Tuesday, August 22, 2017

By the Numbers

Someone sent us this mathematical formula. We updated it with the latest numbers from HeyJackass.com:
  • Out of the 2,437 people (and folks), shot/killed this year, the police are responsible for 0.007796 of the total.
Percentage wise, that's just over three-quarters of 1%.

We don't know about you, but this pretty much proves that police are the problem.

Let's go tear down a statue or something.

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CFD Shooting

  • An off-duty Chicago Fire Department lieutenant fatally shot a teenage boy who tried to steal his car Monday morning in the West Side Austin neighborhood.

    About 9:30 a.m., the 45-year-old lieutenant left his vehicle running in the 1400 block of North Lockwood, when a 17-year-old boy got inside and tried to drive off, according to Chicago Police and Fire department officials.

    The lieutenant fired his weapon at the teen, who was trying to run him over with the vehicle, authorities said.

Concealed Carry prevents another crime? In Chicago?

So does he get 30 days off the street now?

We kid! We kid! Nice shooting there Lieutenant.

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  • A man was shot by a Chicago police officer Saturday night in the city's Gage Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

    The 32-year-old victim sustained a graze wound to the head and was transported to a hospital, police said.

    At about 9 p.m., officers from the 8th District saw individuals drinking in a park near West 56th Street and South Artesian Avenue. They saw one man with a gun and during a confrontation with the man, an officer fired.

    A weapon was recovered from the scene, police said. The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on administrative duties for 30 days.
No cops injured. That's a win nowadays.

UPDATE: To Channel 7 reporter Will Jones, the shot guy is the "offender." You see, if he had a gun and brandished it, waved it, pointed it at anyone (except in defense of self or others), that's kind of illegal under Illinois Law. Stop being a tool of Rahm and at least get the reporting right.


These Might Be Nice

Not that we'd ever expect them from this city:
  • Bulletproof Police Ford Interceptor

    The armored Police Ford Inteceptor from International Armoring Corporation. We are providing solutions to local law enforcement across the United States to withstand various threats they are facing.

    International Armoring's proprietary ARMORMAX® material is about saving weight and increasing performance whiling maintaining protection. Designed to fit vehicle versus vehicle being modified to fit armor, the IAC ARMORMAX® armored vehicle maintains the original appearance and performance.
And now, back to our regularly scheduled hoopty:


Monday, August 21, 2017

Is Crime Down?

  • At least 33 people were wounded, 6 fatally, within 13 hours from Saturday to Sunday across the city in separate shootings, which includes an attack in the West Pullman neighborhood that left one man dead and wounded six other people.

    In the West Pullman neighborhood on the city's Far South Side, a man was killed and six other people were wounded in a single attack about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the parking lot of a banquet hall used as a nightclub, police said.
But, as we've pointed out, it was going to be near-impossible to match 2016's torrid 98 homicides. Expect Special Ed to be on the news shows for a few days straight, touting the "drop" in August this year over last year and start with the "crime is down" story line again.

But is crime actually trending downward? That answer would be "No."

"But how do you know SCC? Surely you don't doubt the brilliant minds that run this Department and city?!?!?!?"

Well, let's try a little experiment.
  • pretend 2016 didn't exist
Special Ed and the Department brass and the politicians are about to start with the "crime is down compared to last year" bullshit. So let's just pretend that last year didn't exist. In so many ways, it was a complete aberration. We've said so a dozen times. Take car jackings - 2015 versus 2017:
Only one District has seen a reduction in car jackings and another has exactly the same number. That means twenty Districts have seen an uptick.

"Oh SCC, that's only car jackings. Who cares about car jackings? It's just a property crime"

Okay - explain this then:

Look at the top section - there isn't a single category where crime has gone down, 2015 versus 2017. 2016 might have been an out-of-control dumpster fire where homicides were concerned, but crime was trending upwards across the board and there's the proof.

Look at the second section - a bunch of reductions there, right? Look where the biggest reductions are. We'd call those "police initiated contacts." Narcotics arrests are down nearly 60% alone. Prostitution down another 40%.

The totals are a big indicator - violent crime up 14%. To drive the "total crime" down to a more palatable 0.6%, the bean-counters had to add in all those other categories. But look at the arrest totals:
  • 2015 - 44,300 arrests
  • 2017 - 30,881 arrests
A 30% decrease. That's "fetal-ity" kicking into full gear. And all of the indicators are that crime is on an upswing while what we used to call "policing" is on a downward slope.

But what do we know? We're just cops with a few decades of experience....writing an "insignificant" blog.

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Political Time Bomb

How many people know this was wending it's way through the courts?

Probably no one, since the Chicago media is too busy sucking Rahm's ass:
  • Judicial Watch announced a hearing will be held on August 21, 2017, regarding an Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the Office of the Mayor seeking “all records of communications” concerning the police dash cam videos of the October 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald.

