Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Opportunity

Never let a crisis go to waste (click for a larger version):

Introducing....the Rahm-dola. Your gondolier will sing you and your date from a wide selection of Dean Martin's Greatest hits while poling your boat through the Chicago River-Swim. Scented candles are a MUST. Make sure you are up-to-date on all your shots.


Well Done Dart

Looks like Sheriff Dart has, once again, cost the county taxpayers millions of dollars:
  • After years of litigation over the 2012 firing of a single Cook County sheriff’s police officer, dozens of other officers, jail guards and courtroom deputies fired for misconduct could get their jobs back, and hundreds more suspended without pay could be in line for possibly six-figure payouts.

    The state Supreme Court last month declined to consider an appeal of a lower court ruling that found Sheriff Tom Dart and the Cook County Board improperly appointed members to the Sheriff’s Merit Board, which hands out firings and suspensions for sheriff’s sworn personnel.

    The decision raises questions about hundreds of disciplinary cases brought by Dart, who has aggressively filed charges against officers, deputies and guards during his nearly 10 years in office. The ruling has caused an “administrative and bureaucratic mess” that might take years to unravel, said Cara Smith, Dart’s chief policy officer.

    The ruling affects cases that date back at least until 2011, and the sheriff’s and state’s attorney’s offices are researching whether earlier board appointments could affect even more cases, Smith said.
Perhaps Dart should institute some sort of "pizza tax" to pay for his mismanagement and malfeasance?

Time for a new sheriff....and a serious look at disbanding large portions of County government.


Chicago is Safe?

  • Despite Chicago’s alarming, if select, murder statistics and routine singling out by President Donald Trump for gun violence, this lakeside metropolis was just ranked one of the safest cities in the world.

    The Economist Intelligence Unit, a London-based research firm affiliated with the Economist magazine, named Chicago to its 2017 Safe Cities Index, issued Thursday — one of only three US cities to crack the top 20 — largely based on advances in digital security.

    The annual ranking assesses 60 global cities using four factors: personal safety, health security, digital security and the safety of infrastructure.
Well, we certainly feel safer...digitally speaking. But that doesn't mean we aren't carrying a gun most places. And it certainly doesn't mean shit if you're a 64-year-old school teacher walking down a neighborhood street and someone decides to launch a dozen or more shots at a rival and you happen to be standing downrange. Certainly, your chances are better in certain parts of town. But a 1-in-500 chance is still a chance most people aren't happy with.


Stop Pandering to the NFL

Is Leo "WHOOOOOOOOOOOO" Flair still in charge of the Illinois State Police? And is he still providing escorts to the NFL babies? Because the NFL is dead to us:
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell signaled last week that a change in policy regarding standing for the national anthem would be approved by team owners at the annual fall meeting next week.

    But the players and their allies in the media pushed back -- hard. Now it appears that Goodell and the players union will codify a policy that will allow kneeling or any other protest during the playing of the anthem. And the league will justify it by using the NFL brand as a "platform to both raise awareness and make progress on issues of social justice and equality in this country."

    In other words, a total, complete cave to the players.
Goodell has almost completely destroyed the NFL's public image. And it leads to this:
  • Fans booed New Orleans Saints players who knelt before the presentation of the American flag and the singing of the national anthem Sunday at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

    The boos rang down during a moment of silence for fallen NOPD officer Marcus McNeil, who was killed in the line of duty Friday.
The Officer killed:

Officer Marcus McNeil, 29, EOW- Oct. 13, 2017.

Kind of blows the NFL narrative out of the water.

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Monday, October 16, 2017

Use of Force Rollout

Today, at 1300 hours, the new Use of Force rules roll out.

The military has expression - Time Over Target. It's the amount of time an aircraft spends over a designated spot to conduct a mission.

The paperwork alone for a single Use of Force incident is going to keep officers and their supervisors off the street for hours on end, denying the community hours of police coverage - Time Over Target. We'll have to see if it has any impact on operations, missions, or crime statistics.

We eagerly await reports from the front lines regarding the new TRR's and assorted justifications that have to be documented and the issues that will arise departmentally, judicially, legally.

We can almost guarantee the the amount of paperwork is going to give further lie to the "paperless department" we were promised decades ago.


Nice Drainage Rahm

That was quite a bit of rain this weekend:

That's how many millions of tax dollars under water? And no one could get authorization to open the locks to drain the river into the lake?


Rahm Discovers More Money!

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel will dedicate about $27.4 million to Chicago Police reform in his 2018 budget proposal, as the city continues rehabbing the beleaguered department’s image in the wake of the Laquan McDonald shooting scandal and a scathing Justice Department probe.

