Saturday, February 13, 2016

Please do ISR's! Please

Rahm is angry (from our e-mail):
  • SCC,

    Heard through a little birdy that Mr. 9.5 flipped out the other day when he got the numbers from the month of January. Supposedly he started demanding answers as to why no one's doing ISR's and when told that no one wants to do a 2-page report that the ACLU is getting their hands on, he demanded that R&D fix it and fix it immediately. Have you heard anything similar
From another little birdy at CompStat, ISR's are down 96% as compared to Contact Cards for the same period as last year.

As a result, De-Escalante sent out the most recent PAX 501 to everyone in the Department begging them to initiate contacts with criminals, who will then contact the ACLU and sue you for everything you own. Check your e-mail - it's entertaining...if you like desperation.

We were also told by certain lieutenants that the Department is desperately trying to re-vamp the ISR report - something we told them had become too cumbersome. Suburbs merely added a line or two to their existing Contact Reports which are all still the size of a 5-by-7 index card and not a two page monstrosity.

But the ACLU isn't budging - they have their hammer and they are going to use it to prove, one way or another, that CPD is a racist organization stopping too many minorities. They couldn't do it with the blue "TSS cards" so they got the Combine politicians to extend what was supposed to be a two-year program into an unending bullshit study that has begun its second decade now.

Why would the ACLU negotiate with a bunch of candy-ass bosses and politicians who collapsed and threw their entire Department under the proverbial bus? The entire command structure is nothing but a bunch of craven cowards and Rahm is the head bully.

This is the result. Welcome.


One Armed Bandit

  • Authorities say a 17-year-old had his arm torn off after a man he was allegedly trying to steal sneakers from hit him with a sport utility vehicle, pinning him against a fence in Brooklyn.

    WNBC-TV says it happened Friday afternoon in the Canarsie neighborhood after the boy arranged to meet a 39-year-old man to purchase a pair of Air Jordan sneakers.

    Authorities say that once the teenager was inside the man's car, the boy pulled out a gun, took the shoes and walked off.

    Surveillance video shows the SUV speeding up behind the teen and running him down.

    Investigators say the teenager was being treated at a hospital.

    Police say charges were pending against the driver Friday.
Charges pending? How about a medal? Or a thank you letter. It's not like he killed the thief. And he was armed....well, one-armed now.

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This Guy Looks Familiar

  • Police have released photos of a man they believe witnessed several crimes around the Chicago Museum Campus in December and January, including assault and theft.

    “Police are seeking to question the unidentified subject believed to have witnessed multiple misdemeanor incidents that took place in the vicinity of the 1400 Block of Museum Campus Drive,” states the alert issued by police Wednesday.

    The incidents took place between Dec. 26 and Dec. 31, according to a police crime database.
Witness? Hahaha......sure. Maybe we were on to something back then.


Friday, February 12, 2016

Detective Exam Announced

Sign up begins immediately.

Test is 07 May.

Parts One and Two will be given the same day.

What? Why? No break? No waiting months for Part One results before being eligible for Part Two? This is unusual.

We've heard the paid study groups are scrambling.

The "invitation only" groups at HQ are in a dither as to how their "students" are going to memorize twice the data in half the time.

Expect a lot of long weekends (and weekdays) studying.


Massacre Re-Visited

  • In looping black fountain pen on paper now browned and cracked at the edges, a grim story unfolds:

    “Both thoracic . . . cavities contain a large amount of blood, the lungs are perforated 12 times, there is laceration of the thoracic aorta, laceration of the liver and of the diaphragm.”

    That’s what became of Reinhardt Schwimmer, a North Side optometrist charmed by the trappings of gangster life and slain in one of the grisliest chapters in the city’s history: The St. Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929.

    For decades, Schwimmer’s autopsy report — as well as those of the six other victims in the massacre — had been all but forgotten, gathering dust in a metal file cabinet in a Cook County government warehouse.
And then suddenly, one day, they just re-appeared in a file cabinet at Area North!

Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves.


Koschman Lt Quits

  • Lt. Denis Walsh has resigned from the Chicago Police Department one week after interim Supt. John Escalante moved to fire him over his role in the 2011 reinvestigation of David Koschman’s killing — a case that was closed without charges against a nephew of then-Mayor Richard M. Daley.

