Friday, September 30, 2016

Kass Explains Rahm's Nightmare

  • But there was a murder in Chicago the other day.

    And now it has become a political story. It is a political story because of where it happened and how.

    A suburban man was killed in downtown Chicago after a wine tasting Saturday evening, on the sidewalk at the edge of Millennium Park, the city's tourism jewel.

    Thousands gathered over the weekend to take advantage of the pricey Gourmet Chicago foodie event. This wasn't some fried dough on a stick deal. This was an elite food and wine festival, and city dwellers and suburbanites, some who support Trump, others who support Clinton, purchased pricey tickets to attend.


    So the fact that it happened at the tourist mecca of the great Democratic city was one thing. And details about the shooting suspect, which feed into a common voter understanding about lenient judges and impotent law, is another.

    Pagan, police said, had been arrested 39 times, had four felony convictions and had pointed a gun at people twice during arguments. He was wanted on a warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    And just like that you could feel the wind getting knocked out of the city.
If the victim had a record (and it looks like he might have had a shady past), that isn't going to matter to the suburban tourists and out-of-state visitors. They see the headline the first day and don't bother with the follow-up report days and weeks later, if they care at all. And the witnesses and wine tasters are going to go tell their friends, "Yes, I was right there!" even if they were an hour gone on the Metra back to Kenosha or Crystal Lake or motoring back to Iowa.

And yesterday's expressway carnage isn't going to help things:
  • Two men were killed and a woman was wounded in two separate shootings on the Eisenhower Expressway in Chicago within six hours of each other, according to Illinois State Police.
Shutting down the Ike twice in one day for homicides isn't going to instill much confidence in people coming in for a day trip.

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Here's A Gun Runner

  • A northwest suburban woman with a valid FOID card has been charged with buying guns and selling them on the street for profit.

    Simone Mousheh, 22, of Mount Prospect, was charged with two counts of illegal transfer of firearms, and two counts of selling a firearm to someone without a valid FOID, all felonies, according to Chicago Police.

    Mousheh bought a Glock pistol and reported it stolen, police said. It was later recovered from a juvenile in the 10th District. Mousheh called a Firearms Investigation Team sergeant and asked how to get her stolen gun back.

    The team investigated and found that Mousheh had bought four Glocks in the last six months, police said. Each cost about $600.

    She also made a $1,000 cash deposit on a firearm designed for the military that is capable of firing a round that can pierce a bulletproof vest, though she works in a chocolate factory with no additional source of income, according to police.
But according to sources, she'll get.....probation! For violations of Federal firearms laws. When ten years per count is the norm and might actually deter others from, you know, dealing in firearms.

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Subsidizing Englewood

We don't shop at Whole Foods - it's way too expensive for our budget. But if you do manage to spend money there, now you can feel extra good about yourself!
  • ENGLEWOOD — You might want to skip your local Whole Foods and head to Englewood the next time you go grocery shopping.

    When plans were announced to open a Whole Foods in Englewood, a South Side food desert, officials said prices would be more affordable. On Wednesday, when the doors finally opened, the store put its money where its mouth is.

    Compared to prices at the Whole Foods' Lincoln Park location at 1550 N. Kingsbury St., prices on many Englewood Whole Foods items were far cheaper.
The differences are significant.
  • Eggs are $1.99 in Englewood vs $3.099 in Lincoln Park
  • Milk is $1.99 vs $4.19
  • Gallon of vanilla ice cream $3.99 vs $5.99
There's a whole chart - it might be worth it for the Lincoln Park Trixies to get their Concealed Carry Licenses and head to Englewood to do some shopping. In any event, there's no way the corporate parent company can make anything close to their "per store" target numbers with these prices. Either they're going up in short order or Whole Foods is operating at a loss so Rahm gets to say he has cured the "food desert" on the south side.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stupid Games, Stupid Prizes

And another shooting catching heat, this time in California:
  • A black man reportedly acting erratically at a strip mall in suburban San Diego was shot and killed by police after pulling an object from his pocket, pointing it at officers and assuming a “shooting stance,” authorities said.

    One of the officers tried and failed to subdue the unidentified man with a stun gun before the other officer fired several times, El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said at a late night news conference. Davis would not say what the object was, but acknowledged it was not a weapon.
Well, you do something stupid like this, you're bound to get shot:

Time to roll out that "Shoot, Don't Shoot" scenario training again for the tiny brains who don't get it. You "make a play" like this, you're getting shot, whether it's scenario training, Academy role playing, live fire exercises or real life dumbassery.

