    The converted elevated freight line has become a mecca for bicycle riders, skaters, runners and pedestrians. Housing prices east of the trail are up by nearly 14 percent.
So aldercreatures are attempting to influence market forces via a questionable series of fees to discourage gentrification.

Compare this to what alder-asshole Arena is doing up north, building a pair of multi-story monstrosities to de-gentrify a huge swath of the Bungalow Belt and importing people who can't afford to live there while calling any who oppose him "racist."


Why Not Tax It?

Rahm is taxing everything else - why not the whores?
  • The city would come down harder on sham therapeutic massage parlor operators who are really in the business of prostitution under an ordinance drafted by a Southwest Side alderman.

    Ald. Matt O'Shea's proposal would increase fines and tighten regulations in an effort to get tougher on the owners of places of ill repute while also allowing human trafficking victims working for them to avoid conviction.

    The idea is to go after "the people that are organizing this, the people that are financially benefiting from it, not in some cases where we know it's been innocent victims," said O'Shea, 19th. "We want to go after the cowards."
Most politicians are basically whores anyway - Aldercreature (and felon) Troutman spoke of it over 10 years ago - right before she got indicted for taking bribes. The City has already de facto legalized weed. This is right up their alley.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Attacks on Police Up

  • According to the Little Rock Police Department, active aggression against its officers is up 134 percent from 2015 to 2016. That oftentimes forces officers to respond.

    “I like working the streets,” said Officer Stephen Gorbet. “You get to see all walks of life… there’s no such thing as a routine stop.” Officer Gorbet learned that very quickly into his 27-year law enforcement career. He was forced to shoot and ultimately kill someone his first year on the job.

    “I stopped a guy for running a red light and we got into a struggle,” Gorbet said. “He began to beat me with a fence post and unfortunately, I had to shoot him.” Since then, Officer Gorbet has had to resort to deadly force one other time with minor uses of force, like his baton and pepper spray, sprinkled in. “It seems like everybody is kind of against the police, especially the last two years,” he said.

    Little Rock police records back that up. From 2015 to 2016, reports of active aggression against officers skyrocketed from 65 to 152 or 134 percent.
The Department used to come out with a colorful bulletin years ago, outlining the Uses of Force, attacks on Officers, TRR's filled out, etc. We haven't seen one in years now, maybe ten or more years. Did they stop printing it? Or did they (read Lewin) just hide it among the electronic clutter of stats and graphs so no one could see how attacks on Officers have risen dramatically?


Apple Worth More Than Chicago

So is Google:
  • If Apple Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook wanted to, he could, in a sense, make the Windy City his new corporate headquarters—all of it.

    Technology companies have grown so large that they’ve surpassed the economic values of major American cities, according to data from Bank of America–Merrill Lynch, which compared company market capitalizations to metropolitan gross domestic product.

    At current levels, Apple Inc’s market capitalization of about $803 billion is 38% larger than the real GDP of Chicago, $581 billion in 2016. Apple isn’t the only Silicon Valley notable to top Chicago (and all other U.S. cities save two), either. Google parent Alphabet has a market capitalization of $657.9 billion, making its pockets about 13% deeper than the GDP of the home of deep-dish pizza.
There's even a handy little chart:

We see a number of the listed companies surpassing Chicago in a few short years.


60 Minutes Slobber Job

If you can stomach it, this is the link to the transcript. They make Dart out to be some sort of New-Age turnkey, when in reality his policies are a contributing factor to the skyrocketing shooting and homicide rates. He also misses the point of jail:
  • On any given day we have probably 2 to 3 hundred people that if they came up $500 they would leave here but we find that if you have access to money wherever it may come from, and frequently it's coming from your gang and if you happen to be the guy in your gang who is the guy who does most of the shootings, you're a very valuable person, they want you back out on the street. But you have some individual who's in here who's never been a danger to anybody, he can't come up with a hundred dollars. He's sitting…the guy with the gun, he's out the door.
Tell you what there Tommy - come up with the money out of your pocket. Or some of the media spouses with the six-figure jobs - you can call it "Sponsor an Inmate" and they can go home and meet the family or something.