    Walsh’s resignation ends the disciplinary case that Escalante filed against him with the Chicago Police Board, which decides punishments for cops.
So as all the big-wigs escape investigation and retire to nice pensions, the ones left without a chair are looking at a year off with no pay. Seems completely fair.


Cold Weather - No Problem

  • One man was killed and five others were injured in shootings Thursday on the West Side, according to Chicago Police

    The fatal shooting happened at 5:20 p.m. in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.
On a night when the temps dipped near single digits, people still managed to get shot and killed.


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well This is Just... (UPDATE)

  • The hatred for police is showing strong in Obamaland. The Chicago Parade committee has recently ruled against a pro police display for their St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Obama’s home town even turned down Toys for Tots who were going to ride bikes in the parade for donations, simply because they were standing up for police. Simply put, Obama’s home town isn’t the place to show pride for police, but #blacklivesmatter displays, they are perfectly fine.

    When a group of people who wanted to show support for law enforcement while raising money at the same time, this is the answer Obama’s hometown gave them:


So a pro-police marching unit is banned from the St. Patrick's Day Parade? Is this is some sort of bad joke or something?

UPDATE: Some legit questions about this "group" and their fundraising practices popping up in the comments. "Opportunist" is one of the words that comes to mind. We'll see how it all plays out.


The Hits Keep Coming

And we keep smiling:

Good lord.


Get Rahm on the Stand

  • Lawyers for a woman alleging that Chicago police covered up a 2007 road-rage incident involving an off-duty officer want Mayor Rahm Emanuel to give sworn testimony about the so-called "code of silence" within the Police Department.

    A federal jury in December found that Officer William Szura used excessive force on Nicole Tomaskovic during a traffic altercation on the shoulder of the Stevenson Expressway that turned violent.

    In addition to awarding $260,000 in damages to Tomaskovic for her pain and suffering, the jury ruled that Szura had acted in the scope of his employment as a police officer, allowing separate claims to move forward alleging the city has a de facto policy of covering up the bad actions of officers.

    On Wednesday, Tomaskovic's lawyer filed court papers asking U.S. District Judge Sara Ellis to force Emanuel's deposition about his knowledge of the code of silence.
Get Rahm under oath and start asking about politicians' codes of silence. We can hear the sphincters snapping shut all over DC and downtown.


Texas Paper Retreats

  • A San Antonio newspaper that threatened to publish police officers’ names and addresses is backing off the controversial plan following backlash from the public and members of law enforcement.

    San Antonio Observer Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Zarriello told News4SanAntonio on Sunday the weekly tabloid had no intention on following through with the threat. She said her intent was to “make an officer think twice before shooting so fast and killing an unarmed person.”

    The Observer had been inundated with phone calls and voicemails, Zarriello said. Some of the callers had made death threats, she said.
How about making wanted felons "think twice" before committing crimes? Or the media "thinks twice" before making another felon into some sort of folk hero? Or would that take actual thought?

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

London Fog

  • Hello London? Chicago calling.

    Former Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy is on the short list to become the next boss of greater London’s Metropolitan Police Service, if we here at our city’s tabloid are to believe recent reports in one of the U.K.’s scrappy daily newspapers.

    On our side of the pond, the general response to the stories in The Sun can be summed up like this:

    Have you gone bloody mad?!
The author then lists a lot of McCompost's failures and shortcomings, some political, some police related, some completely out of his control. They do point out that the last two jobs McStreetlight had led to federal "oversight" of the Departments he ran - not a very good record.

But we can't say it's a totally unfair report.


Med Section on Chopping Block?

Rumors rumors rumors:
  • Off topic, but you should know that the city is privatizing the medical section in March. There will be no more cops working there, including the nurses. Looks like they are going to be harassing cops. The change seems to be the brainchild of the Human Resources department.
This could be a good thing, seeing as how the Medical Section is among the most outdated, inefficient and poorly run sections of the Department. In many cases, people would rather burn their own time than deal with the Medical Section. Plus the "referral" portion of the system leaves much to be desired, with outside recommendations running into tens of weeks and more to even see a specialist, resulting in countless extra surgeries, lost time, abuse, etc.

Of course, it could be a complete disaster, too. We kind of lean that way just because we know how the city operates things.