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Not a Good Start

At 5:30 AM yesterday morning, a Starbucks opened in Englewood to great fanfare.

At 8:30 AM yesterday morning, a Whole Foods opened up in Englewood.

At 6:17, the Starbucks was stuck-up.

At 9:45 the first dispatch of "Shots Fired" was called in at the bakery, supposedly over some "pumpkin spice muffins." Or heroin.

You know, for a second there, you believed us.


Spilled Drink = Bloodshed

  • A Champaign teenager paroled two weeks ago from boot camp for a shooting offense has been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated battery with a firearm in the death of a bystander in a shooting early Sunday morning in Campustown.

    “It all appears to have stemmed from a spilled drink,” State’s Attorney Julia Rietz said of the convoluted facts that led to the savage beating of one man, the fatal shooting of a visitor to Champaign, and the wounding of three others.
And a parolee? He got eight years for a gun charge, managed to get diverted to "boot camp" over the objections of the local States Attorney, and served less than seven months before being paroled, acquiring a gun (illegally) and killing an innocent bystander while wounding three more. Illinois "justice."

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What the fuck?
  • In October of 2014, department members were notified that lists containing information related to complaints lodged against officers would be released in response to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests filed by journalists from the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times. At the time of the requests, the time frame for the information sought was January 1, 1967 to present.

    The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and Chicago Police Sergeants' Association (PBPA) petitioned for and were granted injunctive relief by Judge Flynn in the matter of Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge No. 7, et al. v. City of Chicago, et al., 2014 CH 17454. In July of this year, the injunction was vacated by the Illinois Appellate Court. On today's date, the Illinois Supreme Court denied the Petition for Leave to Appeal filed by the Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7.

    In that all appellate avenues have been exhausted, the City of Chicago will release complaint history information from January 1, 1967 to October 17, 2014. The information to be furnished includes the names of current and former sworn Department members with complaint histories maintained by the Department. The lists also include unit, date of appointment, initial and final complaint category, complaint number, incident date, complaint date, closed date, final finding of the investigation and any action taken.
There is no plausible reason to even have these files exist. By numerous Contracts, they should have been destroyed at various points in the past decades. There isn't a single officer on the job now who was hired in 1967. Many are deceased. We can think of only a single use of these files and that's to paint the Department with the same tar that certain players have been spreading around for the past few years.


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Detective Results Out

After adjusting the results for the past seven months, the Department finally got the numbers back to everyone.

Amazingly, the top three scorers were also the top three scorers on the current Lieutenants exam.

Special Ed had no comment.

UPDATE: 5-and-a-half months? Seems like years. We must have counted back from the announcement.


Darn Statistics

  • The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report (UCR) shows nearly three times more people were stabbed or hacked to death than were killed with rifles and shotguns combined.
  • The FBI’s 2015 Uniform Crime Report shows approximately twice as many people were killed with hands and fists in 2015 than were killed with rifles of any kind.
So it's time to ban knives and ban fists. Anything less would be irresponsible!


Rahm's Nightmare

  • Peter Fabbri was one of the hardest workers at Matt Lativsky's coating business in the western suburbs.

    He's also the main reason Lativsky no longer wants to visit downtown Chicago after police say his friend was shot dead over the weekend near Millennium Park by a man with a long record of gun arrests.

    "I take my family into the city quite often, but I'm at the point where I'm ready to boycott the city of Chicago," said Lativsky, who lives in Glen Ellyn. "That someone can't go to Millennium Park -- with someone who should be in jail, with a warrant, 39 arrests, two times for pointing a gun into someone's face -- this scumbag is out on the street when he should be in jail.

    "Instead, he's got an illegal gun, and now my friend is dead, his life is gone," Lativsky said.
Rahm has been downsizing the Department for years now, accelerating the decline Shortshanks started via non-hiring, then cutting the budgeted manpower and claiming a savings - a saving that resulted in no rebate to taxpayers, but rather a redirection of funds. Chicago is reaping a bloody harvest that isn't slowing down anytime soon, and may speed up once the teachers go on strike and there isn't studying to occupy the masses.


Biggest Probe Ever!