    “With this investment, the city of Chicago is making a down payment on police reform,” Emanuel said in a statement Friday, less than a week before his annual budget address to the City Council.

    The $24 million jump in funding compared to last year is set aside for “enhanced training, reform implementation, officer wellness and community policing,” according to the mayor’s office, which didn’t specify where the funding will come from, other than to say it’s part of the city’s full spending package.
$24 million appearing out of thin air should make anyone paying attention ask a lot of questions.

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Nice City There Rahm

Run up the white flag Rahm, this one is all on you (and your massive manpower cuts that dis-proportionally effect "low crime" areas):
  • Cynthia and John Trevillion, both longtime teachers at the Chicago Waldorf School in Rogers Park, were trying to catch a train at the Morse CTA station, a few blocks from their home, to meet up with friends Friday night.

    At the sound of rapid gunshots, John quickly dropped to the ground. But Cynthia, 64, didn’t make it in time. She was fatally hit in the head and pronounced dead at Presence St. Francis Hospital in Evanston just before 7:20 p.m. An autopsy Saturday determined she died of a gunshot wound to the head and neck and her death was ruled a homicide, officials said.
Kass takes the mayor to task (via Kass's social media page that an e-mailer sent us:
  • She was a teacher, walking with her husband, and was slaughtered in Chicago's gang wars that City Hall can't stop. Squabbling with Trump gives City Hall cover and makes for news. But people are dying. Forget the politics. Do your jobs. Mayor Emanuel, your first job is to keep order. hundreds of murders, thousands of shootings, most unsolved. that's not order. that's how cities die.
  • The mayor's office wants you to call it gun violence. That suits City Hall politicians. But it is gang violence. And the bloody street gang wars that City Hall can't control claimed another innocent life. 64 year old woman walking toward the "L" in Rogers Park when they opened fire. "They just shot that girl like it was nothing,” a witness told the Chicago Tribune. “I can’t believe what I just saw.” Believe it. Wake up Chicago
  • Enough. And don't blame this on cops. We've told the cops through various means, most of it political and ugly, to stay in their cars. This is on the politicians. City Hall, either do something or go.
It's going to be an ugly few years.

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Go While You're Upright

  • A spokesman for the Chicago Police Department said Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson briefly fainted at an event for law enforcement Friday.

    Spokesman [...] said while Johnson was at an event in Springfield, he briefly experienced lightheadedness and fell on stage. Johnson got up and was taken to an area hospital for a routine evaluation.

    Doctor determined the spell was caused by Johnson's blood pressure medication, which was taken without eating.
Ed, while we appreciate using you as a comedic foil, you're not a spring chicken. You've just had life altering surgery, you're on more medications than many of our surviving junkies, and you're a newly wed.

Time to hang it up, let someone else take the abuse. Don't let poor judgement kill you.


Who Needs These?

From the comments:
  • OT...but Interesting.

    I work in City Hall (Oh...Not a Cop btw..) and noticed the Department of Finance take in a rather large delivery of Bullet Proof vests from Point Blank Inc.

    Are they getting ready to arm the damn PEA's and Booters?
Interesting to say the least.


Saturday, October 14, 2017


Two very important stories on HeyJackass.com this weekend. First, the statistics:
  • Shot & Killed: 517
    Shot & Wounded: 2479
    Total Shot: 2996
    Total Homicides: 556
So sometime Friday or Saturday, Chicago is doubtless to pass 3,000 shot. Congratulations!

Second, this little tidbit:
  • The citizenry is now tied with the police for the most justifiable homicides this year with 10 each.
  • Police say the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Pleasure Cardell Singleton Jr. was a case of self-defense, and the woman who shot him will not be charged.

    The woman shot Singleton after he stabbed her multiple times Thursday afternoon in a domestic fight in his West Side Lawndale neighborhood home, Chicago Police said.

    About 4:05 p.m. Oct. 5, Singleton, a father of three, was shot in the chest after he stabbed the 25-year-old woman multiple times in the 4000 block of West 21st Street, police said.
That is a statistic that might trouble the politicians and social-justice crowd - citizens actually taking responsibility for their own safety and justifiably killing their assailants? What the Hell is this, America or something?

Keep up the good work Citizens.

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Of Course Foxxx Objected

  • Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx’s office opposes the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the death of a man fatally shot by a Chicago police officer six years ago, court records show.

    Flint Farmer was unarmed when he was shot and killed by then-Officer [GS] in June 2011 in an on-duty incident captured in part by a police dashboard camera. The Chicago Tribune broke the story that fall after learning the Farmer shooting was [GS]'s third — and second fatal one — in a six-month span.


    In a written response, the state’s attorney’s office revealed that prosecutors re-investigated the Farmer case after Foxx won election and again found that there was not enough evidence to support charges against [GS].