Channel 7 - Racist Racist Racist

The thieves over at Channel 7 seem to have been hijacked by some law-and-order types:
  • Police took a person into custody Sunday evening after a fight between two people that started in a CTA Red Line station and continued into the Dan Ryan Expressway, state police said.

    The fight started in the 35th Street station and one of the individuals ran across the tracks, jumped the fence and ran into northbound lanes of the expressway.
  • A man and woman have been charged with attacking Chicago paramedics at a CTA station.

    Robert Adams and Cherise Finley attacked the paramedics Sunday night on the Harrison Red Line platform in the 600-block of S. State Street, police said.
  • Surveillance photos of the three men accused of attempted to rob a woman inside the 43rd street CTA Green Line station last month were released on Monday.
  • A police pursuit ended in a crash Tuesday afternoon on the outbound Eisenhower Expressway near Kostner Avenue on the city's West Side.

    At about 4:45 p.m., the vehicle being pursued by police crashed into a semi-truck. Then three men jumped out and ran away.

    Two people were taken into custody, according to Chicago police.
And the link to the police chase, car crash and apprehension of one of the two offenders.

A whole lot of minority faces being broadcast across the Chicago airwaves...all associated with crime. That certainly doesn't fit in with the prevailing narrative that the police are to blame for all the city's ills. They aren't going to find many political friends with this new attitude.

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Oh, Poor Baby

You might think that after the first three or four trips to prison, someone might have learned something, but we guess not:
  • Tina Hunt had gone to the Cook County criminal courthouse at 26th Street and California Avenue to attend her son's court appearance in November 2013 when she found herself in a dispute with sheriff's deputies.

    After she was taken into custody, a sheriff's deputy charged that she kicked him in the shin during a struggle in a lockup at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    On Wednesday, the 49-year-old grandmother is scheduled to return to the same courthouse to be sentenced for her felony conviction for aggravated battery of a peace officer.

    With convictions for two violent crimes decades ago, Hunt faces a mandatory minimum of six years in prison, even though the deputy testified at trial that the kick didn't hurt and left no marks on his shin. The harsh penalty is the result of Illinois' version of the "three-strikes" law.

    "It hurts bad," Hunt told a Tribune reporter at her home on Chicago's West Side as tears streamed down her face. "If I go to the penitentiary for six years, I'm going to lose everything I have, my Section 8 (housing), my (government disability) check, my freedom."
You mean you lose everything the taxpayers have been giving you for years without you taking a single step to better yourself, your situation, your life. It was never really "yours." A pretty poor rate-of-return we imagine. Prison might not be any cheaper, but it will be more satisfying to the taxpayers who might finally see something for their money - like a tiny statistical drop in crime.


Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Collateral Damage

  • A young woman killed by a stray bullet in the Heart of Chicago neighborhood is one of the city's latest victims of gun violence.

    Aaren O'Connor had recently moved from California here to Chicago for a new job and to be with her long-distance boyfriend. Her father says he didn't want her to go because of the city's violence problem.

    "I pleaded with her when she told me she was going to go to Chicago," her father said. "I said there are much safer places for you to be."

    Now, David O'Connor is living the nightmare he always feared. His daughter Aaren was killed on the streets of Chicago after moving here from California.

    The 25-year-old brand manager was hit in the head in the 2100-block of W. 21st street by a stray bullet, police say, while sitting in her car Friday after getting home from work.
Not a safe neighborhood by any stretch of the imagination. It's certainly unfortunate that Rahm cut the number of police by over 1,200, hasn't hired to keep pace with attrition resulting in further shortages, and then made an agreement with the ACLU to prevent the remnants of the Department to actually do their jobs safely and effectively.


Hypocrite, Thy Name is Michael

A bunch of people noticed and chimed in:
  • Wasn't Pfleger whining about how cops ought to just "do their jobs properly," then as soon as they did their jobs properly, couldn't wait to start whining about them doing their jobs?
What an asshole this guy is. We mean more than normal assholes are.

He's like an asshole squared. At least


Kicking the Can?

  • Chicago’s troubled public school system on Wednesday had to slash the size of one of the biggest "junk" bond offerings the municipal market has seen in years and agree to pay interest costs rivaling Puerto Rico’s in order to lure investors into the deal.