    The court hearing is scheduled for:
    Date: Monday, August 21
    Time: 10 am CT/ 11 am ET
    Location: Courtroom 2502
    Circuit Court of Cook County, Chancery Division
    Richard J. Daley Center
    Chicago, IL

    The Judicial Watch lawsuit was filed after Emanuel’s office failed to respond to a December 2, 2015, FOIA request seeking the following:

    [A]ll records of communications of officials within the Office of the Mayor – including, but not limited to, Mayor Rahm Emanuel – concerning the police dash camera recordings of the October 20, 2014 shooting of Laquan McDonald. The request also specified that such communication would include discussions about the release of any such video recording to the public and that the time frame of the request is from October 20, 2014 until the date of the request.

    The Mayor’s office eventually responded to Judicial Watch’s FOIA request in January 2016 and attempted to have the case dismissed. Judicial Watch argued the case should not be dismissed because the Mayor’s Office had not conducted a thorough search for records. The court agreed. During a September 2016 hearing, the court concluded that the Mayor’s Office’s search was insufficient and ordered the Mayor’s Office to work with Judicial Watch in defining search terms and to subsequently search for additional records.

    On November 3, 2016, Judicial Watch was informed that the searches yielded over 900,000 emails.

    The Mayor’s Office, however, then ignored and continues to ignore the court’s September 2016 ruling. In January 2017, Judicial Watch asked the court to find the Mayor’s Office in contempt.
This has the potential to reveal who saw the tape, when they saw it, and what political machinations took place to hide the tape, ensuring Rahm's reelection. It also has the potential to completely derail the "Rahm 2019" bus and hopefully, roll over his narrow ass at the same time.

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Please Seek Help

Another Officer, this time on Duty Disability, took his own life following a series of personal and professional setbacks.

If you or another copper is experiencing a rough patch - a patch that is aggravated by job/life stresses -  and everything is looking dark, hopeless, endless or insurmountable, there is help available.

This link is to the Police Chaplains Ministry where a few of our favorite sky-pilots assist in many of the programs offered to cops, spouses and family members. We get e-mails from one of them semi-regularly and we get candy from another every time he swings by an event. We've also been witness to some of the extraordinary work they do for officers who need help.

We are also adding the link to the right hand menu under "Police Related Websites" in the hope that anyone who needs the info can find it there.

RIP Officer.

(Condolences only here please)


No....Just No

A number of people pointed out that you are able to access the E-learning modules from remote locations - the library for one. Your home computer for another.

We confess to being unaware as we don't work in 024 and aren't subject to silly orders to complete Department mandated training on our own time.

But seeing as how defense and plaintiff attorneys have been making concerted efforts to get hold of Officers' personal phones, why in Hell would you even give anyone the chance to access your home computer? You'd have to be extra soft in the head to even crack open that door.


Boo F#$%ing Hoo

  • Flanked by four Cook County sheriff’s officers, Corey Morgan didn’t respond to the insults and threats hurled at him by other inmates as he was led through the Cook County Jail.

    “You know you gon’ die in that m———-. You know you gon’ die in there.”

    Morgan — charged with murder in the shooting death of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee on the South Side in November 2015 — hadn’t been in custody long. But already it was clear to him and to Cook County Jail officials he wouldn’t be safe in the sprawling jail complex at 26th and California.

    For Morgan and others charged in high-profile killings of kids in Chicago, being held in jail poses special threats. Other detainees threaten and beat them. They ask for and get protective custody, away from those who’d do them harm. Or they are transferred to jails elsewhere.
Well what did they think was going to happen? Luring a 9-year-old into an alley and then executing him - even the substrata of society has its own pecking order and guess where these assholes landed? damn near the bottom.

And the Slum Times wastes ink on this why? We're supposed to feel what? Sorry for these assholes? We'll bet there aren't a dozen individuals in the whole of Cook County who would shed a actual tear for any of these killers. Oh, there are those family members who would cry and threaten to sue Dart for not protecting their poor little innocent altar boy who was just turning his life around when he was beaten to death in the shower at the jail. But that's an act....as it always is.

We'd give it about as much thought as picking a stray thread off our uniform.

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Very Bad Night

Across the nation Friday night, six officers were shot, two succumbing to their wounds:
  • Six police officers were shot, two fatally, in three separate incidents in Florida and Pennsylvania late Friday, officials said.

    Two officers were shot in Kissimmee around 9:30 p.m., just south of the theme park hub of Orlando, central Florida. They both later died from their wounds.

    In Jacksonville, two officers were critically wounded in a shoot-out, while two state troopers were also shot in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.
On top of other deaths earlier in the month, August is looking particularly grim for the thin blue line.

Prayers for the fallen, their families, friends and co-workers.