    Prosecutors also rejected Farmer’s claim that an inherent conflict of interest exists when prosecutors investigate police-involved shootings — a position Foxx supported on the campaign trail.

    But since taking office in December, Foxx has implemented new “protocols” to ensure that police shootings are reviewed in “an expeditious and thorough manner,” the filing said.
Foxxx knows her reputation is built on convicting coppers. She's been at the scenes of a few shootings so far and often leaves in a huff when it's clear that the shooting was completely justified. This particular shooting still has political potential, so Foxxx wants to keep it nice and close where she can claim credit if it goes her way.

Remember, Foxxx needs scalps to run on. Just like COPA needs heads mounted on their trophy wall to justify the time and money Rahm is spending on them.


More Money for Rats

  • Vowing to step up the city's efforts get Chicago's exploding rat population under control, Mayor Rahm Emanuel Friday proposed spending an additional $1 million to get rid of the disease-ridden vermin.

    That budget boost will allow the city to add five crews of workers charged with reducing the number of disease-ridden critters scurrying through Chicago's streets and alleys, officials said. That will bring the number of rat control crews to 30 in 2018, officials said.

    In the spring of 2016, the city had eight rat control crews, records show.
Rahm had slashed the Rat Patrol in an effort to balance the books that Shortshanks had left so far out of whack, that Shanks had to retire rather than face defeat or indictment. Rats however, just keep on doing what they do best - breeding and spreading disease, and now Rahm is stuck spending far more than he should have (or actually has) controlling a problem that was, by most accounts, controlled.

But remember, Police Overtime is the driving force behind all that is politically inconvenient.


Friday, October 13, 2017

More Wasted Overtime

Hey Andy Shaw, how about this OT? (from our e-mail):
  • Another Thursday come and gone and CompStat was a rousing success.

    In attendance were all sorts of Chiefs, Deputy Chiefs, and Commanders.

    Also just about every XO in the city, who either had hours adjusted or received overtime, not to mention Lietenants working out of grade a Commanding Officers.

    Countless Lieutenants, including one from every watch for the District/Area up for review. That's a whole bunch of overtime since each got around 4 hours.

    And then there's the "statistic people" in every front office racking up Overtime to get binders full of info for the meetings and produce a lot of paperwork, all of which will be filed, stored or shredded, never to be seen again - it takes a lot of overtime to compile all those binders.
Has anyone ever worked out how much a CompStat meeting costs? We're sure it's significant.


More OT for Cubs?

Did they mobilize last year for the Championship Series?

Or was that only tactical teams?

It's been so long, we forgot.

Ferguson is already trying to ban OT.

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Good Idea, Bad Execution

  • Police rushed to the scene of what they thought was an active shooter in West Town on Wednesday morning — only to learn the incident was a drill.

    About 8:30 a.m., officers were called to a health center in the 1700 block of West Superior Street because there were reports of an active shooter, said Chicago Police Department spokesman [...]. Multiple calls were made to 911 about the shooter, [...], but once officers arrived they learned the incident was a drill.

    The Police Department wasn't consulted about the drill....
We understand the need to drill, but we also know that unless the CPD is told about the drill, then we are going to act as if it is real life.



Open enrollment packages are arriving in the mail and this is what readers are seeing:

"So Proud to Call Chicago Home" that they use a picture of London cops?

We feel so appreciated.


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Nolle Pros = Lawsuit?

  • The war on cops is moving from the streets to the U.S. Supreme Court. Last week, the Justices heard a case that threatens police officers with financial ruin if they make arrests and the charges later get dropped.

    It started with a late night bash. District of Columbia police officers were called by neighbors at 1 a.m. to investigate a rowdy party at an unoccupied row house. The police found 21 partygoers, liquor, trash, and used condoms strewn about, the smell of marijuana, and women with cash stuffed in their thongs. The partygoers scattered, hiding in closets.

    When questioned, some told police “Peaches had invited them.” Some gave other stories. The police phoned “Peaches,” who admitted not having the owner’s permission to use the house. The police then called the owner, who confirmed no one had permission. Two hours after being summoned, the police made the decision to arrest the partygoers for trespassing — the judgment call at issue in this case.

    The charges were later dropped, because it wasn’t clear beyond a reasonable doubt the partygoers knew they were trespassing. But sixteen turned around and sued the police for false arrest and violating their constitutional rights.
Luckily, President Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and this suit should die an ignominious death:
  • The justices should put a stop to it. Fortunately, the Court has a long record of protecting the police from legal liability, provided there’s no evidence of malice or a deliberate violation of the Constitution.