    The Chicago Board of Education managed to sell only $725 million of an originally planned $795.5 million of tax-exempt bonds, and yields on the deal topped out at 8.5 percent, a massive premium relative to higher-rated debt sold in the U.S. municipal bond market and a clear indication of investors’ view of the depths of the district’s fiscal woes.

    Wednesday’s sale came a week after the school system had to pull the deal in its first attempt at an offering amid worry by investors that the district could end up in bankruptcy.

    The nation's third-largest public school system has become dependent on borrowing to bolster its budget, which is sinking under escalating pension payments, despite credit ratings that have dropped into the "junk" level.

    The 8.5 percent yield for bonds due in 2044 with a 7 percent coupon was slightly below the 8.727 yield for 21-year bonds in the municipal market's last big junk bond sale - a $3.5 billion Puerto Rico issue in March 2014.
This was last week, and they couldn't even sell the complete run, which we suppose is a good thing. Selling three-quarters-of-a-billion in debt that won't be paid off for almost  30 years gives us plenty of time to flee the state and make sure our progeny are far from this ground zero.



Got this e-mail almost two weeks ago:
  • Hi SCC: I know from reading the blog your main interest is in covering Police matters,however I had a thought that I'd like to share with you. The current situation in Flint MI concerning the tap water and the fact that every home is connected to the city water main via lead pipe. A move is afoot to replace ALL lead connections to ensure safe drinking water, guess what major city has the same lead connections?? If you said Chicago you get a shiny new dime. I think the media in the city is sitting on this fact. I am sure, as you are that the 9 1/2 fingered prick reads the blog each and every day, bringing this fact out on the blog would cause him to go into full blown panic mode.
This was from a veteran city employee - many decades of service - who recently retired. We filed it away to use, possibly in a sarcastic vein given the massive amount of lead that was, is and will continue to be flying through the air around town. Then this appeared in the Tribune yesterday:
  • More than two years after federal researchers found high levels of lead in homes where water mains had been replaced or new meters installed, city officials still do little to caution Chicagoans about potential health risks posed by work that Mayor Rahm Emanuel is speeding up across the city.

    In a peer-reviewed study, researchers at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found alarming levels of the brain-damaging metal can flow out of household faucets for years after construction work disrupts service lines that connect buildings to the city's water system. Nearly 80 percent of the properties in Chicago are hooked up to service lines made of lead.

    The study also found the city's testing protocols — based on federal rules — are likely to miss high concentrations of lead in drinking water.
So lead poisoning seems to be a citywide issue - if it isn't flying through the air, it's flowing through your pipes.


Monday, February 08, 2016

Pflger Whines Some More

  • Father Michael Pfleger says a Chicago Police officer issued parking tickets to his parishioners during services at Saint Sabina this weekend.

    Pfleger says the church’s main parking lot is blocked off by the city due to street construction and some who legally parked on Throop Street between 78th and 79th received tickets.

    “I’ve come to find out since that the same officer, the same star number who gave them out yesterday gave them out today and I want to see the officer,” Pfleger told WBBM. “I want to get behind why he decided to target St. Sabina Church.”

    In response, Chicago Police News Affairs said, “We can confirm that two tickets were written today in that area around 12:30 p.m. One ticket was for parking in a crosswalk and the other was for parking in a no park zone.”
Um, because "courtesy" only extends so far. Parking in crosswalks and in No Parking Zones is illegal every day, every week, all the time...unless you go to St. Sabina evidently.But of course, rules are for other people (or folks) down in that part of town.


Carnage Continues

  • Four people including two 15-year-old boys were shot in the Englewood neighborhood Sunday evening and two people were shot, one fatally, in the Humboldt Park neighborhood, Chicago police said.
  • A fight on a River North sidewalk early Sunday morning spilled into the street and left one man dead.

    Chicago Police said two men got into a verbal altercation at around 4:20 a.m. near the intersection of Hubbard and State.

    News Affairs said one hit the other in the head and the victim fell into the street. Police said the offender walked away and a Ford Sedan ran over the victim, who was lying on the ground.
We should be well over last year's February totals by Wednesday or so.




UPDATE: Best Comment so far - "Garry Poppins!"


This Makes Perfect Sense

  • A Texas newspaper announced its plans Saturday to publish the names and addresses of every San Antonio police officer following a deadly officer-involved shooting last week.