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Dumb Advice

The other week, the CPD gave some helpful (if unfortunate) advice:
  • If confronted by an armed felon, better to surrender your car than your life
While we are not particularly fond of that advice, it's helpful for those (A) unarmed and (B) living in an under-policed Chicago. This advice however, is pathetic in the extreme:
  • Chicago Police said they do not believe the two carjackings are related. They encourage everyone to be vigilant, to not sit inside vehicles for too long and to not resist if you find yourself getting robbed.
In Rahm's Chicago, citizens shouldn't sit in their cars too long lest they be confronted by and hijacked by criminals?

That should tell everyone in the media, the city, the world, that Chicago is not even bothering to maintain a police force capable of protecting the citizenry. Combine that with the CPD "no chase" policy and Dart/Foxxx/Prickwrinkle's "no punishment" policy and you have this observation from a citizen:
  • The carjacking marks the second violent incident in the area after Jesus De La O-Jimenez was shot and killed in the same neighborhood last week during the early morning hours when police say he refused to give up his keys during a carjacking.

    “It seems like this day and age there's a lot more crime going around this neighborhood. Never before have I seen it. I've lived here over 20 years.”
It's not your imagination.

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"Fascist" Alert Update

  • I woke up yesterday and sat on the side of the bed for a few moments. I needed to feel the aches and pains that prove I’m still alive and kicking. Once the blood got flowing I made my way to the kitchen and put on my pot of coffee. I’m not human until the coffee kicks in. With a cup of dark roast, I sat at my desk and began my morning computer ritual. I check my email, log in and see how many books I sold over night, check my Facebook page and then I check a blog named Second City Cop.

    I like to check it each morning because like a Marine, once a cop always a cop. It’s much like taking the temperature of the department. It lets me know the current issues with the officer on the street. This morning, the first item on the blog is a poster. It appears to be from a left-wing group. This poster warns the citizens of Boston to be on the lookout for Alt-Right groups bearing certain symbols. There in the middle of the page are two symbols near and dear to me.

    They list the Thin Blue Line and Thin Blue Line Flag as White Nationalist / Neo-Nazi / Alt-Right. I don’t know the other groups so I can’t tell you whether they belong on the page or not.

    I am outraged and insulted. The Thin Blue Line is a tribute to all police officers who have died in the line of duty. The Thin Blue Line flag is a symbol of the thin blue line of police officers protecting the citizens from the criminal element.

    Blue symbolizes more than our uniforms. It’s the idea we’re not black or white or Hispanic or Asian. We’re police officers and we bleed blue. Look at photos of the officers killed or wounded in the line of duty this last year. There’s no racial preference. Every ethnicity wears our uniforms. We’re a cross section of the society we live in. We become the thin blue line holding back the criminals.
But, as representative of law and order, we are once again, the target of those who would have neither.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

Court Hit...Again

This is getting to be a bad habit - three times now, people leaving court are shot:
  • The black SUV came barreling toward the Cook County criminal courthouse Friday morning with three bullets in its side.

    It stopped just outside the front steps and a woman dressed in purple got out and screamed for help, witnesses said.

    “She jumped out and started hollering, ‘Help, help, help, he’s dying,’” said Margo Porche, 64.

    Inside the SUV was Kenneth Williams who had been shot twice in the chest, police sources said. Williams was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 2:10 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner's office.

    Williams, 28, had just appeared at the courthouse Friday morning and had pleaded not guilty to a charge of driving on a revoked or suspended license, according to police and court records.

    He apparently got into an argument with someone as he left, police said. He and the woman, 26, had gotten as far as 31st and Rockwell streets, about half a mile away, when someone in another car pulled up to their SUV and fired at them around 11:15 a.m., police said.
There ought to be a safety bulletin coming out for persons attending court. Unless....

We speculated before that this may be a way for Dart to keep the jail empty by having potential inmates murdered.

Or Foxxx to save precious dollars by eliminating future court dates. This guy was at 26th Street for Driving on a Suspended/Revoked License? Foxxx isn't prosecuting that one any more, remember? You need like 50 previous convictions before Foxxx's minions will even touch traffic offenses.

Maybe, just maybe, this is Foxxx sending a message to the police to stop doing traffic arrests or she'll just start killing defendants.

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Nice Trains Rahm

The criminals aren't even waiting to get to the Happy Hunting Grounds - they're blasting victims on the train itself:
  • All the way home to the Far North Side, Ted Pertzborn couldn't stop thinking: Maybe it’s time to buy a gun.

    A crazy thought, he admitted later, but it had been a crazy evening Thursday.

    Less than an hour earlier, he had been on a Red Line train at Jackson in the Loop when two young men started arguing in front of him. One of them pulled a gun -- "a cannon" -- and shot the other man in the arm and the ankle.

    The shooting was so wild, Pertzborn was surprised he or other passengers weren't hit too.