    If merely making an arrest puts cops at risk of getting sued and clobbered with legal fees and damage awards, what police officer will ever make an arrest? One mistake could mean losing their home and everything else. Faced with that risk, who would ever want to be a cop?
But in case you were wondering what the end-game is of the ACLU and Rahm's "consent decree:"
  • Twenty-six states and the federal Justice Department are weighing in with a strong warning that allowing the lower court ruling to stand would have “vast consequences” for law enforcement everywhere. On the other side, the American Civil Liberties Union is pushing to shrink or even eliminate the police’s legal immunity. The ACLU wants police to have no room for error.


Money Saving Idea

Hey Rahm? You want to increase the number of officers on the street? Officers with a lot of years under their belts? And at the same time, cut some dead weight out of the upper echelons? Follow the lead of the Dallas PD:
  • The Dallas Police Department is about to undergo a shake-up — including possible demotions — to put more officers on patrol.

    Hundreds of officers have left the department in the last year, leaving fewer officers working the streets. In that time, officers have been slower to respond to emergency calls.

    Chief U. Renee Hall said Monday she plans to significantly reduce the number of assistant chiefs and deputy chiefs who oversee the department. She is also considering reducing the number of detectives in investigative units and officers serving on task forces.

    Her plan may mean that some officers serving as assistant chief could be demoted to lieutenant and that some detectives could be put in patrol, which Hall called the "backbone" of the department.

    "We've lost nearly 500 officers, so we need to reflect that at the top," she said. "I'm assessing the Police Department as a whole."
Chicago has lost somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,000 officers, yet the brass has increased with about 54 commanders currently on the payroll along with 16 Deputy Chiefs. If you'll recall, before Rahm arrived on scene, the CPD got by with 6 Deputy Chiefs and something like 35 Commanders.

This plan would work two different ways:
  1. cutting needless, redundant, political spots saves hundreds of thousands of dollars instantly, and
  2. most of these useless gold stars would retire rather than face the streets, office work, or people they stepped over on the way up.
Feel free to ask us for more ideas. We've been posting them for a dozen years now.

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What a Deal!

Too good to pass up:

See you there!

Inspector General Ferguson is the Belle of the Ball.


More Section 8 North

Seems another member of the Machine is set to drink from the Section 8 spigot up north:

Dump an 80 unit apartment complex in Galewood. what could go wrong?


Dart Domestic?

We certainly hope this isn't true:
  •  Off topic..

    Rumor Mill. There is a heavy rumor floating around in 22 that cpd was called to Sheriff Fart's crib on a domestic dispute over on Homan in mt. greasewood. Anyone hear about this.
But if it is, we want to hear about it.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Greatest Video of 2017

We think we broke a rib laughing. Be sure you have the sound up for the finale:

Now the window breaker has a GoFundMe page up to raise funds to repair his teef. He needs $4,000 and has raised about $200.

DNAInfo has the backstory and an uncensored version of the video.


Vegas Investigation

This is not instilling anyone with confidence that the investigation is going well:
  • Before the Las Vegas massacre began, a wounded Mandalay Bay hotel security guard called hotel officials to warn them about a gunman on the 32nd floor, an investigator told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

    But police did not arrive at the room where the guard had been shot until after Stephen Paddock had finished a 10-minute shooting spree on a crowd gathered below for a country music festival, the investigation now shows.

    The revelation that hotel security had been alerted comes a day after Las Vegas police changed their timeline of how the Route 91 Harvest country music festival massacre started on Oct. 1 — not with an attack on a crowd along the Strip at 10:05 p.m., but with the shooting of Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos inside the hotel about six minutes before.
So six minutes before the terrorist rained death down on the crowd, an unarmed security guard got shot AND alerted his bosses of a problem on the 32nd Floor. And the gunman only fired for about ten minutes, leaving behind hundreds, if not thousands of rounds of un-expended ordinance for reasons unknown.

The more time that passes without even a hint of a motive, the more conspiracy theories that pop up. We understand an investigation of this magnitude takes time, but giving out completely wrong information and then contradicting it does no one any favors, in Vegas or in any investigative capacity nationwide.


Residency Again

This would NEVER happen here with the fine schools, the reasonable taxes and the understanding mayor, right?
  • More than 1,000 Philadelphia police officers have abandoned city living since the department’s residency rules were softened five years ago — many lured to the suburbs by the prospect of better schools, cleaner streets, and safer neighborhoods.

    The figure, based on an Inquirer and Daily News analysis of payroll data, represents about 15 percent of the nearly 6,000 eligible officers, a tally likely to grow each year.

    In 2010, their union won a battle to end the residency requirement for members with at least five years on the job. Firefighters and sheriff’s deputies earned the same right a year ago, but most of the rest of the 30,000 municipal workers must be Philadelphians.