    Stephanie Zarriello, publisher of the weekly tabloid San Antonio Observer, said Antronie Scott had been “unjustly murdered,” Fox San Antonio reported. She described Scott as being in “a position of surrender” when he was shot and killed on Feb. 4 by Officer John Lee, a 10-year veteran of the police force.

    [...] "Just as the names and addresses of sex offenders are publicized in order to protect the public from their wicked behavior, we feel that our community has the right to the exact same level of protection," said Zarriello.
That didn't work out too well for New York Times reporter Julie Bosman who published Darren Wilson's address following his fully justified shooting of a felonious assailant in Ferguson. She demanded and was denied CPD protection, though we assume she would be more than welcome to qualify for a Concealed Carry license and buy her own gun (pending a criminal background check). We would certainly support and defend the San Antonio Police if they undertook a similar such effort.


Sunday, February 07, 2016

McCompStat to England?

  • Former Chicago police chief Garry McCarthy — famously tough on gun crime, gangs and anti-social behaviour — warned that the capital should expect a shake-up if he gets the job.

    Last week The Sun on Sunday told how 56-year-old McCarthy was one of five foreign police bosses being touted to replace under-fire Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe.

    In an exclusive interview with The Sun on Sunday, McCarthy said: “I endorse the idea of having fresh eyes come and look at how the Metropolitan Police operates. If something is working well, I wouldn’t make changes for the sake of it. But one of my mottos has always been: ‘If it’s not broken, how can we make it go faster?’
Good luck London - you'll need it.


More Silly Calls

A few more of the ones people sent in:

It's a string lady. Kid is fine.

Um, yeah. Fire refused, but notify Animal Control squad.

Rectum? Damn near killed him. Anyone need a court date that bad?


Saturday, February 06, 2016

D.O.J. Document Dump

Everyone just got a letter from the Department in their e-mail. The Department of Justice just got thousands, tens-of-thousands, maybe more of documents so they can "evaluate" the CPD. Among the documents:
  • A list of internal complaints of misconduct against CPD employees, including the employee’s name, date, type(s) of misconduct alleged, name of employee, and any tracking or identifying number of signifier.

    A list of civilian complaints of misconduct against CPD employees, including the employee’s name, date, type(s) of misconduct alleged, name of employee, and any tracking or identifying number or signifier.

    A list of all current or former CPD employees recommended for termination or other disciplinary or corrective action, the reason for the recommended disciplinary or corrective action, whether disciplinary or corrective action was imposed, and the nature and duration of any discipline or corrective action imposed.

    A list of each incident in which a CPD employee used force, including the report number or other tracking number or signifier, date of the use of force incident, district in which the incident took place, type(s) of force used in the incident, and any injuries to CPD employees and/or members of the public.

    A list of incidents in which CPD officers were involved that resulted in injuries to suspects, members of the public, and police officers, including report number or other tracking number or signifier, and date.
That pretty much sounds like all CR files, SPAR files, TRR's and associated files like Taser usage and IOD's.

It certainly would be interesting if someone from the D.O.J. subpoenaed "merit" lists and tried to determine how certain people "earned" a promotion out-of-rank order.

It would be even more interesting to see if the D.O.J. could cross-reference those "merit" people with CR files...and assorted lawsuits at the State and Federal levels.


Something Odd Here

  • Teachers for Chicago Public Schools took to the streets Thursday to fight for a new contract, days after bargaining-team members rejected an offer from the Board of Education.

    Hundreds of teachers took over LaSalle Street, between Monroe and Adams, CBS 2’s [...] reports.

    Teachers tell her they planned to march north to Chicago City Hall to express anger over CPS’s threats to cut $100 million from the budget, which would include layoffs affecting the classroom.
Okay, you'd think that someone with math skills might tell the teachers there is no money coming, and the State is broke and the free-pension ride they've been getting is most likely ending. But that wasn't what caught our eye. See if you spot it:
  • A group of protesters were observed being arrested at Bank of America. Chicago Teachers Union officials blame the financial institution for bad investments that have helped hurt the shaky finances of the school system.

    Sixteen protesters were arrested in the 100 block of S LaSalle, Chicago Police said. Misdemeanor charges for trespassing were pending.
Wait - people got arrested? For trespassing? When were we allowed to do this again? Because after the downtown #blm protests, the Battery to Police caught on video, the blocking of entrances to businesses and the blocking and closing of the Credit Union, we just figured that we weren't allowed to arrest people for this stuff any more.