    “I saw his right arm go up and saw a muzzle flash,’’ said Pertzborn, 44, a graphics designer who works in the Willis Tower. “I heard boom, boom, boom… Boom, boom, boom, boom. About five or six shots. It was a big gun."
Of course, a gun wouldn't have done him much good since guns are banned on CTA trains and platforms...

Hey, wait a minute. If guns are banned, how did this guy get shot on a train? Someone is lying here.


Wrong Turn?

This could have been worse - especially after the recent vehicle deaths overseas:
  • A man was charged Friday after the Chicago Police Department Bomb Squad was called to O'Hare International Airport as a precaution to investigate a semi truck parked outside Terminal 3.

    Alexander Lavrentyev, 35, has been charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless conduct and traffic citations, Chicago police said.

    Officers observed an unattended semi parked in an unauthorized area at about 3:50 a.m. Friday, authorities said. They could not find the driver. There was a heavy police presence in the departure area during the morning rush., but the investigation did not affect airport operations.

    Police had the truck towed to another location. The vehicle was eventually cleared after "no dangerous materials were found," police said.
In this day and age, how is a semi-tractor trailer even allowed near a passenger terminal? Should there be numerous warning signs? Diversion ramps? Police presence? Maybe a low bridge as a final barricade to stop a truck outside of what we'd term a "sensitive" area? It's not like you couldn't fill a truck with ammonium nitrate and fuel oil. Or 20 guys with machetes, vests and weaponry.


Friday, August 18, 2017

"Fascist" Alert

Guess who's a fascist now?

Yep - thin blue line patches, flags, posters and t-shirts now label you as a member of the "alt-right" and according to the so-called "antifa" literature, you can be punched at will because you are a nazi.

If you have any doubt in your mind that the war on police isn't real, lose it. Now.


"De-escalation" Kills

  • The chair of the criminal justice department of Madison College says the research he conducted for his master’s thesis shows de-escalation policies are a valuable tool in an officer’s toolbox, but argues they’re not the best tool.

    De-escalation policies require officers to slow things down and attempt to lessen or avoid force on all calls.

    “The agencies without de-escalation policies, the number of officers killed and assaulted were dramatically lower than the agencies with de-escalation policies in place,” Brian Landers, author of the study tells WISC-TV.

    Landers’ study looked at metropolitan law enforcement agencies around the country; some have de-escalation policies while others do not. It used data from more than 75,000 officers over a five-year period.

    “I’ve had officers tell me that they are forced with decisions out on the street that go against every facet of training and instinct of officer safety from fear they are going to be disciplined because the policy is telling them that they should not use force,” Landers tells WISC-TV.
The numbers are, to be frank, horrendous:
  • “Overall an officer working in a de-escalation agency, by my study, was twice as likely to be killed in the line of duty and 10 times more likely to be injured in the line of duty,” Landers [said].
The article doesn't cover it, but we've got a pretty good guess as to why.
  • When there is a  Police/public encounter of a confrontational or violent nature (which IS NOT a majority of encounters), a positive outcome is reliant on Officers immediately controlling the situation. Sometimes, that means talking loudly, forcefully, directly to get people to do exactly as you say, when you say it and how you direct it.
Which is why liberals, snowflakes and entitled people dislike it so much. And why they're trying to force police departments to use it - because it removes control from the Officers.


The New Kids

  • City officials welcomed 111 new police recruits Tuesday as they start the Chicago Police Department's training academy.

    The recruits bring CPD closer to its goal of adding 1,000 officers.

    CPD Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel spoke to the recruits about helping to solve the city's violence.

    "We're not expecting you to solve all of it on your own," Johnson said. "We're expecting you to be part of the solution. Being part of the solution means helping us hold violent offenders and building trust in the communities you'll serve. Because when we do that as an agency, when we have the communities work with us, we'll make our streets even safer."
You'll have to do it with one hand tied behind your back, hundreds of arm-chair quarterbacks dissecting your every move (which will be recorded), and a dozen or so layers of what we call "supervision" with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Good luck kids.


024 Follies

This crap again?
  • What he is going on in the 24th district? Sergeants telling PO's they cannot go down on an event for e-learning they're being told the e-learning is on their own time!!! And the officers are being messed with over activity. Quotes? Quotes are a violation of law.
We assume the reader meant "Quotas" as they reference activity. We remind everyone of this:

As for e-learning, we're pretty sure e-learning is done on company time since you can't access it elsewhere. If there's a backlog or a shooting, you probably shouldn't be doing it, but if not, when are you supposed to do it? We're pretty sure they aren't going to voluntarily pay you overtime, but if you're there past your work hours, they're going to pay you - via a grievance if necessary.


Take Home Pay

By now, everyone has gotten the most recent check stub. And if you paid attention, you'd notice that your check was a bit lighter than before. That would be the Madigan engineered income tax hike.