The reason they can't come up with $500 is they're a drain on society and chose not to live by civilized rules. The law says there has to be a cash retainer to guarantee their appearance in Court and guess what? That guy with the Probation Violation? We don't care if he's non-violent - he obviously can't live by the rules, so he sits until someone somehow makes it uncomfortable enough for him to learn that abiding by the rules is cheaper than not.

Dart's supplying people connected to the media with jobs is paying dividends, so he must be thinking of higher office.


Monday, May 22, 2017

ET Car Notice

This is "fucking golden," to quote a former governor.

That last portion is "concerning."

Is the City fining CTA bus drivers for triggering red light and speed cameras? What about garbage trucks? Streets and San supervisors running around in those leased vehicles from Indiana? Fire trucks that aren't responding to calls, but rather returning to quarters?

We're pretty sure none of those Departments are tagged for improper operation of vehicles - perhaps administratively, but there was a union that fought the actual fine and won it.

Anyone have any guidance from the FOP on this? Because the way the City is drilling down responsibility, we wouldn't be surprised to claim the ET's are personally responsible for any fender bender, property damage or personal injury accident that occurs in a leased vehicle.

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Memorial Day OT

This isn't really a "big" holiday coming up, yet the Department is offering OT to everyone who has a regular day off Memorial Day weekend. They're even calling people on furlough and saying you can work all of your days off if you like.

If they don't get enough volunteers, the Department is going to go by reverse seniority to cancel days off - which leads to a few interesting questions:
  • PPO's can't volunteer for the OT initiative - but can their days off be canceled or "adjusted" in the middle of a police period to screw them?
  • PO's with under four (or is it five?) years do not get Duty Availability (thanks Dean Angelo for screwing the youngsters). So can the Department cancel their days off using reverse seniority? They aren't available contractually. Do they pick the guy/gal with 5 years? We'd imagine that would make for an interesting grievance should the projected numbers be adequate.
And not that it's in effect at the moment, but can you imagine the Automated Timekeeping trying to keep up with this rolling disaster next year?

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4 and 34

  • Four people were killed and at least 30 others, including a 9-year-old boy, have been wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday night.
Pending any late tallies, HeyJackass has the total number of persons shot this past week at 96. Let that sink in for a moment - ninety-six. And we're willing to bet a sizable number of toothpicks that the guy with the Chicago address found up at Old Orchard with a bunch of bullet holes in his noggin was yet another pending statistic here in town.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Out On Bail Again?

Does anyone else think the lamestream media will ever get tired of sitting on stories like this? Does anyone else think the citizens might eventually catch on? is realizing there are stories here:
  • The armed man who carjacked a Dodge Durango in the South Loop last month was free on bond for a pending gun case at the time, prosecutors said Friday. Phillip Smith, 25, is accused of carjacking a 2014 Dodge Durango about 3:30 a.m.

    April 11 in a "bump and run" attack in the 600 block of South Wabash Avenue, court records show. Police believe Smith was armed with a silver handgun.

    At the time of the attack, he was free on bond for a pending 2016 gun case, court records show. Bail was set in that case at $75,000 in September; Smith posted $7,500 (the requisite 10 percent needed to go free) by December.
Another low bond, courtesy of Dart, Prickwrinkle and Evans, another violent crime committed by someone that should have been sitting in County.

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Boystown Mayhem

  • In late 2015, Crain’s Chicago Business politics writer Greg Hinz wrote a column under the headline, “What's happening in Lakeview is a crime.”

    [...] 18-months after Hinz’s column, the cafe that he wrote about—Nookies Tree at 3334 North Halsted—no longer closes at 10 p.m. It now closes at 3 p.m. Every day.

    And there are indications that Nookies may be closing permanently, though its owners did not reply to an inquiry about their plans.

    Things have not been improving along Halsted Street.