  • The federal probe into the Chicago Police Department is ongoing, but results could come soon, US. Attorney Zachary Fardon said Monday. “We’re not done yet, but we’re working at a record pace,” Fardon told the City Club of Chicago.

    In December, the U.S. Justice Department launched an expansive investigation into the “patterns and practices” of the CPD.

    “I believe what we are going through now with CPD was inevitable and essential,” he said.

    “We’ve analyzed tons of data, interviewed tons of witnesses, held public forums, conducted ride-alongs with patrol officers, reviewed CPD policies and procedures, scrutinized CPD training, conferred with top experts across the country,” the prosecutor said. “This is the largest pattern and practices investigation in the history of the Department of Justice.”
Just a place-holder article from CBS reminding everyone that something is happening, even if there isn't anything fresh to fan the anti-police flames.


Once Again....

  • ....a man charged with shooting and killing another man near Millennium Park on Saturday was reported to have a criminal record that should have precluded him from even being on the street. The suspect, Paul Pagan, 32 had been arrested 39 times and was twice convicted for pointing a gun during an argument. He has convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct, marijuana possession and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. He had a warrant out for his arrest. Yet he was back on the street, allegedly with a gun.
But keeping someone off the street who refused - at least 39 times - to live within the rules of a civilized society, twice with a gun, would be.....what exactly?

Toni? Anita? Tommy? You guys want to answer this one?


Tuesday, September 27, 2016


You want to know where they're going to hang coppers with cameras? We're seeing it in the shooting of the car thief who tried to kill numerous officers with a stolen car on the south we're seeing it in Charlotte:
  • Crucial evidence in the police shooting death of Keith Scott is not available because one of the officers failed to activate his body camera as soon as he responded to the encounter, in violation of department policy.

    The department released two videos late Saturday after four days of sometimes violent protests here over the death of Scott, who police said had a gun. Neither video is conclusive on that question.


    But none of those moments in the first 30 seconds of the bodycam video have audio. All are silent, denying investigators and the public key details of what happened immediately prior to the shooting Sept. 20. That indicates the officer, who has not been identified, did not turn on the camera until after the shooting, when audio begins.
This is a dynamic situation unfolding in mere seconds and tenths of seconds. Nevermind that the police recovered a gun with the offender's fingerprints and DNA on the weapon. Nevermind that the gun was cocked and the safety was off. Pay no attention to the empty ankle holster visible on the video and the continuous failure to obey lawful orders shouted five, eight, ten times. And the outstanding warrants, felony record, diminished mental capacity of the offender, all of which preclude him from even owning a gun.

No, the media is obsessed with "the camera wasn't on immediately so the police must have done something wrong or hidden something or whatever.

Your deviance from procedural guidelines will be what the media, the activists, politicians, etc judge the entire incident on, regardless of the legal outcome or justification. Guidelines overlooked in the tenth-of-a-second it takes to notice an empty holster, an arm held at the side concealing a possible weapon, the disregarding of verbal direction given while you are un-holstering your sidearm in the completely reasonable assumption that your life, your partner's life and the lives of innocent civilians may be at immediate forgot to turn on a camera, ergo, you must be guilty of something....oh yeah - "procedure."

This after everything that went through your head was found to be completely and utterly, 100% true.


Avoid Getting Shot

Here's what we see, more and more:

"Resist the Police."

As any first year law student will tell you, and as most first year legislators should know, there is (almost) no right to resist the police (Indiana tried to write something that was roundly mocked). It's written into the law that way in most states and federal statutes so that people don't get killed unnecessarily.

Even an arrest that you know to be unlawful, there is no right to resist. The recourse to the violation is the Civil Courts, which have been more than generous to those supposedly wronged by the police, especially here in Cook County.

Author Jack Dunphy, formerly of the LAPD, corresponds with us on occasion and he wrote this piece just a day or so ago titled "How to Avoid Getting Shot by the Police."

Lesson 1 - don't resist:
  • Break out your pencils, gentle readers, it’s time for a pop quiz. What do Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, Walter Scott, Laquan McDonald, and Paul O’Neal have in common? Yes, they are all black men who died under controversial circumstances at the hands of the police, but you get only partial credit if your answer was limited to those facts. To get full credit, you must have included the point that they all would be alive today had they merely followed the lawful directions of the police officers who were trying to arrest or detain them.
Go read it all. He is a voice of reason in a world gone stupid.