Better hope the FOP gets a sizable pay raise to cover it. And if you can, move out of Illinois as fast as you can. Because it isn't even a drop in the bucket - read the entire article, but this portion is near the end:
  • The Illinois economy is still in shambles and residents are still stuck with sending a bigger chunk of change to the capitol.

    If that’s not sad enough, consider the scale of the spending problem that remains in Springfield. The entirety of the $5 billion in tax increases will be eaten up by this year’s pension payment, and that’s still not enough to address the growing liability.
You read that correctly - the ENTIRE $5 BILLION in tax increases is due into assorted (and mismanaged) pension funds. None of them ours.


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Body Snatchers Got Mope-rah

This is the second time she's made sense in a year (still no link for her). Get a load of this headline:
  • Blame unruly youth, not organizers, for United Center fiasco
We suspect aliens came down and kidnapped her:
  • It is shameful that a few bad apples ruined a free event at the United Center on Monday night.

    Despite having private security guards, comprised of off-duty police officers, and calling for backup from uniformed Chicago Police officers, organizers were forced to shut down the West Haven Safe Summer Basketball League championship games when multiple fistfights broke out.

    More than 7,000 young people were robbed of an opportunity to enjoy an event in what was supposed to have been a safe environment — all because a bunch of thugs-in-training decided to attack each other inside the arena.
Seriously, Mope-rah preaching personal responsibility? What the hell?

And then to complete the illusion, she quotes someone who obviously knows exactly what the problem is:
  • Gates puts the blame on 12, 13, 14 and 15-year-olds that came to the United Center to settle a Facebook beef.

    “They showed up. They got in free. In years past we could call up the [gang] chiefs and tell them what we were going to be doing and to keep those folks in line,” Gates said.

    “Now [gang members] are in another universe. It doesn’t take much to set them off because they don’t have anything to lose. There is no reason for them to preserve the safe summer legacy.”
You want to know why shootings are occurring thirty and forty a weekend? Why carjackings are through the roof? Why stolen cars flee police ten or twenty times a day?
  • "...they don’t have anything to lose..."
Foxxx isn't prosecuting them, Dart isn't keeping them, IDOC is releasing them as soon they arrive in many cases. There are no penalties, no consequences.

And that is a reward in and of itself.

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What Did We Just Say?

  • Chicago police said a 16-year-old boy was shot in the head and killed on a basketball court in the city's Jeffrey Manor neighborhood Wednesday afternoon.

    Police said the teenager was playing basketball in Bradley Park in the 9700-block of South Yates around 4:30 p.m. when a car with two black males inside pulled up. One of the males got out of the car and opened fire on the victim, then fled.

    The victim was pronounced dead at the scene. His relatives have gathered at the scene.
It's basketball - plain and simple.

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Um....What Now?

We thought this was some sort of joke - like Shaved had taken over the Crime In Boystown blog:
  • He's facing hard time. But the court may let him plead down to a misdewiener.

    Cops caught up with a 24-year-old burglar Sunday afternoon because he took a break from his escape to masturbate in a nearby gangway, police said.

    A Wicker Park resident called police around noontime after seeing a man enter his home and steal an iPad in the 2000 block of West Le Moyne.

    Cops were speaking with the victim when another 911 call was dispatched: A woman on a nearby street said a man was masturbating outside of her house—and her description of the man closely matched the burglary offender.

    Officers said they rolled up to the woman’s home just in time to see Michael Gentry take off running. They caught up with him in a yard in the 1400 block of North Leavitt.

    He just happened to be carrying an iPad and the burglary victim was able to identify him, police said.

    Gentry is charged with one count of burglary. Bail is set at $250,000.
Knowing Dart and Foxxx, the $250,000 bail isn't for the burglary - that was a I-bond no doubt.


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Judge v Prosecutor

  • A longtime Cook County judge and a top prosecutor repeatedly shouted at each other Monday at a tense hearing over whether a pregnant woman should have been jailed without bail for more than a month this summer.

    "I have every right to hold her," said Judge Nicholas Ford, a former prosecutor known for imposing tough sentences.

    "You do not!" countered First Assistant State's Attorney Eric Sussman, his voice raised.

    At times, the argument grew so heated that the two talked over each other, making their comments nearly unintelligible, as Karen Padilla stood nearby with her 3-week-old daughter strapped on her chest in a carrier.
We going to have to side with the judge on this one. If you miss multiple court dates, the judge has an actual duty to make sure you don't miss another one. And if that means custody, then you kind of have to stick around. There aren't any "time outs" because you're pregnant or anything. There's a perfectly good hospital on the grounds of Cook County Jail, and if that doesn't meet an individual's exacting standards, one solution is to stop being a criminal and missing court dates.

Sussman is a political animal trying to keep his position by carrying out the orders of his elected boss, which is pretty much "Release everyone!" and we don't really agree with that.