    The exodus could have been even more pronounced. The police union tried to end the requirement altogether in negotiations for the three-year pact that was approved this summer, but the Kenney administration opposed it. Among its complaints: Losing high-paid city workers — the average salary for police officers who have moved out of the city is about $75,000 — weakens the property-tax base and ultimately harms city schools.
Anyone up to hypnotizing Rahm to (A) fall for this and (B) cluck like a chicken? We'd settle for either.

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Not a Hate Crime? (UPDATE)

  • Her car damaged, her nerves shaken, the victim of an alleged group attack near the University of Chicago campus spoke exclusively with ABC7 Eyewitness News.

    Police say two people were arrested and charged, but Susan Pedersen says several dozen people were involved in the attack that left her two children covered in broken glass. They were in the back seat of the vehicle, which was left dented with the rear glass shattered.


    [...] Pedersen says she had just dropped off a friend at the University of Chicago when she stopped at a red light and found her car surrounded by several dozen young people.

    "They were walking around both sides of the vehicle - in the front, in the back - and as they were walking across, they were hitting my car, using racial slurs and telling me that I didn't belong in their neighborhood because I was white," Pedersen said.

    The group, all African-American, she says, kicked the vehicle and shook it violently. Her children were screaming from the back of the vehicle.
And the charges? Misdemeanor Damage to Property.

All those "visiting scholars" are going to have an adventure for sure.

UPDATE: Old story - no idea why it popped up as "current" - it was likely linked to our "You might find this interesting" news feed after the story about the Obama Library not having any original documents in it.

Comments closed now.


Even the Kids Are Leaving

  • The state of Illinois is among the states leading the nation in the number of college freshmen pursuing higher education in other states, according to a state agency.

    The State Journal-Register in Springfield reports the Illinois Board of Higher Education says between 2000 and 2014, the number of freshmen who left the state to attend college rose by about 64 percent.

    The mark was hit before the state's two-year budget impasse, which negatively impacted the finances of the state's colleges and universities.

    Only New Jersey, which also has had state budget woes, exceeded Illinois in loss of students to out-of-state schools.

And if these kids actually pay attention, they might actually learn that there is life outside of Illinois. And that could truly spell doom for the State.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

"At Issue" Rip Job

Here's the link. We're searching for a physical transcript.

Andy Shaw takes Rahm's talking points "balls deep" and then gargles with them.

Among the lowlights:
  • Homicide clearance rate is 5%? HeyJackass has it at 12.5% while the Department claims 17%. How about you ask Foxxx why she won't charge the killers? Pathetic, yes, but not all the Dpeartment's fault.
  • Overtime - Cops get three hours pay for 15 minutes of work. First, it's a contractual agreement. Again, talk to Foxxx why she subpoenas a dozen officers for court, then gets continuance after continuance.
  • Overtime again - manpower shortage. That's a political issue.
  • NYPD clears more cases and monitors "social media" better. It's mis-allocation - that OT you're bitching about? Look at who racked up well-over $100,000 in unsupervised overtime. If you calculate backwards, they had to work 12-hours a day, every single day, with no days off all year - impossible, but the Department still cuts them checks. Who are they kicking up to?
We've heard some political hit jobs before, but Shaw takes the cake with this one. A typical Rahm/Machine move. No one is actually "negotiating in the media" but golly, the City message is certainly getting out there somehow. The FOP ought to sit on their hands for a year then file for arbitration. There's no reason to talk to Rahm - he's completely full of shit and won't negotiate anything without disciplinary concessions and that should be a non-starter.


No Bail? Can He Afford That?

  • Bail was denied Saturday for a reputed gang member accused of firing multiple shots at Chicago police after locking himself inside the basement of a South Side residence the day before, according to Cook County prosecutors.

    Chicago police body cameras captured William Jones firing multiple shots at officers inside the basement of a home in the 7600 block of South Lowe on Friday afternoon after police tried to question him and another man, prosecutors told Judge Mary C. Marubio at the Leighton Criminal Court Building.

    Jones and the second man fled into the home’s basement and locked the door behind them, leading officers to search the rest of the home before coming back to the basement, prosecutors alleged.

    After getting permission from the homeowner to search the rest of the home, police searched the home’s upper floors before proceeding down a “blackened” rear stairwell toward the basement, Assistant State’s Attorney Bob Groebner said.

    One of several officers announced their office before opening the basement door and entered but were met with gunfire as Jones fired two shots from a .40-caliber handgun, Groebner said. Jones then fired multiple shots at the approaching officers, who retreated and returned fire, though no one was struck. Chicago police’s SWAT unit staged a barricade incident at the scene. Jones allegedly threatened to shoot police officers, but later surrendered. Only Jones was in the basement and the whereabouts of the second man wasn’t clear.