The Onion

Great headline over at The Onion:
A whole lot of truth there - witness this weekend downtown.
  • Speaking with members of his staff in private Monday after receiving the most recent municipal crime statistics, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is said to have expressed his concern that the metropolitan area’s gun violence problem might soon spread to the parts of the city he actually gives a shit about, sources reported.

    “Listen, we’re at 3,000 shootings this year and counting—it’s only a matter of time before this violence migrates from the areas of the city I don’t give a fuck about into the areas that actually matter in my eyes,” the second-term mayor reportedly said, adding that it would be devastating to see such senseless shootings affect residents outside of the large swaths of Chicago he has written off entirely. “If we don’t do something soon to keep guns off the streets of those particular neighborhoods that I consider worthwhile, things could really spiral out of control. Enough is enough when it comes to the parts of this city that I choose to serve.”

    At press time, Emanuel was breathing a sigh of relief after learning that six Chicagoans killed overnight were shot dead in neighborhoods he couldn’t care less about.
Pretty much sums it up.


CPS Strike Coming

  • The Chicago Teachers Union said Monday that 95 percent of members who participated in a poll last week have agreed to authorize a strike this fall.

    Some 90.6 percent of eligible teachers, clinicians and aides signed their names on petitions circulated last week at schools and CTU headquarters, according to the CTU.
We don't see nearly the amount of community support this time around though.

On the bright side, there will be a few extra bodies in the 2nd watch cars for a while.


Monday, September 26, 2016

A Memory Stirs

Back on 03 September 2010, a lieutenant promotional list was out. On it were a number of "merit" promotions - the so-called "best and brightest" that were just too damn dumb to actually, you know, score high enough to get promoted. The names were as follows (along with their sponsors):
  • 606 Cesario, Robert C. by Cmdr Eddie Johnson
    610 Duffin, Kevin B. by Cmdr Patricia Walsh
    111 Hamilton, Raymond J. by Cmdr Robert Roman
    189 Ramirez, Jose G. by Cmdr Genessa Lewis
    193 Sanchez, James R. by Cmdr Joseph Gorman
    189 Sanchez, Noel by Cmdr James O’Grady
    196 Valadez, Francis A. by ADS Steven Georgas
    193 Waller, Fred L. by Cmdr Walter Green
    153 Watson, Larry W. by Cmdr James Roussell
On 13 January 2014, we revisited those names and discovered that fully 7 of the 9 had been bumped up yet again, to Captain or Commander, with one being pulled out of Captain class to be made Commander. At that point, the other 21 poor saps, the ones who actually scored high enough to get promoted, not a single one had been promoted beyond the rank of lieutenant.

Now, with the pending return of Hamilton (following a five year Leave of Absence) the potential for a clean sweep arises once again, as 8 of the 9 have already been promoted at least once, some twice, one maybe three times. We are told that one recently passed away, which is regrettable, but that hasn't stopped his classmates from rocketing to the upper echelons of the command structure. By the way, 2 of the 21 other lieutenants made exempt rank - a 9% success rate - as opposed to the 88% success rate of the "chosen ones."

Any odds on how soon another gold star is issued to the 9th "merit" pick? If they can make a guy a Commander after being found "not credible" by a United States' Federal Judge, why not a guy off the job for 5 years?

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Weekend Gets Worse

Via, 8 dead and 41 maimed as of earlier tonight.

  • A man was shot and critically injured Saturday night following a dispute just outside Millennium Park, authorities and witnesses said.

    A 54-year-old man was shot in the head about 7:35 p.m. at the northeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Drive after a dispute with a man who fled on a bicycle, authorities said. The victim was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.
Assorted news reports have him listed as "brain dead" and "non responsive." Another one laid at the feet of Rahm's criminal mismanagement of the Department, allowing manpower to dwindle to unsafe levels, not to mention a chronic mismanagement of available manpower in one of most visible and vibrant sections of the city, dependent in no small measure on tourist dollars and residents looking for a night out.

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  • A Mundelein man on the verge of starting a career as a registered nurse was killed in an early Sunday morning shooting near the University of Illinois in Champaign that left three others wounded, authorities said.