    Last week, we reported on the re-emergence of nighttime street fights along Halsted. The brawls are no longer limited to weekend nights. You’re just as likely to find yourself amongst one on Tuesday and Wednesdays now.
The CrimeInWrigleyvilleAndBoystown blog provides independent reporting, links to numerous videos, and OEMC radio transcripts that show a formerly peaceful neighborhood descending into a crime-ridden hell hole.

At some point, Rahm's biggest monetary contributors are going to get fed up with what their neighborhood is becoming.

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  • With little fanfare, Attorney General Lisa Madigan recently confirmed she plans to run for re-election in 2018. If she wins and completes another term, she will finish her 20th year on the job.

    Twenty years is a long time. The year Madigan was elected attorney general, the trajectory for Illinois governance bent skyward. Citizens felt more confident in state leadership after a felony-prone governor, George Ryan, departed.

    Democrats assumed control of the legislature and governor's office with a new governor, Rod Blagojevich, vowing to reform a government nakedly intertwined with contract steering, bribery, patronage, obstruction, lying and money-grubbing. Nearly 80 defendants, including Ryan himself, were convicted as part of an exhaustive federal probe that put a focus on the Illinois culture of political sleaze.

    Illinois voters swept Madigan into office along with dozens of reform-minded lawmakers on promises they would clean house. Ethics topped the list of concerns for voters. Trust. Not budgets or pensions or debt. Madigan, who was then a 36-year-old first-term state senator, spent most of her campaign reassuring voters the attorney general role would not create conflicts of interest with her father, Michael Madigan, now the longest-serving House speaker in the nation.
Well, she certainly lived up to that promise. Not only hasn't she "create[d] any conflicts of interest with her father," she hasn't created a single conflict of interest with the entire Chicago Machine or the Illinois Combine. Not a single corruption investigation has crossed her desk while Illinois continues its death spiral into insolvency, abetted by massive corruption and crooked contracting.


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Trick Bag

  • A former West Virginia police officer is suing the city where he was employed, claiming that he was fired for not shooting a 21-year-old suicidal black man.

    When Officer Stephen Mader saw the gun in RJ Williams’ hand on May 6, 2016, he raised his duty weapon in defense. But then Williams said something that gave Mader a new understanding of what was going on.

    “Just shoot me,” he remembered the visibly distraught Williams saying.

    Mader, an Afghanistan war veteran, deduced that Williams was attempting suicide by cop, a suicide method in which a person engages in actual or apparent danger to others with the desire to be killed or injured by law enforcement.
The cop used his training and personal war experiences to deduce that the subject's actions were a desperate cry for help. So he did what he thought best - negotiated...or if you like, "de-escalated." So he's a hero, right? A shining beacon of police work held up as an example to all, right?

Well, no. He's fired.
  • The two argued back and forth — Williams asking to be shot, Mader asking that he put down the gun.

    But when another cruiser approached, things escalated. Williams began waving the gun around toward Mader and the other officers, who immediately fired.

    “Within seconds, shots were fired and the last shot fatally wounded Mr. Williams to the head,” Mader claimed.
And the kicker of it all?
  • When they inspected Williams’ pistol, they found that it wasn’t loaded.
So now the whole thing is in court. The cop who fired the fatal shot wasn't dismissed but is alleged to have sent a number of threatening messages to the fired cop about cowardice. Past incidents of "failure to report" are being dredged up to sustain a case for firing the non-shooter (sound familiar?) and the ACLU of all people is involved with this argument:
  • Under the law, an officer is only allowed to use deadly force when he or she perceives a threat.

    “Once he made the decision Williams was not a threat, the U.S. Constitution says he’s not allowed to shoot,” the ACLU of West Virginia executive director, Joseph Cohen, told HuffPost. “Not only was his belief reasonable, it was objectively correct. The gun was unloaded.”
So the ACLU is saying that one officer's decision (or PERCEPTION) is valid, while the other officer, arriving on scene and being threatened with the same gun, well, his PERCEPTION is invalid because the gun ended up being unloaded. Remember, these are the people who just helped write gut the street stop order, the ISR disaster and the Non-Use of force order, judging an incident that took seconds to unfold.