Be There or Else

Welcome to City employment:
  • Date: 8/14/17 12:57 (GMT-06:00)
    Subject: Meet and Greet

    Dear 16 August 2017 Class - Probationary Police Officer:

    Tomorrow morning; Tuesday, 15 August 2017 at 0900 there is a meet and greet with Mayor Rahm Emanuel at the Chicago Police Academy, 1300 West Jackson Blvd.  You must dress in business attire.

    Your attendance is strongly recommended and encouraged. You will have an opportunity to speak with Mayor Emanuel and some of your Police Academy instructors. You can expect to be there a couple of hours.

    Chicago Police Department
    Human Resources Division
Expect a lot of this in the upcoming years kids - you're political pawns now, despite what Rahm claims.


Common Thread

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Police Supt. Eddie Johnson on Tuesday bemoaned the fights that forced the United Center to close, canceling the championship game of a basketball league intended to keep teenagers off the streets in the summer.

    The pandemonium — some captured on cellphone video — prevented neighborhood teams made up of players from two of Chicago’s top high school basketball teams — Orr Academy and Curie Metropolitan — from squaring off in a title game.

    As upsetting to Emanuel and Johnson as the ugly scene outside the United Center was the fact that the league itself was supposed to provide a constructive alternative to the lure of gang activity.

    That the showcase game would dissolve into fights and pandemonium that forced the United Center to close on Monday night and cancel the championship game was a cause for sadness for both men.
Rahm was sad? Special Ed was sad? Are these two completely ignorant of recent history? Like back in March:
  • A brawl broke out in the concourse of the United Center after the McDonald’s All-American game on Wednesday. About a dozen people can be seeing fighting in a video provided to the Sun-Times.

    The game organizers released the following statement:

    “Naturally, we are disappointed by this kind of activity, which runs counter to the spirit of the McDonald’s All-American Games. But we are equally grateful to the United Center Security team and the Chicago Police for restoring order. We refer all further questions to the Chicago Police.”
The scientific evidence points to the common thread of basketball bringing out the violent side of the intemperate youth. Chicago must strive to ban basketball in all it's forms.

In fact, detectives are on the verge of connecting the recent mass car-jackings and car thefts to people (or folks) needing rides to basketball games. And the muggings/robberies in Boystown? Money for....basketball. Beach closures? Yep...basketball. Basketball is making Rahm and Special Ed sad.

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Another Stripping

  • A Chicago Police sergeant has been indefinitely relieved of police powers after shooting an autistic 18-year-old in the arm during an off-duty confrontation early Sunday in Morgan Park.

    Officers involved in shootings are automatically put on desk duty for 30 days under CPD policy, but the Independent Police Review Authority recommended that the sergeant be taken off the streets for the duration of their investigation — a process that can take months or years.

    Supt. Eddie Johnson agreed with their recommendation, according to CPD spokesman [...].

    About 5 a.m., the 5th District sergeant was off-duty and driving home in his personal vehicle when he saw an 18-year-old man “acting suspiciously” near the intersection of Wood Street and Hermosa Avenue on the Far South Side, Johnson said at a Sunday press conference.

    The 18-year-old, who has autism and suffers from schizophrenia, had been reported missing a few hours earlier by his foster mother.....
What is it going to take to learn?


Search....and Search Again

  • A loaded gun was found in the trash Tuesday at Cook County Jail near an area where new inmates are brought.

    The jail went on lockdown about 6:45 a.m. after correctional officers found the Kel-Tec .32-caliber handgun while emptying the trash, said Cara Smith, chief policy officer at the sheriff's office. At 1 p.m., Smith said she expected the lockdown to end shortly.

    The gun was found near the area where new prisoners are dropped off before bond court, Smith said. Sheriff's officials suspect that an outside law enforcement agency failed to find the gun on a defendant before bringing the individual to the jail, she said.

    Smith speculated that the person tossed the weapon in the trash after realizing jail officials would likely find it.
Search, search, search.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hey Dart

Your Electronic Monitoring program is a massive failure:
  • Current CPD here, my brother is in the county EM unit. This is straight from him and he's shown me the proof. Over 3K shitheads on EM, over 80 of them are on current murder or sex crime charges. Over 530 declared awol and have been issued warrants. EM brass are all Dart bootlickers, and former CPD who don't want to lose that 2nd pension.

    Per supervisory order, enforcement of violators is kept at a minimum as to keep the jail empty, and dope and drugs found in the houses are told to have a blnd eye turned to them. Fugitive warrant unit who works alongside the EM guys number less than 10 total. They have a huge caseload and are pressured to only pursue low level offenders, to avoid any negative press before tommy makes his next move.

    In the last 6 months there were at least 6 confirmed guys who caught murders while they were suppose to be confined to their houses, 1 of them killed his ex girl and had been gone for 4 days before anyone was sent to check on him. Things were so bad ed Burke Jr tossed his star on Tommys desk and told him to fuck himself and quit. There hands are tied just like ours and I don't blame them for collecting a check.
Here's a free video suggestion that might restore confidence in your half-baked policy:

You can save the neck bracelets for murderers. Maybe shooters on the dominant wrist, robbers and burglars to the ankle, genitalia for rapists. The policy writes itself.