    George Korchev, of Mundelein, was a bystander who was shot and killed after an argument at a Champaign apartment party carried into the street and turned violent, authorities said. Korchev was supposed to start work as a registered nurse Monday at Advocate Condell Medical Center in Libertyville, according to a hospital statement.
And this:
  • Four people were shot, none of whom were involved in the fight, police said.
Hopefully, no Chicago connection.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Weekend Starts with a Bang

And a bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang:
  • Six people were killed and at least 15 others were wounded in shootings between Friday afternoon and early Saturday in Chicago, police said.
Englewood and Harrison both clocked in so far, continuing their virtual tie for the Homicide 2016 crown, Johnson in the lead with Johnson close behind.

Special Ed Johnson had no comment - but word is he has one of those two districts in the Ghoul Pool.

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Parole Still a Bad Idea

  • A man on parole in a 2013 Valentine’s Day robbery has been charged with murder in the killing on Valentine’s Day this year of two men he knew, according to police and records.

    Marquise Hollerway, 22, faces first-degree murder charges in the deaths of Jeremy Hunter, 25, and Steven Tate, 26, who were found shot to death in their apartment in the 5000 block of South Champlain Avenue about 10:40 a.m. on Feb. 14, 2016. Cook County Judge Laura Marie Sullivan ordered him held without bail.
How about a "truth in sentencing" type movement? You get ten years, you serve ten years. And no counting the time spent waiting for trial, especially if your side is the one asking for continuance after continuance after continuance, hoping someone doesn't show up. If the State is ready, you go to trial. Any delay is just wasted time, not "credit."

And we promise to stop acting surprised when felons become repeat offenders.


Rahm Running Again

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel is out for a three-mile run this morning with some Chicago police recruits.

    This comes just after he delivered a major policy speech Thursday evening with his plan to combat Chicago’s growing problem with street violence.
There's a photo gallery here....if you want to see a sweaty mayor.

But you can tell he cares. That's why he's going to hire how many new bodies? with how many promoted? And how many retiring? Until we see solid numbers, the Department is still facing reduction by attrition.

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Saturday, September 24, 2016

New Order in Los Angeles

We'd almost believe this was a made up article - except the Department of Aviation Police in Chicago have been told the same thing:
  • The Los Angeles Police Commission wants LAPD police officers to run away when a suspect confronts them with a weapon, warns the Los Angeles Police Protective League, the labor union of the city’s police officers.

    The organization posted a blog post critical of the commission’s recent decision to find that fault lay upon an LAPD officer who used deadly force when a female suspect, Norma Guzman, came at him and his partner swinging a large knife.
Los Angeles has a commission made up of 5 representatives of the "community" appointed by the mayor and city council, none of which are required to have any police experience or legal background. They determined, by a 4-1 vote, that policy was violated in a fluid, dynamic situation where an officer was left with two choices when a knife-wielding madwoman had him trapped between two cars - (1) shoot to end the threat to his own life or (2) run away and allow her rampage to continue, possibly against other officers or innocent citizens.


More Third World Crap

  • A worker found what was believed to be a human head Friday morning in a bag in the McKinley Park Lagoon, leading to the discovery of other body parts in the lagoon, officials said.

    Police were called to the lagoon, 2210 W. Pershing Road, about 10 a.m., after someone working at the lagoon found what were appeared to be human remains in the lagoon, said [...] a police spokeswoman. Area Central detectives were conducting a death investigation.

    Police News Affairs would not detail what was found, but officals [sic] said what was believed to be a person's head was found in a bag. It was not known if the head was that of a man or a woman, a source said.
So now....
  • the Marine Unit gets some more practice searching for the rest of the body, 
  • the K9's get to practice cadaver sniffs,
  • the city engineers get to practice draining another lagoon, a la Garfield Park last year,
  • the Detective Division gets to open yet another "death investigation"
How soon until they get around to draining that other lagoon? Where the shooter drew a map to the location of yet another dead body? Oh yeah - that one is just classified as a "missing" and McCompStat wasn't looking for extra bodies for that year.


Finally, Some Guidance

We've been begging for this for years now - a list of rules, laws, ordinances and societal norms that certain "communities" aren't going to be expected to follow. That way, we can get away from all this "profiling" nonsense that pervades the liberal progressive leftist narrative of the day.

Now a court in Massachusetts has begun the arduous process of listing those actions that all you naughty police should refrain from considering based simply on the color of one's skin:
  • Black men who try to avoid an encounter with Boston police by fleeing may have a legitimate reason to do so — and should not be deemed suspicious — according to a ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.