Discuss. We've made no judgements and provided the link so you can read it. To us, it seems like yet another set of rules that allow the progressives to harshly judge a dynamic situation with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, simply to screw coppers attempting to do a difficult job.

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Summer Mobile Cars

This sounds like another well-thought-out idea:
  • OT: Kind of applies to the city and their ability not to think things thru. There are thirty, yes 30, rental vehicles on the 2nd floor of the 009th District parking garage. What are they for you ask??? Summer mobile!! Now mind you, these aren't Taurus' or Explorers. They are various types on Nissans. And who's going to drive these you ask?? The P.O.'s detailed to summer mobile. They have no emergency equipment, no CPD markings and out of state plates. Please tell me how that is going to work out???? I smell a disaster.
Someone else claims that these cars are going to be replacements for actual marked units coming to the Summer Mobile detail. So where are those 130,000-mile marked units coming from? Who has actual marked cars to spare nowadays? We know Deano gave away the store for a few hundred cars last Contract, but how many of those went to the D-unit, how many went to specialized units, how many went to assorted exempt members? Because Deano didn't specify and no one we know ever saw an actual accounting of vehicle purchases, so a brilliant move by the previous administration - Trust Rahm! He'd never screw the police!

Watch the HQ Brain Trust to come up with magnetic signs for these cars, like a pizza delivery vehicle.

UPDATE: The Department stripped all the marked cars from Forensic Services for Summer Mobile? There isn't a Forensics car that has less than 130,000 miles is what we've heard.


Fox News Request

Looking for an old timer who worked the Humboldt Park riots:
  • SCC

    A humble request for information that would be most helpful:

    Know any old timers who remember the FALN bombings here in Chicago in 1976? I can’t wait to put a microphone in front of federally convicted FALN bomb maker, Oscar Lopez Rivera, today at his homecoming parade and street naming ceremony but I’m betting he will not be making any first time confessions. But I’m going to ask him anyway. The interview I would rather get is with a police officer, or a family member of someone injured in one of these bombings. Particularly the one outside of the very theater where Hamilton is now playing and whose star, Manuel Miranda has promised to play the leading role if his idol, Mr. Rivera, would like to attend the showing. It will take some hunting to track down the relatives, but I’m working on it. In the meantime, if you know anybody and could pass on a name or phone number I want to interview someone who can tell the real story. Forty years is a long time, so I could use the help finding a copper who might remember something and could share it.

Given the recent accolades heaped on this convicted and unrepentant bomber, we encourage any veteran to get the real story out there.


Stiffed by Lolla?

Did the City get stiffed for Grant Park damages?
  • Rahm donors c3 were supposed to pay for Lolla grant park damage. A Foia from the park district came back stating the park district had no information regarding this and was appealed to AG who agreed that no documents exist for the work. In other words have a fundraiser for mayor pay to need to fix the damage. Mark brown got the story and was afraid to write it.
We certainly hope this isn't true. What kind of media type would sit on a story involving Chicago taxpayers getting screwed? Oh yeah, all of them.

Someone also posted that the media is running with another story from our comment section about Dart's "merit board" being improperly constituted. That'd be another $50 for the Chaplains Ministry if true.

UPDATE: Here's the Dart story - looks like the Trib owes the Chaplains.


Evans Suit Derailed

  • A federal court judge has thrown out a lawsuit filed by a high-ranking Chicago police officer who alleged that the Independent Police Review Authority retaliated against him and set him up for criminal charges by leaking to the media.

    Glenn Evans, a controversial former South Side commander, sued after he was acquitted by a Cook County judge in 2015 on felony charges that stemmed from allegations he shoved his service gun down suspect Rickey Williams' throat. Williams' DNA was found on Evans' gun.

    Evans, who is now a lieutenant, alleged that IPRA investigator Matrice Campbell still harbored a grudge 15 years after he wrote her up for insubordination while they both worked at the Wentworth District police station and so leaked the DNA results to a WBEZ-FM reporter who then broadcast stories about the investigation.
There's still a chance going forward in the Cook County Courts, but that might be bucking a stacked deck. The Machine isn't likely to award damages against itself. But we'll see.


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