Nothing to See Here

  • Garrett Popcorn Shops lost a legal fight a few years ago to keep calling its famed carmel- and cheese-flavored popcorn the “Chicago Mix.” That apparently hasn’t stopped the chain from embracing the Chicago Way.

    The Chicago for Rahm Emanuel campaign committee recently reported getting a total of $15,000 from three executives of Garrett Brands — which will open two Garrett Popcorn Shops outlets at Midway Airport under the airport concessions deal approved earlier this year by the mayor and aldermen.

    It’s just the latest example of money flying into Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s campaign coffers from people who are profiting from the ongoing overhaul of Midway concessions.
Did somebody not take their Ethics Test this year?
  • The contributions to Emanuel from the new Midway restaurants and shops aren’t covered by an executive order the mayor signed on the first day he took office in 2011. He vowed not to take contributions from companies that do business with the city.

    The executive order doesn’t prohibit campaign contributions from these businesses at Midway — even though they make tens of millions of dollars a year by getting to open shop at Chicago’s No. 2 airport.

    Technically, Emanuel aides have pointed out, the brands that go into business there do not have contracts with the city.
Sure. And technically, we could say that that loophole was left there on purpose exactly for this reason and Rahm's spokesweasels are full of shit.


Duck and Cover Time!

We recall, back in the 80's, Chicago declared it was a "nuclear free zone," and that this righteous attitude would provide a magic shield to save us from Russian nukes in the event that the "warmonger" Reagan  made the Russians angry.

It was such a successfully meaningless gesture that future City Councils made a habit of passing all sorts of meaningless gestures in future years - plastic bag ban/tax, foie gras ban, trans-fat ban, gun ban -  instead of actually, you know, governing responsibly.

So here's a link to the City of Chicago Nuclear Threat page, telling you how to prepare and act in the event of a North Korean nuke detonating over City Hall or the Cook County Building.

Amusingly, the list doesn't include arming yourself for the inevitable appearance of zombies or other ne'er-do-wells. Nor does it advise where to dispose of the stacks of dead bodies that any nuclear attack would produce. No word about what food to have on hand, water, cash, etc.

It does advise you to listen to TV and radio stations, all of which (we guess) will be up and running due to the brilliant planning/foresight of the ruling class.


Monday, August 14, 2017

A Church? A Triple Justified?

Sanctuary! Sanctu- ::BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM::
  • The sermon was just about to begin Sunday morning as the 34-year-old usher walked up the steps of South Austin’s Friendship Baptist Church accompanied by his three young children.

    According to church members and the pastor, the sanctuary was where the man had sought to turn over a new leaf. It was where his children, all under the age of 10, had been baptized. And Sunday, it was where his life was cut short.

    Around 11:15 a.m., two gunmen wearing bandanas ran toward the broad wooden doors of the church and opened fire in the direction of the usher and a 46-year-old man who was visiting the church, police and witnesses said. The men attempted to take cover behind a nearby retaining wall as the usher cried for his children to take cover inside the church.
Broad daylight. On the church steps. If that doesn't speak to the entire lack of morals of certain people (or folks), we don't know what does.

This however, should brighten everyone's day:
  • Three people were shot to death Sunday evening in the East Side neighborhood on the Far South Side.

    Two males and 1 female, whose ages were unknown, were shot at 5:32 p.m. in the 10200 block of South Ewing, according to Chicago Police. They all were pronounced dead at the scene.
It turns out that all three of the dead people were burglarizing the house. And the homeowner got all three - which is some impressive shooting.

UPDATE: Staged crime scene? Lots of questions popping up suddenly. If true, it would be more entertaining, not less. Grab the popcorn.

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Toni Booed at Billiken

We heard from numerous people about this. We held off for a day, wondering if the lame-stream media might report it. They didn't - just this off-the-wall blog:
  • DAMN! Cook County Board of Commissioners President Toni Preckwinkle was booed at this years Bud Billiken Parade. As she passed by, THOUSANDS chanted and called her "QUEEN SUGAR" in reference to the "Sugar/Sweetened Tax" that's actually about to cause over 837,000 people in Illinois to lose their FOOD STAMP, SNAP, LINK benefits.
And that's not the only thing:
  • Thousands of Black people booed Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle. They poured out soda and sugary drinks as she passed by during the parade.
Looks like Toni (and hopefully, the entire county Machine) have big problems on the horizon.


No Coverage

You know what else wasn't covered by the media?

Shots fired at the Billiken Parade.

Why is this not newsworthy? There was a short foot chase, a gun recovered, a crime scene and an arrest.