    Citing Boston police data and a 2014 report by the ACLU of Massachusetts that found blacks were disproportionately stopped by the city's police, the state’s highest court on Tuesday threw out the gun conviction of Jimmy Warren.

    [...] In its ruling, the court made two major findings: The justices said police didn’t have the right to stop Warren in the first place, and the fact that he ran away shouldn’t be used against him.

    On the first point, the court said the description of the break-in suspects’ clothing was “vague,” making it impossible for police to “reasonably and rationally” target Warren or any other black man wearing dark clothing as a suspect. The court said the “ubiquitous” clothing description and the officer’s "hunch" wasn’t enough to justify the stop.
Tie this into Cook County's great strides in reducing prison sentences by bonding everyone who can write their name, electronic "monitoring" everyone else, allowing offenders with multiple gun charges to go to "boot camp" (in violation of sentencing laws), permitting felony shooters to plea to lesser charges, time served, day-for-day credit, etc, etc, etc...

"Totality of the circumstances" doesn't mean a thing any more in Massachusetts - coming to a state near you.

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Rahm's Violence "Plan"

  • With the city pulled apart by gun violence, public trust in the police at a “breaking point” and a “fractured” criminal justice system, Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Thursday proposed a multi-pronged solution that included everything from more cops on the street to job training to mentorship programs.

    Emanuel’s speech to an invitation-only crowd at Malcolm X College included details of his master plan to address the city’s soaring crime rate that City Hall had released earlier this week: hiring nearly 1,000 additional police; investment in struggling neighborhoods and millions in funding for youth mentoring programs.

    From the dais in the Malcolm X gymnasium, Emanuel peppered those points into a speech heavy on emotional anecdotes, pulled from some of the most chilling of the 500-plus murders so far in Chicago.

    [...] While painting a bleak picture of life in Chicago neighborhoods beset by gangs and violence — by way of calling for programs that would offer opportunity to youths who live there — Emanuel’s remarks did not include a critique of black fathers that had apparently fallen flat with African-American leaders who heard an earlier draft.
So instead of holding a mirror up, Rahm holds up excuses with promises of more money, more blame on the system and, oh yeah, more of those oppressive police that the "community" doesn't want around and don't cooperate with anyway. Sounds like a brilliant plan.

One reporter at the Slum Times points out Rahm's two-faced-ness:
  • The recruiting surge was a reversal — or perhaps a re-reversal — for Emanuel, who campaigned for his first term on a pledge to add 1,000 officers, then shifted the goal to putting 1,000 officers “on the street” by dissolving special tactical units and shifting officers off desk jobs and onto patrol. In his run for a second term, Emanuel mocked rival Jesus “Chuy” Garcia’s campaign promise to add 1,000 officers, calling the proposal “fairy dust” and warning that there was no money to pay for that many new officers.
As far as we could tell from the tape, no one asked Rahm where he found the "fairy dust" to pay for the new police though.

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It's Getting Better?

Just in case you thought it was getting better:

It isn't.

Everything down. No cars available.


Again with This "Strategy"?

Donald, you're a few months (or years) late - Rahm already fired that guy:
  • Donald Trump on Thursday said Chicago needs to employ controversial “stop-and-frisk” police practices to stem violence, continuing his critique of policing here a month after saying the city’s crime problem could be stopped in a week if police were “very much tougher.”

    “Chicago is out of control, and I was really referring to Chicago with stop-and-frisk,” the Republican presidential nominee told the television show “Fox & Friends,” responding to criticism for earlier appearing to suggest the tactic should be used nationwide. “They asked me about Chicago, and I was talking about stop-and-frisk for Chicago.”
We understand that "Rahm" and "Chicago" are going to be used as punchlines for the next few weeks leading up to the election. But "stop and frisk" was dismantled in New York as soon as the current communist was elected and he directed the New York city attorneys to drop the suit defending it. And Chicago never really had a "stop and frisk" policy as much as a "stop everyone to get a name for the contact card so McCompStat won't rip the boss and we might lose our spots" policy....or something like that.

The violence issues go way deeper than a simple catch phrase.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Fuzzy Math Again

  • The Chicago Police Department will launch a two-year hiring blitz that will add 970 police officers to confront a 50 percent spike in homicides and improve detectives’ ability to solve crimes, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

    The hiring surge — the biggest since the mid-1980s — marks a turnaround for Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who has relied on police overtime in a failed attempt to stop the cycle of gang violence on the streets.