Now suddenly we can? And sixteen at a time?

What changed?

Oh, right. Certain laws for certain people (or folks.) And other laws for the normal, usually law-abiding people who won't, you know, make a big deal out of it and riot.

Ain't hypocrisy great?


February Looking Bad

Someone posted earlier today that for all of last year, February saw 20 murders.

For February 2016, we're already at 15 or 17 six days in.

The ACLU is blaming Global Warming at the moment.

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Friday, February 05, 2016

New Lieutenants

Thirty-six sergeants making the jump up the ladder. Post the list if you have it.

UPDATE: Five from IAD?

UPDATE: Eight out of thirty-six from Patrol? How many "merit" picks does 35th Street get? Oh yeah, none if you have the answers to the test. There are a lot of funny connections on the list - quite a few spouses of Subject Matter Experts in the mix.


Gage Park Massacre

  • The bodies of five adults and one child were found at a home on Chicago's Southwest Side Thursday afternoon, according to police.

    Officers performed a well-being check at a Gage Park house about 1:05 p.m. in the 5700 block of South California after a co-worker of a man who lives in the house said he had not shown up for two days.

    During the check, police said they discovered the bodies of four men, one woman and one child around the age of 10 or 12 of an unknown sex who lived in the home.
While we have seen (and expect to see) human depravity on this job, we highly recommend that any officer, ET, detective, anyone who had to work this scene, keep an eye on each other and if necessary, avail yourself of any assistance offered by the Department. Sure, we have a very dark sense of humor and a "whistle-past-the-graveyard" mentality, but things stick in your head and fester there. Post-traumatic stress is real and it can lead you to all sorts of bad decisions.

We know the chaplains showed up at the lagoon where infant parts were scattered for the officers and marine unit people and EAP was there on and off. A lot of people were very thankful for that in the comment sections. Hopefully, the help is available.


Computer Hack Expands

It's getting bigger with no end in sight:
  • We had 8 additional computers in my unit go down today - that's on top of the others that were previously infected. Over half our computers are now infected. [...] The City is now admitting our computers have been compromised, but is still doing nothing to either notify or protect the officers. Please, urge all officers to check their credit reports regularly for a while, and invest in identity theft protection. There is absolutely no guidance on this from the Dept, and this is already Day 6 of a massive hack (it began overnight on Thursday). The Dept does NOT have your back, whether it's on the street or in your financial/identity security.

    [...] Unisys was out to our location and advised there was nothing they could do on their end and that the department basically owns the problem. Unisys stopped supporting Windows XP in 2014, the Dept ignored their request to modernize, and Unizys no longer has the expertise to work with out antiquated systems.
The brilliant I.T. leadership of the Department, trying to get by on the cheap, just cost the city millions upon millions of dollars that don't exist. Well done!


Hold My Knife!

This is having our backs?
  • Just like Escalante stopping at a job, writing up 2 beat cars and 1 sgt for not displaying their beat tags ? Oh, and it was Sunday and he was off duty. That for sure is not a big issue, since these 3 cars had PO made paper tags that didn't last. Its only a bit of paper. But the REAL issue here is the Sup now looking for little bullshit to ding Officers while handling a job. Hard to believe the Head Honcho Poncho (no pun intended)has nothing more important to figure out, think about, look for, than to go after beat tags. A bit of moral support would have been better served !
Evidently Mr Six hasn't called down to Electronic and Motor Maintenance lately, where getting a replacement beat tag is like pulling a tooth. They've actually refused to produce more beat tags for many districts, so coppers are reduced to making paper tags...and we all know how they stand up to a Chicago winter. It must have been too difficult to pull the officers and their sergeant aside, check and see what the deal was, see if the tag dissolved in the weather and why EMMD stopped supplying tags when requested.

Nope, just write 'em up and tell everyone that he has their back.


Taser Taser Taser

Didn't a former supernintendo of the CPD end up working for Taser International?
  • Nearly 800 Tasers are being shipped to the Chicago Police Department to help cut down on deadly police shootings under a five-year $10 million contract with Taser International.

    The city just signed a contract with Taser and announced Thursday that more than 780 Tasers will arrive in Chicago soon. By June 1, every officer responding to calls for service will have one, police say.