    Police recovered two .40-caliber handguns and 17 spent shell casings, according to Groebner.
There must be a misprint of some sort - the article says that a convicted felon somehow got guns, and we all know that more gun laws would never allow that to happen. Hopefully, that gets straightened out. Good job by all involved in safely taking this many-time loser into custody.


Pushing the "Narrative"

  • Chance the Rapper streamed a police stop on Sunday, telling viewers he was doing it in case the stop went "sideways."

    The video, which was streamed on Instagram, shows Chance and his daughter's mother, Kirsten Corley, in a car with a police car behind them. The rapper is quiet while looking at the phone screen for several minutes.

    Corley asks Chance if he's live-streaming the stop.

    "Hell, yeah, I'm not gonna be playing around with these [indecipherable]," Chance says.
[indecipherable] our ass. He says it clear as day -- "n***az." Let's not pretend media, we all heard it.

Kudos to the cops for keeping it professional - as 99.9% of cops do day in and day out, even in the face of outright lies perpetuated by the rich, famous, entitled "social justice warriors."

Any word on where Chance was for the 1-month old beaten to death this week? Or the eight killed and 29 maimed by...not cops. Or any of the 3,000 wounded this year?

Yeah, we didn't think so.


This is Funny

Funny "haha" and funny "like a clown:"

Illinois gets a B+ despite Chicago's 720 gunshot deaths, 3,659 gun shot woundings, and a total number of homicides exceeding 800?

And those 10 shaded states - Chicago alone had more murders than any single one of them. Wyoming seldom has 20 murders a year - that's a bad month in Englewood or Lawndale some years. But Wyoming gets an F?

As has been said, "There are lies, damn lies, and statistics."


Here a Tax, There a Tax

Discussions are underway to replace the missing $200 million that Prickwrinkle already spent on next year's County budget. Among the proposals:
  • The new plan is to put $100 license fee on bicycles. Got to pay for all bike paths and lanes on streets that clog traffic. Not a bad idea kind of like a user fee. Also planning on a $75 ticket for no helmets. Got to replace the sugar revenue. Toni, is livid feels betrayed. Look out she is about to become very vindictive.
This has been floated before, especially as the cost for bike lanes was revealed (6-digits per mile) and:
  • the gas taxes took a hit from all the gas that wasn't being bought by bikers, 
  • parking fees that dried up, 
  • parking violations that didn't exist,
  • boot fees that can't be collected,
  • and traffic violation that couldn't be issued.
We'll probably have bike chases being called off for whatever reasons as riders flee traffic stops.

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About Those Gun Thefts...

Might be open season on the rail yards if this is correct:
  • FYI...Union Pacific Railroad is laying off all eight police officers from Ogilvie station, so no more cops there. They’re also laying off three more street officers that are supposed to be patrolling the yards and two more quit amid the layoffs. That leaves only about eight police officers responsible for rail yards in most of Illinois, Wisconsin and part of Iowa. Many more gun thefts from Chicago rail yards to come!
Are the aldercreatures listening?


Monday, October 09, 2017

Wrong House Punk

  • A home invader was stopped in his tracks after a homeowner shot him several times Saturday night in the Bronzeville neighborhood, Chicago police said.

    The incident occurred in the 4500-block of South St. Lawrence Avenue at about 10:54 p.m., police said.

    A man was trying to force his way into the home with a crowbar when the 60-year-old homeowner shot him.

    The suspect fled in vehicle to a hospital and is in critical condition. Charges are pending against the 44-year-old suspect.

    The homeowner was not hurt and has a valid FOID card and concealed carry permit.
Someone should start an "Ammo Fund" for the decent citizens who make our job easier by taking out the trash.


Nonsense Story

  • A man shot dead Friday evening was the 500th person to be killed in city gun violence since the start of the year during a weekend in which three people have been killed and at least 19 others wounded in Chicago shootings.

    The city reached 500 shooting homicides about a week later than it did last year, on Sept. 29, 2016, according to data maintained by the Chicago Sun-Times. At this point last year, there had been 511 people shot to death.

    In all, 537 deaths have been ruled homicides in the city since the start of this year, according to Sun-Times data.
You see what they did there? The Slum Times celebrates the 500th gun murder before mentioning the citywide total is actually 537 (HeyJackass.com has the total at 545.) They also attempt to put lipstick on this pig by Chicago is about a week off of last year's blistering pace, noting 511 had been shot to death last year.

This tells us two things:
  1. There is still a better than average chance that Chicago hits the 700 mark for the second year running, and
  2. since homicides are down from last year, and the only difference is who the President is, we can assume that Rahm will give Trump full credit for the reduction in homicides, especially as he was so eager for Trump to take the blame for other gun crimes.
Rahm can't possibly take credit since everyone else is to blame....someone else must be doing something right.