    Over the next two years, the police department will add 516 patrol officers, 92 field-training officers, 112 sergeants, 50 lieutenants and 200 detectives.

    The first-year cost will be $138,000 per officer including salary, benefits and supervision. So the 970 additional officers will carry a price tag of almost $134 million.

    Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said he has no idea how Emanuel plans to pay for the extra cops.
As our readers have been pointing out all day:
  • 200 detectives will come from the patrolman rank
  • 112 sergeants will come from the patrolman and detective ranks
  • 92 FTO's will come from the patrolman rank
That's 404 bodies that will need to be replaced, so the 516 seems to be down to 112. And that doesn't even count the retirement numbers - at last report, passing 700, 800 and fast approaching 900 due to the Contract expiration.

But last time we checked, the Academy took 6 months to complete - unless Special Ed gets this going pretty soon, these kids aren't going even be on the street before the killing season is in full swing for 2017.


Increasing Liability

  • Rising crime Downtown could mean more off-duty police officers moonlighting in uniform.

    Some off-duty police officers would be allowed to wear their CPD uniforms while working private security through a new ordinance introduced last week by Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd).

    While many Chicago police officers work security and other second jobs, allowing them to do so in uniform would help prevent future violence as crime rises across the city, Hopkins said. Liability? Indemnification? IOD? Lots of questions. Not to mention the pay scale and burnout rate.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

7,000 Cameras

  • The Chicago Police Department announced Sunday that it will spend about $8 million to buy body cameras for the rest of the force, a rollout officials unveiled though it won't be complete for years and they aren't sure who will get the new equipment next.


    The Police Department started issuing body cameras to officers as part of a pilot program in the Northwest Side Shakespeare District at the beginning of 2015, and about 2,000 cameras are now in use in seven of the city's 22 police districts. Johnson said the department will use "CPD's operating budget, as well as grant funding" totaling about $8 million to buy about 5,000 additional cameras.
Correct us if we're wrong, but Rahm keeps spouting the line that CPD is manned at 12,000 officers. Every officer is slated to get a camera - not like radios that are passed along watch to watch with a fresh battery. So that's just over half of our manpower to be equipped with a body camera.

We read once that the US military needed six soldiers at the "tail" to field a single fighting soldier at the "teeth." CPD isn't fighting an overseas battle far from friendly shores and flying in supplies, ammo, armor, etc., so that nearly 1-to-1 that CPD appears to be operating at seems a bit....inefficient.

And yes, we know about the 700 detectives. It's still a ridiculous ratio of hidden bodies.


Bug on the Wall

This could get interesting:
  • It would have been a good idea to put cameras on those working at 35th Street. But that has not prevented the IG from actually uncovering proof of a cheating scandal on the Lieutenant's exam. Yes folks, it is true, and when it is made public, the fall out will be significant. Its far reaching up and down. Some will be charged criminally because they have profited from the cheating and some will be fired. If you accepted the promotion, and you cheated, you are getting locked up. If you cheated, and not yet gotten promoted, you will be fired.

    Much of what has been assumed here is true, some is not. What is true is that the cheating occurred, proof has been obtained and heads will roll.

    bug on the wall.
So the allegation of money changing hands might some truth to it? And that they used Department e-mail to set up the study group and payment?


Rat Killing on the Cheap

  • Mayor Rahm Emanuel is turning to a rock-and-roll stage prop in his Sisyphean fight against Chicago rats, kicking off a limited-trial program to see how well dry ice kills the beasts.

    With the mayor looking on in a Near North park Tuesday afternoon, a Streets and Sanitation crew jammed the ice into a few rat holes and covered them up. The torturous idea: As the ice melts, it turns into carbon dioxide — suffocating any animals inside.
This might be effective against a rats nest with a single entrance/exit, but years of observation in various alleys across this fine city has led us to the conclusion that rats seldom rely a single exit. This is borne out by some quick research over at this site, which describes an average burrow as having up to 6 exits.

Maybe something like this would be effective.

Or this.


More Depravity

  • A body found burned beyond recognition in a West Side alley over the weekend has been identified as a 15-year-old freshman at Steinmetz High School.

    Demetrius Griffin Jr.'s body was found after police got a call for a trash fire about 1:30 a.m. Saturday in the 5500 block of West Cortez Street in the South Austin neighborhood, officials said.
Probably some of those police funnin' again.


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