    The additional number of Tasers brings the department's total to almost 1,500.
Now tell everyone that people armed with knives or bats still fall into the category of "assailant with a deadly weapon" and by law, are met with deadly force. Or is that not part of "having our backs"?

Then there's this:
  • But Richard Wooten, who heads up a group of retired African American cops, says Tasers are not the answer.

    "We're not thrilled about the Tasers. One thing about the Tasers, first of all in the winter time, they are less effective because of the layers of clothing," said Wooten, of the Gathering Point Community Council. "It doesn't have the impact that it would in the summer time. Secondly, you don't know the medical condition of the person you're utilizing the TASERS on."

    Wooten said he believes bean bag guns would be better, less harmful tools.

    "The bean bag gun is a non-lethal form, but it is much more effective than a Taser," Wooten said.
First of all, why does a retiree have anything to do with dictating current policy?

Second, bean bags are the ticket. What's the worst that could happen? John Kass could write a year's worth of articles on you shooting someone with a bean bag round that kills someone? Oh wait......


Pfleger's Pfacebook

Yes, we saw the flag. That's just typical Pfleger being an asshole. Thanks to the dozen's who sent it in. He also posted this on his Pfacebook the other day:

Once again, no one is standing down because of "negativity." Any "stand down" is directly attributable to an aversion to being suspended or fired for doing the job while being micromanaged and examined in ways that would embarrass a proctology doctor. Most coppers are doing it correctly, and they're still being second guessed by bosses, revs and politicians.

And of course, a lot of this is directly connected to the bullshit Mikey has been peddling for years while keeping his own administration in Chicago and Rome cowed with threats and intimidation. Whatever, we're sick of this asshole, but we stopped contributing to any church functions years ago aside from Pfleger Dollars. Our generosity extends to the Chaplains now, no one else.


Thursday, February 04, 2016

Bullshit Survey

Talk about your agenda-driven writing, this "survey" is a prime example:
  • A Tribune poll released Wednesday shows that Chicago has a terrible problem with police-citizen relations: Most Chicagoans — 70 percent of all respondents — said they don't believe police officers treat all citizens fairly. Nearly as many — 64 percent — said cover-ups and a code of silence in the Chicago Police Department are widespread problems.
Really? And how many of these respondents have actually had contact with the police recently? We'd hate to assume that they're making this sort of judgement based solely on the media coverage these past few months.
  • The MacDonald video - the move to "suppress" it until after an election - that choice wasn't made by anyone in the Department not wearing a gold star;
  • The lack of audio is a direct result of shitty equipment with zero maintenance performed by ill-equipped staff due to the city going with a low-bid. Not a single decision there was made by anyone in the Department below the rank of Deputy;
  • The December shooting of an assailant with a bat that resulted in the tragic death of an innocent is something every cop we've spoken with regrets immensely. Every single officer hopes it never happens to us. But it was by all accounts an accident. That isn't the fault of thousands of coppers who do a great job day-in-and-day-out;
  • Koschman wasn't perpetrated by anyone driving a patrol car or working in a District or even working in Patrol. That was a political decision made by political people. You think it's a coincidence that multiple merit promotees left before being fired? That a clouted lieutenant who beat a sex abuse case out-of-state was in a position to make decisions driving the entire investigation and in fact, removed files from the Area so they couldn't be found for months?
  • The decades worth of decisions to "settle at any cost" instead of fighting cases in court where evidence could be presented not only justifying, but clearing false accusations against officers wasn't made at the levels we work. J-Fled (of all people) proved you can put plaintiff attorneys in a financial bind by fighting the nonsense cases and putting scumbags on notice that the City will come after them for costs when they lose. Rahm wasted no time in returning to the days of "settle everything." Otherwise he wouldn't get all those political contributions spread throughout the Machine.
Did the Tribune perchance show any of the survey respondents this graphic?

Or mentioned the fact that of the 2,995 people catching bullets in Chicago last year, only 25 were shot by the police, which works out to eighty-three-point-five hundredths of a percent - not even one-full-percent.

But police are the problem and not the political structure they work under? We think the Tribune is asking the wrong questions, but if Rahm tells them he needs cover in order to "govern," well, we guess the Tribune is going to ask "How High Mr. Mayor?"