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Lemon Arrested

Evidently, being a pain-in-the-ass in Texas is against the law:
  • OT Mr Lamon Reccord was arrested Saturday night at DFW airport. He was charged with criminal trespass. He attempted to re-enter a restricted area and became loud and bellicose with officers. He and Jedidiah Brown have now labeled themselves freedom fighters, achieving justice across the country. He will be arraigned Sunday.
He might actually serve some time in Texas instead of being treated as some sort of hero.


Good Question

  • Once the Obama Presidential Center is constructed, it will have a children’s play garden, sledding hill, green spaces for picnics and outdoor gatherings, basketball courts and even a recording studio, officials have said.

    But what the space won’t have is all of former President Barack Obama’s manuscripts, documents, letters and gifts he collected during his time in office. While the Presidential Center is about four years from opening, a conversation has begun about what the facility will mean to scholars and to local research universities without those items.

    Traditionally, Presidential Libraries are places where historians, academics and college students travel to dig through paperwork and hold the first drafts of speeches, letters and legislation in their hands. But without those papers on site, some have begun to ask whether the Obama Center can even attract researchers to the University of Chicago, Chicago State University or the University of Illinois. What will it mean to have those documents online rather than in a physical form for inspection? And with digital technology constantly changing, how will the National Archives and Records Administration ensure the documents will be placed online in a timely manner and accessible over time?
Traditionally, a Presidential Library is built with donations and gifts, then the entire complex is "gifted" to the National Archives which maintains the facility itself. However, the exterior stuff - grounds, roads, parking, etc, is maintained by the municipality in which the Library resides.

Without the physical archives on site, we're imagining that the projected hundreds of thousands of visiting scholars will be less than hundreds of thousands and might drop into mere thousands. At first. Then drop off into hundreds as they can access the assorted paperwork online from the comfort of their homes and offices without braving the elements and criminal playground of Chicago.

And taxpayers will be saddled with yet another monstrosity that sucks up money.

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NarCan Coming?

From the comments:
  • Off topic but did you guys just see that we are going to be responsible for administering narcan to overdosing hypes now? Hello union. So now I have to be able to determine if someone is overdosing , what drug they're overdosing on, put hands on said miscreant, administer narcan , and then what , hope to god I don't get mrsa or one of the other airborne pathogens these ilk carry. Or maybe wait for the lawsuit if said hype does die from his long lost family that comes out of the woodwork? Union???
Another reader answered:
  • Hello, off-topic Narcan. You are protected by the so-called "Good Samaratian" law. In most of these cases, friends call 911 and will report person not breathing and will tell you what drug (they THINK) he used. If it's straight heroin, you have a reasonable chance of the Narcan working. If heroin was mixed with fentanyl or U-47700, you are fighting an uphill battle and he may need a Narcan DRIP in the hospital to survive.

    In any case, it's not your fault wheather the Narcan works or not. That's all medical and toxicology reports will bear it out.

    As for the MRSA, you guys wear blue gloves anyway, right? To be safe, buy yourself a size larger and double-glove like hospital personnel do when making chemo.
Communicable diseases are a real worry. And once you administer to these addicts, what happens when you have to subdue someone you just shot up (nasal spray) with what is essentially an adrenaline cocktail? As for the "double gloves," that's laughable when the Department can't even keep the citywide lockups or Central Detention stocked with gloves for searching prisoners. We're going to have two pair for the boys and girls working on the street to dose addicts? Color us skeptical.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Channel 2 - First Step

Channel 2 actually does a tiny bit of investigative work and reveals how badly Prickwrinkle overestimated the money that her soda tax was going to bring in:
  • [Commissioner Sean Morrison (R-Palos Park)] said revenue from the tax has fallen far short of the Preckwinkle administration’s projections already. The county expected to get about $9 million a month from the tax, but Morrison said only $300,000 was collected in August, which means consumers either weren’t buying soda, or were going to other counties to do so.
$300,000 in August. Running that out to 12 months, $3.6 million - a far cry from the $200 million Prickwrinkle said she was expecting per year. Even if a bunch of people got bored of shopping out-of-county, this tax disaster isn't going to generate even half of what Prickwrinkle estimated.

The trouble is, Prickwrinkle already spent that $200 million. She gave out raises based on imaginary numbers. Her budget for next year already spent that $200 million while collecting barely a fraction - somewhere in the neighborhood of 3%. That is a HUGE message to the Cook County Board. And as far as we can see, Channel 2 is the only one reporting what an embarrassment this is to Prickwrinkle.