Does the media just assume that wherever there are large numbers of African-Americans - men, women, children - that gunfire is a normal occurrence that isn't at all newsworthy?

How very very racist.

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Off Duty Shooting

  • An off-duty Chicago police sergeant shot an 18-year-old man during a confrontation in the Morgan Park neighborhood on the city's Far South Side, according to police.

    About 5:05 a.m. Sunday, the officer was involved in a confrontation with the 18-year-old in the 11100 block of South Hermosa Avenue, according to police.

    The 18-year-old was shot in the arm, and his condition was stabilized at Advocate Christ Medical Center.
Be careful out there.


RIP Captain

  • A captain in the Chicago Police Calumet District died early Sunday after he was found unconscious in his squad car on the Bishop Ford Freeway on the Far South Side, police said.

    Capt. James Lavoy, 50, was found in his police vehicle about 12:10 a.m. on I-94 near the Stony Island feeder ramp, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.
Sympathies to his family, friends and co-workers.


Sunday, August 13, 2017

Magic Money?

  • Chicago’s public school system is counting on $269 million in additional money from the city of Chicago government to balance its $5.79 billion operating budget for the coming year, school officials announced Friday.

    Officials propose more in operational spending, up from $5.6 billion proposed a year ago, to cover higher pension costs and Chicago Teachers Union raises, according to the Chicago Public Schools’ 2017-18 budget proposal.

    The $269 million in local funding would be in addition to state money that school officials are hoping will arrive through school-funding legislation that’s been the subject of yet another ongoing political battle in Springfield.

    And it’s still unclear how the $269 million would even be generated.
We're sure there are many who wish Rahm would direct this never-ending, never-explained endless fountain of money (that keeps appearing from whenever Rahm needs to fund some unnecessary, pointless and expensive project) at something more pressing - like pensions.


Indiana Shooting - Illinois Connection

  • A vehicle pursuit that began in south suburban Chicago on Thursday morning ended in a fatal police shooting outside a gas station in Dyer, according to authorities.

    The man who allegedly led police in the pursuit across the state line was identified as 33-year-old Mark Coffey, of Chicago Heights, in a news release sent out early Thursday evening by the Lake County coroner's office.

    Coffey sustained gunshot wounds, but the manner of death is still pending investigation, the release stated.
But that's not the truly entertaining part:
  • [Master Trooper Glen] Fifield said the man, later identified as Coffey, had an active warrant for armed robbery and burglary at the time of his death, and he was found in his vehicle wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet issued by the Illinois Department of Corrections.
So this time it's IDOC releasing unrepentant dangerous criminals back into society where they can wreak havoc not only on the people of Illinois, but on the unsuspecting citizens of neighboring states as well...instead of Dart.


History Repeating

  • A new report finds Philadelphia’s new soda tax, which went into effect January 2017, to be disappointing both consumers and government officials.

    The nonpartisan Tax Foundation found Philadelphia overestimated how much revenue a soda tax would generate and underestimated how much the tax would distort the beverage market.

    Philadelphia’s story

    According to the report, Philadelphia expected to receive $46.2 million in soda tax revenue from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2017. But actual revenues were 15 percent below this expectation, reaching about $39.5 million, or $6.7 million lower than the city originally anticipated.

    The revenue shortfall arose from changes in both consumer behavior and corporate practices.
Along with revenue not appearing, guess what disappeared?
  • As consumers fled the Philadelphia soda market, businesses suffered. Coca-Cola blamed the soda tax for costing the company 40 Philadelphia-area jobs, and PepsiCo announced it would lay off 80 to 100 workers, blaming Philadelphia’s tax on sweetened beverages, according to Billy Penn. And due to the decrease in sales, thanks to the tax, Pepsi ceased distribution of its 12-pack packages and 2-liter bottles of beverages to its Philadelphia retailers.

    In a letter to the Philadelphia finance director, City Controller Alan Butkovitz compared the soda tax’s shortfalls to that of the city’s cigarette tax, according to Billy Penn. Both failed to deliver the promised revenue to schools.
Question - has a single "investigative reporter" looked into any of the following tax debacles?
  • Shortshanks imposes a $0.10 tax on bottled water
    • How much did he "estimate" would be brought in via the tax?
    • How much was actually raised?
    • How many budgets did Shortshanks push through that were "short" revenue?
  • Prickwrinkle imposes a $25 tax on firearms sales
    • Same three questions
  • Prickwrinkle imposes a bullet tax - $0.01 per rimfire round, $0.05 per center fire round, all of which was supposed to go to treating gunshot "victims"
    • Same three question as before and...
    • How many sporting good stores reduced or eliminated their presence in Cook County after this? How many opened / expanded in neighboring counties to meet the demands of gun owners? We can name three at least.
You know what would be entertaining? Following a few Cook County commissioners or even Prickwrinkle herself and seeing where they do their shopping. It might be eye-opening.


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