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Dispersal Order Dead?

We've had a couple bullshit sessions at certain establishments over the past few weeks and so have a lot of other coppers we know of. Some have written us, others have commented. We go this e-mail recently. We're trimming it down considerably for space and ease of reading:
  • Good morning, Just wanted to give you an idea for a post about something the bosses are now telling the po's in roll call this week. LT. [...] on 3rd watch has been preaching since the first of the year that if we do any ISR reports we are out of our minds and we are crazy. That the ACLU has been contacting people and asking them questions about why they were stopped and if the got their receipt.
    It's obvious their clearly fishing to make an example of a police officer. He specifically said on more than one occasion that just being a member of a gang is not enough reasonable suspicion to conduct an Investigatory street stop (which he is 100% correct on)

    This week in roll call he tells the troops that the department wants us to start doing gang dispersals. I read the g.o. on the ISR took the training and read the small white card on how to complete the gang dispersal  From what I read the directions from the card on gang dispersals is a direct violation of the ISR General order. Being a gang member is not enough reasonable suspicion to conduct a street stop. Therefore to conduct a stop for a gang dispersal is a clear violation of their civil rights when a po has no reasonable belief a crime has occurred is occurring or is about to occur.
Standing on a street corner is something the ACLU has defended for years. We pretty much can't even enforce loitering restrictions due to Freedom of Assembly laws. And belonging to a gang, well, that's another ACLU trigger - Freedom of Association.

If you pull-up on the corner, those two items aren't enough to justify any sort of stop and/or frisk. Unless they're openly dealing dope or obstructing traffic (and they'd be morons if they were doing it right in front of you), what do you have? Zip. You might park a short distance away and observe them (no binoculars - that's not allowed), but this is what the ACLU, the city and the revrunds wanted.

If you're in one of the so-called "faster" districts, that radio isn't going to stop broadcasting. You've got another two jobs stacked and once the weather warms up, barely time for lunch. Your job is to patrol and that's what you'll be returning to. Maybe an ANOV for littering or pissing in the alley, maybe a mover or two you happen to see, maybe some parkers on your beat. But investigating the dope boys? No desire to be stuck doing an hour worth of paper on a stop you might spend ten minutes on. We would call it a "poor rate of return," that is to say the downside far outweighs any benefit to the individual officer. But the bosses have started up with their "numbers driven policing" again, even though they'll never actually give you a number to shut them up.

So what is the feeling here? Does the ISR order pretty much eliminate the Gang/Narcotic Loitering order as a tool to disperse hoodlums on the corners? And more importantly, does this lack of direction have a direct consequence of raising the number of homicides, since the corners are now full of targets? Did we just find De-Escalante's missing puzzle piece?


Quotas Start Up

Anyone from the Saturation Team care to comment?
  • The Lt from saturation sent an email telling the sat guys that they are not bringing in enough activity , that traffic doesn't count, and if they want to keep their spot they need to do street stops and bring in ISRs.
It sure looks like the Sat Team is under the gun to come up with a number, or if you prefer, a "quota," in order to keep their spot.

We will donate an additional $25 to the Police Chaplains this month in the name of any member of the Sat Team who forwards us this e-mail, complete with headings and names. We will delete the names in the "TO" section, but we make no promises regarding the name in the "FROM" return address section.


End of the Road?

  • The Chicago Police Department took action Wednesday to fire a police lieutenant and suspend two other officers for their handling of the 2004 homicide investigation of David Koschman, who died after a struggle with the nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley, according to the department.

    In a statement released Wednesday, interim Police Superintendent John Escalante said he is seeking the termination of Lt. Denis Walsh and a one-year, unpaid suspension for Sgt. Sam Cirone who “did not properly follow department policies” when they were investigating the death of David Koschman.

    The department has filed charges with the Chicago Police Board after which the board will schedule a status date for the officers.

    Also Wednesday, Escalante announced a one-year suspension without pay for a third officer, Det. Nicholas Spanos. That action does not require the police board's approval. Spanos has 10 work days to decide whether to accept the punishment, file a grievance or appeal with the police board.
The big big bosses (most of them) left already after being presented with an ultimatum - retire or face Departmental charges, thereby endangering your pension. All three that stayed face the noose alone.You play the political game, you take the political risks, you might end up a sacrifice on the political altar.


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