Now how about Step 2 - an actual investigation into where the County spends its money? Somewhere like this might be a good start (from our comment section):
  • Dear media outlets. Feel free to see how many directors are in the cook county sheriffs office now compared to 15 years ago. There were maybe 5-10 directors making 6 figures and now there are about 60-70. Anyone care to wonder why the county is broke?
It shouldn't be too difficult for an enterprising reporter to get copies of the budget from the past few years and see where the personnel increases are. Tomi brags about cutting 10% of the workforce, but that's only part of the story - how about the top-heavy management?

Hell, we'll give you another freebie for Rahm's budget - when McCompstat took over, there were six total Deputy Chiefs. Under the "doing more with less" philosophy, Rahm eliminated nearly 1,700 budgeted spots - but Deputy Chiefs went from six to seventeen, each making something in the neighborhood of $170,000 with a car. There were so many Deputy Chiefs that they started giving them Districts to command since manpower was down 1,700.

Go to it media.

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Marathon Day

  • Questions have surfaced about the Chicago-based security company charged with keeping people safe at this Sunday’s Bank of America Chicago Marathon.

    The security company, known for its red windbreaker-wearing employees, lost its contract with the Minnesota Vikings and its Minnesota security license, CBS 2’s [...] reports.

    Along with the Chicago Marathon, Monterrey Security works at a number of major venues across the city, including Soldier Field. The company has gone the past 10 years in Illinois without a negative citation.

    Monterrey, however, just lost its contract with the Vikings, who have a brand-new stadium.

    It is alleged the company double-billed the team and failed to properly do background checks and train employees — and hired workers with criminal records.
A crooked security company in Chicago? Double billings? Felons and questionable background employees? But they contribute to the correct politicians, so business as usual.

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Court Reminders?

  • Starting in December, those with pending Cook County criminal cases will have access to phone and text reminders about upcoming court dates.

    "We had 14,000 people who had a warrant issued last year because they did not come back to court when they were supposed to," Chief Judge Timothy Evans said at a news conference Wednesday.

    "Under this new approach, we will be notifying [people] similarly to the way you get notified for your doctor's appointments — through phone calls, text messages and things of that kind."

    The announcement comes on the heels of a bond court order implemented Sep. 18 that requires judges to set affordable bail amounts for felony defendants who don't pose a risk to the community. That same order will take effect for misdemeanor cases countywide in January.
The Cook County Courts have become an advocate for the criminal instead of victims. No significant bail, the Courts are holding your hand throughout the process, and on the off chance you get convicted, you don't even get sentenced to hard time. No wonder crime is going up.

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Only Ten Years?

  • A federal judge on Tuesday sentenced a Chicago street gang member to 10 years behind bars for stealing more than 100 newly minted guns from a Norfolk Southern yard, saying such thefts have contributed to “an epidemic of violence” in the city.

    Before sentencing, a prosecutor also described what he said was a little known but active criminal “subculture” where thieves, such as Andrew Shelton, regularly target trains in Chicago, the nation’s No. 1 rail hub.

    Shelton and seven other gang members slipped with relative ease into the South Side yard on April 12, 2015, to steal the guns, which were en route from New Hampshire’s Sturm, Ruger & Co. weapons maker to Gunarama Wholesale in Spokane.

    Shelton, 43, and the father of 10 children, should have known better than anyone how guns shatter lives because he lost his dad to gun violence and has been shot 12 times himself, Judge John Tharp told the hearing in Chicago. Some of Shelton’s fellow thieves had also been shot and their relatives killed.
The feds asked for 11 years. If they had gone on a "per gun" count, he'd be doing close many hundreds of years easy. That would send a message far better than ten years.


More Wasted Money

  • The chipped gray viaduct that bisects the main drag of Jefferson Park was bathed in purple light Tuesday night, teasing an intricate LED display that could become permanent if it scores enough votes in the 45th Ward participatory budgeting process this fall.

    The ballot, which asks residents to decide how Ald. John Arena (45th) should spend his 2018 discretionary budget of $1.3 million, will be released by Friday, according to Arena's staff. But on Tuesday, before the full catalog of potential infrastructure projects becomes available to voters, volunteers ignited a shimmering preview of one of their voting options.

    Neighbors have spent years pleading for Jefferson Park's multiple crumbling railroad underpasses to be rehabilitated, according to a Dominika Miller, a Jefferson Park resident who volunteered to help the alderman's office draw up the ballot.
Shouldn't this cost be borne, at least partly, by the railroads? It's their overpass. Second, get a load of what this is going to look like:

This is coming out of his $1.3 million "discretionary fund," which means money to vote the way that Rahm wants him to vote - a legalized bribe that he can use to snow the citizens he's about to screw with a few hundred Section 8 apartments just up the block.


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